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AIBU to think some MNers are gits?

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KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 15/11/2014 19:10

Ha! Got your attention. Pretty much the only way I could get people to find the way to this hidden topic of mystery, the petitions and online campaigns topic.

This year I spent 3 months in a psychiatric hospital. It was incredibly shit for a whole raft of reasons from being horrendously ill, right through to the utterly vile crap they served as food. The worst bit, though, was the impact it had on my children. They really, really suffered. The only thing that made it better for them was that I was close by.

They've now closed the hospital to women. Just women. Not men, they still get local care, but if I got ill now I'd be shipped off an hours drive away from where I live.

So a few of the women where I live have started a campaign. We've been doing pretty well, but we need more support.

If you can spare a moment of your time to sign our petition, we'd be grateful. It's here -

I'm posting this in my usual posting name so I don't get accused of being a fricking spammer again.


OP posts:

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 22/11/2014 13:01


OP posts:

WankingInAWinterWonderland · 22/11/2014 13:10


BewitchedBotheredandBewildered · 22/11/2014 14:20



Thumbwitch · 22/11/2014 14:27

How odd - I thought I'd already signed this days ago but apparently not! must have been one of those "oh I'll do it in a minute" things that I then got sidetracked from. Done now, anyway. Thanks


Tootssweet · 22/11/2014 14:34

Signed & trying to bump you to a gitastic 1000 signatures


Jux · 22/11/2014 14:38


Doing well, Keema, well done Thanks


WankingInAWinterWonderland · 22/11/2014 14:41

I signed twice, once in my married name and once in my maiden name, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis.


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 22/11/2014 16:50

506 Grin

OP posts:

magimedi · 23/11/2014 09:02

Flowers Keema - this is wonderful news.


Dragzena · 23/11/2014 09:13

I've signed. I have a friend who's daughter is over 200 miles away in a unit because of the shortage of beds and it's disgraceful.


Dragzena · 23/11/2014 09:15



KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 23/11/2014 13:09

That's dreadful Dragenza and its the kind of thing that makes me sad and cross at the same time.

All of the BS from the government about how they are just as serious about MH as physical health, yet people are sent miles away for care. I hope your friend's DD is back home soon.

Thanks for signing.

OP posts:

WankingInAWinterWonderland · 25/11/2014 15:14

477 still needed


QueenOfThorns · 25/11/2014 20:23

Just popped in to bump see how it's going. Over 500, that's fantastic!

I'm sure there must be more gits around here than that, though Grin


wtffgs · 25/11/2014 20:56


I ignore lots of the ones these days as there are so many.

This really deserves support. I wish you and your family happier times ahead too. BrewThanks


wtffgs · 25/11/2014 21:01

Not sure why the random strike through appeared there? Hmm


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 25/11/2014 21:55

Thanks for signing. This is so, so Important.

There's a woman at the moment experiencing all of the problems we've been talking about. She was almost discharged today, over an hour from home on public transport with all her bags. It took us starting a fucking twitter kicking of the trust for things to change.

Check out the post we've done,

It's really upset me. That could be me. That could be my kids.


OP posts:

WankingInAWinterWonderland · 26/11/2014 15:02

I can understand your anger, I would be livid too!


MrsCakesPrecognition · 27/11/2014 15:48

Just popping by to see how it's going.


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 27/11/2014 22:33

We got the FOI requests back and it turns out that we were right all along about it being because they closed the 22 bed male ward and it was going to be like that until the harbour opened.
Discriminatory crap bags.

OP posts:

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered · 27/11/2014 22:49

You're right to be angry Keema, it stinks.

How's the petition doing?

Remember to look after your self in amongst all this Flowers


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 28/11/2014 08:37

The petition ha stagnated a bit, but it got over 500 signatures, which is pretty good going!

OP posts:

MajesticWhine · 28/11/2014 09:33

The reason that it has stagnated, is that mners are gits. (inadvertent bump)


BewitchedBotheredandBewildered · 28/11/2014 13:58

When will it be presented to the Trust?

Have you got a target number of signatures, or a date?


KeemaNaanAndCurryOn · 28/11/2014 16:02

At first we just wanted to get up to 100. The fact it's over 500 is amazing.

We're meeting the Trust next week, but we're still waiting in the details from them. If we could get some more people to sign over the weekend it would be great in case we meet them on Monday afternoon as requested.

We've updated the blog with some things from the FOI requests. No assessment was done about the impact on women of closing the ward and no mitigations was put in place.

OP posts:
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