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Shouting at me in the supermarket

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FrankieAnne · 19/06/2012 20:48

Sorry am on phone so apologies if this makes no sense but he was doing t-Rex in Asda so i slapped his arm (not hard obviously) and he got really cross and said he'd stand however he wants and stormed off. It was really embarrassing as loads of people were staring and he'd told me to remind him anyway! He's acting like nothing has happened now. Aibu to not just let it drop?

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 19/06/2012 20:49

Who, your partner? Or your son?

LynetteScavo · 19/06/2012 20:51

Leave the bastard.

(Unless he is 4, in which case what the hell are you doing slapping him? Shock)

Just thought I'd sum up the next 100 posts.

LaurieFairyCake · 19/06/2012 20:51

Did you hit him cos you were in Asda Confused

To be fair you would fit right in ....

cees · 19/06/2012 20:51

Sorry, that doesn't make sense, who was acting like a T-Rex?

vicki2010 · 19/06/2012 20:52

think its perfectly acceptable if you were in Asda!

PullUpAPew · 19/06/2012 20:52

I don't understand, sorry. What is t-rex? Who shouted at you?

ObiWan · 19/06/2012 20:52

Sharon? Is that you?

Hassled · 19/06/2012 20:52

T-Rex as in Marc Bolan or was he pretending to be a dinosaur? I'm baffled and intrigued.

toofattorun · 19/06/2012 20:52

What the feck are you on about?

DeWe · 19/06/2012 20:53

Well you RBU to take a dinosaur shopping in Asda. Didn't you know they prefer Tescos?

Sittinginthesun · 19/06/2012 20:53

Doing t-Rex in asda? Nope, no idea...

BestestBrownies · 19/06/2012 20:53


toofattorun · 19/06/2012 20:54
thenightsky · 19/06/2012 20:54

'He wants and stormed off.' What does that mean? Confused

FunnysInLaJardin · 19/06/2012 20:54

oh, if my DH acted like TRex I would be furious, esp in a supermarket so YANBU. If twas my DS I would laugh at him

GetOrfMoiiLand · 19/06/2012 20:54

I thought Marc Bolan was dead.

scentednappyhag · 19/06/2012 20:55

I... You... Uh...

Ormiriathomimus · 19/06/2012 20:55

I wouldn't slap a t-rex. They're fecking killers they are! Have you seen their teeth?

ScrambledSmegs · 19/06/2012 20:56

Grin where was Bagda while he was being a t-Rex then?

RealityIsNOTWarren · 19/06/2012 20:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixwix · 19/06/2012 20:56

Well - am sorry - am a wee bit mystified...

FrankieAnne · 19/06/2012 20:57

No he was standing like t Rex and he told me to remind him and then gets pissed off when i do

OP posts:
hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 19/06/2012 20:57

Dear Lord. This tops off my surreal day a treat.

pixwix · 19/06/2012 20:58

pmsl @ hell

lunamoon · 19/06/2012 20:59

I don't understand any of this either.

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