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Does parking on a closed road count as a live parking thread? 😁

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DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 19:50

So they have closed the road I live on to resurface it. It will be closed for the next two nights. We’ve had multiple letters from the council, there have been signs up for at least a month and yesterday they painted NO PARKING THURSDAY AND FRIDAY all over the road.

8 cars are still parked there with 15 minutes to go until resurfacing begins. One of the cars is right outside my house and when I saw them out the window, I tried to explain to the two women (looking like they were off for an evening in town) that they were probably not going to be able to get their car until morning but they told me to fuck off!

The road is lorry central, a guy is taking pictures of the remaining cars… it’s all go here.

Anyone know what they do? Do they just resurface round the cars? Tow them away? Do they get brutal? There’s a fair few annoyed looking men in hi-vis walking up and down! Should I get wine and a comfy viewing position?


OP posts:
FavouritePi · 21/04/2022 21:21

We need a video of fuck off woman see the laminated photo on the tree 😆

Ellmau · 21/04/2022 21:22

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 20:22


I wish we had a like button.

Brenna24 · 21/04/2022 21:22

Brilliant diagram. I love the wee men in HiVis. I love fuck off lady getting her comeuppance too. I have COVID and am so bored. This is a gift. I so hope that you catch her reaction when she comes back to find her car gone.

Maydaysoonenough · 21/04/2022 21:23

Op you have dispelled the apparent no karma fact..

QueenKong101 · 21/04/2022 21:24

Bravo, OP.

This is public service broadcasting at its finest. 👏👏👏

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 21:27

It is very noisy. I’m glad the teen who sleeps
like the dead and the dog have their bedrooms at the front and I have mine at the back with the other more “delicate” teen.

For reference, the dog, who is HUGE, thinks the spare room is his. This was not a mutual decision.

OP posts:
ItsDinah · 21/04/2022 21:27

I discovered some years ago that cars can be lifted/towed any time the police deem them to be an obstruction on a public road. This applies even where they are perfectly and legally parked and no notice whatsoever has been given. I found out at 6am one Sunday morning when a massive wide load with police escort had to change its route and come down the street on which my car was parked.

Staffy1 · 21/04/2022 21:30

I love the diagram with the hi viz annoyed looking stick men

EmpressaurusWitchDoesntBurn · 21/04/2022 21:30

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 21:27

It is very noisy. I’m glad the teen who sleeps
like the dead and the dog have their bedrooms at the front and I have mine at the back with the other more “delicate” teen.

For reference, the dog, who is HUGE, thinks the spare room is his. This was not a mutual decision.

If he’s that big, better the spare room than your bed?

Therealjudgejudy · 21/04/2022 21:33

OP wins parking thread gold 👏

Matchingcollarandcuffs · 21/04/2022 21:33

MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig · 21/04/2022 21:19

Same! 😂

We once had the misfortune to be staying in a hotel where they were resurfacing the road out front. Massive tarmac lorries and trucks reversing up and down the road all night with reversing alarms going. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. All bloody night. Luckily we had ear plugs.

We live on the Gatwick/Brighton mainline and the soundtrack to many Christmas dinners has been beeping/grinding/generators and shouting coupled with lights all night the lux of the sun.

Kids have grown up in house and appear oblivious

EL8888 · 21/04/2022 21:34

Love it! I’m waiting for the update, especially re the rude ladies

newbiename · 21/04/2022 21:36

Excellent diagram 10/10

BotterMon · 21/04/2022 21:37

Not only wins best parking thread ever but OP has a proper dog with his own bedroom. Love it!

Can't wait for the Fuck Offer's to return.

JeffThePilot · 21/04/2022 21:38

This is perfect. I don’t have wine or snacks, but I’m still here waiting for the return of fuck-off woman.

DadDadDad · 21/04/2022 21:39

PreVerbalGerbil · 21/04/2022 20:38

Is this near a big hill near a girls school? Looks familiar! And prime spotting location!

As soon as I read that, I realised I recognised the road. I work in this town! How exciting!

That explains why there was so much traffic up to the big roundabout next to the pub named after some birds.

SnottyLottie · 21/04/2022 21:39

Best. Thread. Ever!

nzborn · 21/04/2022 21:39

I don't drink alcohol so it's it ok if l come around and bring cake.

chisanunian · 21/04/2022 21:41

This thread has made my week!

Maydaysoonenough · 21/04/2022 21:41

Does ddog wear pj's op??

MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig · 21/04/2022 21:42

@Matchingcollarandcuffs oh lord. Did it not drive you absolutely batshit or did you just get used to it?

Ellmau · 21/04/2022 21:43

I want a photo of your DDog now.

WiddlinDiddlin · 21/04/2022 21:43

This is perfect and thankyou for the diagram and photos! I can't wait to find out FUck Off Ladys reaction to her vanishing car! :D

BeforeGodAndAllTheFish · 21/04/2022 21:44

Well, this is the best parking thread ever.

I would really want to see the reaction of those women when they come back. So glad they towed that car first!

middlingnot · 21/04/2022 21:44

Some years back they were doing some work in my street and had to clear the cars to do it. I was amazed to see them put them on some kind of roller skate gizmo and slide them out of the way. I kid you not!

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