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Mumsnet is a weird music void, am I wrong?

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Goawayangryman · 25/08/2022 22:39

I love my music: listening, playing (badly), and chatting about artists and gigs and festivals.

Mumsnet usually comes up trumps for most other hobbies but seems to be a bit crap for music lovers. All I ever really see are posts about kids learning instruments.

Reddit or real life oro

OP posts:
Goawayangryman · 25/08/2022 22:41

Argh. I wasn't done.

Basically... Reddit seems more active for this kind of thing and Mumsnet is a bit devoid of music chat. Maybe we need a new thread aside from the available ones

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Wazzzzzuuuuuuup · 25/08/2022 22:48

I love music. I have music playing almost all the time in the car and at home. I am addicted to making playlists on Spotify for every mood and occasion. I have recently bought a record player and am collecting vinyl. I love gigs and festivals and these are the times I feel most alive.

I play guitar, and one of my dcs play guitar and bass, and another plays piano/keyboard and guitar.

I can 'hear' songs in my head, so when I'm, for example, swimming lengths in the pool, I set my own head playlists going.

When people tell me they're 'not really into music' I privately think they must be quite mad. It makes me think of the line from To Kill a Mockingbird when Scout is told to stop reading, "One does not love breathing".

PermanentTemporary · 25/08/2022 22:51

I have some groups of friends who aren't into music at all in any way I recognise, and they are always all female groups. I do however know lots of women who are into music, thank goodness.

Music doesn't seem to be conversational currency among groups of women the way it is for men. I don't really get it. DP and I connect all the time via music.

Goawayangryman · 25/08/2022 22:57

Completely agree. it seems to be a bit of a male space. It wasn't when I was younger, but all my female friends bar one seem to have lost interest. Never had a good relationship with anyone who can't talk about music

OP posts:
dotdotdotdash · 25/08/2022 23:03

Tell us what you're listening to then or this is all a bit moot!

Marinamountainzoo · 25/08/2022 23:07

I love my music. Have it on all of the time. But I don't have the same 'loyalties' as I did in my teens. I won't just indiscriminately like something by an artist just because I like all their other stuff. Like I did in my teens.

TBH, since having kids, I also have less free time and have gotten into gaming more. So music has taken a back burner. But I WFH now so have it on all day in the background.

PermanentTemporary · 25/08/2022 23:09

My experience of talking about music as a kid was that it was all tribal... it was designed to exclude others.

Oh well. I accidentally heard some Trashcan Sinatras this evening which was/were great, and somehow I've ended up on Philip Selway which I'm also enjoying.

CurtainSchmurtain · 25/08/2022 23:16

Music is unifying but can also be alienating ,and I believe one of the reasons music is not so much of a general starter conversation point between women is that is so revealing. Too revealing perhaps?
Particularly about age and social status.

Haggisfish3 · 25/08/2022 23:17

I love my music. Recent finds include the snuts, little simz and self esteem.

Pinkespressomachine · 25/08/2022 23:19

I can totally see where you’re coming from. I am a passionate lifelong music lover and love to chat about bands whenever I get the chance. I remember a few decent music mumsnet chats - playlists for a young girl going through a rough time which was lovely.

I remember Elizabeth Wutzel saying something in an old book about women not being encouraged to have hobbies and become fantastical in the same way as men. I know women who say then stopped listening to music when they had kids & going to gigs isn’t easy once you have a family…I can see how this could happen.

I have very few hobbies really but a life without music, to me personally, would feel empty.

Pinkespressomachine · 25/08/2022 23:20

I meant fanatical not fantastical!!

dotdotdotdash · 25/08/2022 23:26

Thanks for sharing your finds :) I love Little Simz @Haggisfish3
These are some good recent releases I've been listening to. I still have good relationships with people who can't talk about music though 😉
Cheat Codes - Black Thought and Dangermouse. Dangermouse is a great producer
Sometimes Forever - Soccer Mommy. Catchy indie pop - standout track is called Shotgun
Ants from Up There - Black Country, New Road. Muso indie pop with some classical and jazz type arrangements - did they meet at music college?
New Long Leg - Dry Cleaning. This is more punk, very funny lyrics with female vocalist - if you like Sleaford Mods, you'd like this. I'd love to see them live
Gabriels - heard these on Gilles Peterson. No album yet, but they're soul and blues influenced from America South somewhere with amazing vocal and their single One and Only is great. Missed them live this year :(

FinanceLPlates · 25/08/2022 23:30

I feel very out of touch with current music, though would be happy to discover more! My best finds these days are usually via YouTube, which has marvellous treasures and has led me down Japanese jazz rabbit holes, or female classical composers, or 60s French yéyé, or minimalist techno, or Californian soul…

JaneJeffer · 25/08/2022 23:35
Goawayangryman · 25/08/2022 23:40

This has turned into the kind of thread I think is missing from Mumsnet - lots of new ideas.

My current obsessional listens are:

Bess Atwell
Led Zeppelin (a late convert, i'd always chucked them in the heavy metal bucket, totally, totally wrong)
Jenny Hval
The Weather Station
Yola (for sheer feel-good music)
Serpentwithfeet's album, Deacon
Anything Radiohead
Yusuf Lateef

I do understand the comments about tribalism, but for me, music is just an unbridled joy - there is so much out there, I couldn't be less interested in subscribing to a particular genre. People who talk about one sort of music are generally quite boring IME.

OP posts:
FlyingMasticatedParticles · 25/08/2022 23:45

I've been really into The Strawbs lately but then again I do have the music taste of a 60-year-old man, according to my stepdad who is a 60-year-old man!

Beecham · 25/08/2022 23:54

I'm rediscovering music after several years of small kids somehow sucked everything out of me

I listen to 6 music and screen grab songs I like then listen again on Spotify

Have discovered bands that probably everyone else has known about for years but who are new to me - like Khruangbin and The Avalanches

Life is so much better with music!

stillvicarinatutu · 26/08/2022 00:06

6 music listener here . I'm 50 and no one shares my taste ! I love 6 music for finding new stuff - my playlist is in my opinion a thing of beauty !
Recently found bloc party . I'm really into my music but I've never found anyone else my age who is .

stillvicarinatutu · 26/08/2022 00:08

A little snippet of my playlist!

Mumsnet is a weird music void, am I wrong?
Haggisfish3 · 26/08/2022 00:09

I love alt j and wet leg!

Haggisfish3 · 26/08/2022 00:11

I’m going to this festival in Bristol and loads of the bands mentioned are playing Forwards festival

Goawayangryman · 26/08/2022 00:13

@FlyingMasticatedParticles nothing wrong with the Strawbs. You can't get me., I'm part of the union... :)

@Beecham that's exactly what happened to me. Music had always been so important and then kids. I was ready to pick it back up, but no-one around me was interested. It got better as my kids got older but it's still not as central as I'd like in my friendships...
@stillvicarinatutu I think you need to share your beautiful playlist or at least give some pointers ;). I am a fellow lover of BBC R6. Never a boring moment really although I could live without Lamacq.

OP posts:
Goawayangryman · 26/08/2022 00:17

@Haggisfish3 whew that is really, really good line up. You're going to be spoilt for choice. As well as the big late headliners, I'd recommend the Comet is Coming if you are at all interested in Jazz/ instrumental stuff. They are so talented.

OP posts:
stillvicarinatutu · 26/08/2022 00:20

My playlist is truly brill! But no One I know tho is so 😂

stillvicarinatutu · 26/08/2022 00:23

Here you go .....bit more wonderful from moi ! Enjoy

Mumsnet is a weird music void, am I wrong?
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