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How often does your OH think about the Roman Empire?

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Ozarkz · 12/09/2023 20:26

Just for fun

saw on Facebook a post saying that men think about the Roman Empire every day. The woman asked her husband and he said this was true and that he thinks about it daily. The comments was people asking their husbands how often they think about the Roman Empire with some very funny responses 😂

So, I’ll start .., I’ve just asked DH and he said “at least twice a week, why?”

would love to hear other Responses to this random question

“how often do you think about the Roman Empire?”

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sashagabadon · 12/09/2023 20:30

I think about it a fair bit! I am watching i Claudius at moment on bbc 4 and just finished the colosseum programme and watched two Mary beard documentaries in last two weeks , was in Rome in July and currently watching a programme about Mussolini and said to my son 10 mins ago how incredible it was that time went from an amazing empire with all the things they did and built to faciism and Mussolini in WW2. So yes I think about it quite a lot 😁

Hbh17 · 12/09/2023 20:31

Probably pretty often, tbh. And especially at the moment, coz we've been watching "I Claudius"!

waterlego · 12/09/2023 20:32

I haven’t asked him yet but I’m going to guess 0. I don’t think about it either.

Moonflower12 · 12/09/2023 20:33

Apparently less than once a month.

SatelliteStomper · 12/09/2023 20:34

DH says, a couple of times a week. Definitely not every day.

Highlyflavouredgravy · 12/09/2023 20:35

My dh said never but then said " now if you'd asked me about the Abyssinian empire it would be a different matter"

HerVagestyTheQueef · 12/09/2023 20:35

Just asked DH... he said "A couple of times per week" quite seriously, too... as if this were the most normal and mundane question to ask someone!

misskatamari · 12/09/2023 20:35

“It’s completely true. I think about it all the time”

”are you joking…?”


”how often do you think about it..?”

”dunno, every six months or so. Sometimes I have times when I think about it a lot…” 🤣

RonObvious · 12/09/2023 20:36

“Hardly ever. Why would I think about the Roman Empire?”

Tinkeytonkoldfruit · 12/09/2023 20:36

Just asked my DH and he said once or twice a week. Which surprised me.

Quisquam · 12/09/2023 20:36

I doubt DH ever thinks about it, except when we go on holidays to Italy or Greece or Turkey, where we may see Classical remains; or I watch a program with Mary Beard?

Mooselaurels · 12/09/2023 20:36

Bigus....... Dickus........

Quite often!

Itisyourturntowashthebath · 12/09/2023 20:37

DH says about once a month.
DSD reports her DH is about every 30 mins

Flipflopflopflip · 12/09/2023 20:37

Just asked my DH...he said only if he sees something on TV and is as baffled as me that people are out there thinking about it daily??

Whatthebarnacles · 12/09/2023 20:37

Just asked my husband...

"I don't" 🫤

Said exactly like that annoying head and shoulders man on the advert 🤣

amisrong · 12/09/2023 20:37

@Mooselaurels 😂😂😂

Foggyfoggyfoggy · 12/09/2023 20:38

My dh IS Spartacus..

CatamaranViper · 12/09/2023 20:38

I think my DH is broken, he says never!

Blanketpolicy · 12/09/2023 20:38

Well dh just looked at me very confused and said "What?". So that's a 0

what kind of things about the roman Empire do these random men think about daily?

DisforDarkChocolate · 12/09/2023 20:38

We live near Hadrian's Wall, definitely most days. For both of us.

smooththecat · 12/09/2023 20:38

I’m a woman and I think about the Roman Empire multiple times per week.

amisrong · 12/09/2023 20:38

@Whatthebarnacles so did my dp. He is very surprised by this thread.

Seagullchippy · 12/09/2023 20:38

I had no idea many men were at all educated in anything to do with the Roman Empire! Perhaps from watching Life of Brian?
I studied Latin so I think about it quite often in passing, but mainly aling the lines of thinking about the Falco detective stories or boring my child by pointing out Roman roads or place names.
Current DP teaches it in classical civilization; ex DP probably only knows about Gladiator.

GetWhatYouWant · 12/09/2023 20:38

I'm a widowed woman, not a man, and think about it often! As pps have said, especially at the moment having rewatched I Claudius, but generally I'm very interested in ancient Roman history, love Rome, studied Latin A level decades ago and have always been interested in the literature and culture so I probably do think about some aspect of it a good few times a week, if not every day.

angelikacpickles · 12/09/2023 20:38


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