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Does parking on a closed road count as a live parking thread? 😁

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DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 19:50

So they have closed the road I live on to resurface it. It will be closed for the next two nights. We’ve had multiple letters from the council, there have been signs up for at least a month and yesterday they painted NO PARKING THURSDAY AND FRIDAY all over the road.

8 cars are still parked there with 15 minutes to go until resurfacing begins. One of the cars is right outside my house and when I saw them out the window, I tried to explain to the two women (looking like they were off for an evening in town) that they were probably not going to be able to get their car until morning but they told me to fuck off!

The road is lorry central, a guy is taking pictures of the remaining cars… it’s all go here.

Anyone know what they do? Do they just resurface round the cars? Tow them away? Do they get brutal? There’s a fair few annoyed looking men in hi-vis walking up and down! Should I get wine and a comfy viewing position?


OP posts:
AhCheeses · 21/04/2022 20:28


Well this is my Friday nights entertainment sorted. 😌
Photos and diagrams much appreciated.
I hate to break it to you but, it's only Thursday today...!
Cherms · 21/04/2022 20:28

We had our road resurfaced not long ago. We were only told the day before so if I'd done my usual overnighter in London that week I would have been in big trouble.

Instead I complained about only having about 16 hours notice and they ignored me for about 2 months. Before saying sorry and they would have a stern word with the contractor who according to local Facebook groups has form for this

I'm impressed you had lots of notice and lots of signs. But clearly still not enough for the eight car drivers including the Jeff Off Ladies.

KokusnussFlips · 21/04/2022 20:29

I cant get excited about some cars getting towed. I am however hanging off the edge of my seat waiting to see the reactions of the people who come back to find their cars gone. I hope the OP dilligently posts the reactioms as the owners come trickling back over the next couple of days

Madamecastafiore · 21/04/2022 20:30

Love it. Those wankers who think normal rules just don't apply to them getting their just desserts. (How the feck do you spell comupance??)

FirstFormAtMalloryTowers · 21/04/2022 20:30

10/10 for the diagram - love the stick men in their high vis jackets.

And photos to boot!

Am Impressed.

mnahmnah · 21/04/2022 20:30

Well this has cheered up my evening perfectly!

I hope they get towed away and fined

Malariahilaria · 21/04/2022 20:31

There is absolutely nothing worth watching on the telly so thank you so much OP for this drama!

gingercat02 · 21/04/2022 20:33



OMFG. Promise to film if that happens. I only have warm wine. Will gin and tonic do?
LOL first world warm wine problem OP. They tarmaced round them on our street (one of our neighbours was on holiday) Would love it if they towed CF woman's car
TeenPlusCat · 21/04/2022 20:33

I am multitasking between this and MAFS on TV.

Alightjacket · 21/04/2022 20:34

Oh this is great! It's all kicking off! I hope fuck off lady comes back soon!

RandomMess · 21/04/2022 20:35

Get outside and take more photos!!

AdviceOnLife · 21/04/2022 20:36

This happened in our street in January for parking bays. So many people where towed that they just dumped their cars in other streets, as there where too many to go back and forth to wherever they put them to be collected.
Well the council painted the bays the wrong size and our whole area had to go through it all again in March.
My Dm and I had a ball watching it all twice 😂

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 20:36

Updated diagram 😚

Does parking on a closed road count as a live parking thread? 😁
OP posts:
PinkBackpack · 21/04/2022 20:37

I am currently sore due to an accident yesterday and cannot move much so parked on the couch. I am SO HERE for this thread. Thanks OP!

PreVerbalGerbil · 21/04/2022 20:38

Is this near a big hill near a girls school? Looks familiar! And prime spotting location!

ButtockUp · 21/04/2022 20:39

Please pm me your address, as I want to stay in your front bedroom. Can you provide nibbles and wine?

Maydaysoonenough · 21/04/2022 20:40

Woo!! You need to camp out at that window op!! Bet you they knock at your door!!

ImInStealthMode · 21/04/2022 20:40

Oh I am HERE for this! You realise you cannot sleep now until Fuck Off Woman comes back?

stealthninjamum · 21/04/2022 20:41

Op I love your updated diagram!

And I can’t wait for you to tell us about the reaction of the ‘fuck off ladies’ as I expect you to be watching all night!

ApolloandDaphne · 21/04/2022 20:42

What a blissful thread! I love that Fuck Off lady has had her car removed!

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 20:42

PreVerbalGerbil · 21/04/2022 20:38

Is this near a big hill near a girls school? Looks familiar! And prime spotting location!

might be…

I did think the photos would make it VERY obvious but got caught up in all the excitement!

OP posts:
harriethoyle · 21/04/2022 20:44

DailyMaui · 21/04/2022 20:22


Oh this has made my NIGHT! Thank you OP!

Blossomtoes · 21/04/2022 20:45

Budge up everyone. Settling in.

ZarquonsSandals · 21/04/2022 20:46

Can't wait for the fuck off ladies to come back.

ENoeuf · 21/04/2022 20:46

I love (having cross referenced photos and diagram) that your diagram was accurate in terms of car colours.

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