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benefit cheats

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heatherhopper · 13/05/2012 20:19

im a bit fed up as my partner and i are working and struggling to pay the bills and renovate the house. we got a fix it up house needing alot of work done to it as its all we could afford. we couldnt get a council house as we were not registered drug users/alcoholics or lots of kids. for christmas we bought our son 2nd hand toys and clothes as we are so stretched financially sometimes its bills or food usually a trade off between both. its very hard life and i must admit theres times feel like "whats the point" this isnt a life - especially when i cant afford to put on the heating. on the other hand my brothers girlfriend is feeding her dogs the meat we buy to eat as its all we can afford but its cheap (good enough for her dogs but not for them). she claims lone parent benefit for her 3 kids and have been for almost 12 years. she is out shopping and luncheoning almost everyday. her knickers cost more than the outfit im wearing. they get everything including housing benefit, council tax benefit and income support and my brother earns up to £500 sometimes more a week. they brag about their 60 inch plasma and lifestyle and im ashamed to say im jealous. i can hardly pay the bills let alone buy clothes and nice things as well as have a lovely lifestyle. someone told on them about 10 years ago but she said she was innocent and they said "ok no further action". i want to claim benefits illegally as it seems so easy all i have to do in an interview is say "im innocent" and im off the hook - we would be able to afford to eat properly again and even maybe a holiday or get the house sorted. she has a council house so got a new kitchen recently while mine is over 40 yrs old. if i get caught i can say "im not doing it" and get off with it. my brother has all his mail sent to my parents house so no trail. im getting desperate now and i would trade my awful poverty ridden life for a flashy benefit life but some people do get caught out and i think id be unlucky as im a rubbish liar. should i split up with my patrner so we can afford to live?

OP posts:
UnChartered · 13/05/2012 20:53

oh please... cabbage you're joking aren't you?

don't make me get my dabber out again Sad

Sparks1 · 13/05/2012 20:54

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

maddening · 13/05/2012 20:54

how clean is you house?

Doobydoo · 13/05/2012 20:55

I want a Spork....and a goatGrin

CakeistheAnswer · 13/05/2012 20:56

Sorry folks - the cake, like the OP, has run out.

However, in case of cake emergency, this is unbeatable.

Should keep us all going for a while yet... Grin

zukiecat · 13/05/2012 20:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doobydoo · 13/05/2012 20:57

Anyway.As we all know there are people who wangle the system etc and it seems they are better off.But the majority find it exceedingly tough.We have been there and also worked where we were having a tough time.
Just have to plough your own furrow and try not to get isn't healthy and is pointless.

NicNocJnr · 13/05/2012 20:57

I'm poor - the only way I'm on here is using foil and a coathanger to convert the stenograph we found in the loft - we steal nextdoor's broadband.

We don't get benefits though so our theft is not really theft. It's sharing, anyway they are probably on benefits which my taxes pay for so their internet is mine by default. Scummy bastards.

Empusa · 13/05/2012 20:58

"Always baffles me when people on benefits post about being Sooooo poor... surely the computers & internet cost money"

Part of the problem there is that computers and internet access can be more of a necessity, and so (in some cases) saying "oh but they pay for the internet!" can be as illogical as saying "oh but they pay their water bills!"

Just one example is for those with disabilities, an internet connection can be their life line. Using it to order food, do banking etc. I know I relied heavily on my internet connection when I had serious mobility issues.

Also for those job hunting it can make sense to have a computer/internet access for jobhunting (and with libraries shutting down there is less access to free/cheap internet). It's also useful for studying (to try and make yourself more employable).

Yes there are some for whom it is an unnecessary luxury, but not all.

CakeistheAnswer · 13/05/2012 20:58

Sorry Dooby, it's one or the other.

Both would be just plain greedy.

UnChartered · 13/05/2012 20:58

As we all know...blah blah blah bollocks

really, we all know people who 'wangle the system' do we?

Hmm i don't know anyone who is doing this

usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 20:59

I like these threads , they help me to update my shitlist

Doobydoo · 13/05/2012 21:01

That did sound pompous didn't itBlush didn't mean it to.We know people who do but was just trying to tell OP to get on with her plans and not feel so angry as it is pointless.

HermioneE · 13/05/2012 21:01

OP, is your life?

Anniegetyourgun · 13/05/2012 21:02

Dammit, I should have sawn off one of DS4's legs when he was a baby, then we could have been rich. He'd probably put up a fight nowadays.

zukiecat · 13/05/2012 21:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheUnMember · 13/05/2012 21:07

CakeistheAnswer Why? What have I ever done to you to make you do something so downright evil? Why?

CakeistheAnswer · 13/05/2012 21:12


TheUnMember · 13/05/2012 21:14

I'm waiting for my husband to get out of the shower so I can send him to make me dangerous chocolate cake. I hate you.

PelicansYawn · 13/05/2012 21:15

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

heatherhopper · 13/05/2012 21:15

are you in scotland?

OP posts:
usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 21:16



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UnChartered · 13/05/2012 21:17

fuck, here's the OP

that's ten quid of my benefit i've lost

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 21:17

Are you in Scotland?

UnChartered · 13/05/2012 21:18

are YOU in scotland?

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