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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
star2022 · 27/04/2023 11:35

@KatyTTC Hi I'm on a superovulation programme, I basically struggle to get pregnant. In 4 years ttc i've only ever had 1 BFP and that ended up being a chemical. So the superovulation programme I'm on is to have letrozole on days 2-6 of my cycle (this stimulates my follicles so you get 2-3 eggs released), this increases my chances of at least one fertilising but also increases the chances of multiples. I then go in for a scan to check how many there are, check my lining, and then I get given a trigger injection at a certain time to trigger ovulation. (So i don't need to do ovulation strips or anything). Have timed sex when they tell me, and then the rest of the drugs I'm assuming are the same, so i'm taking hydroxy, prednisolone, aspirin, progesterone and intralipids. xx

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 13:23

@star2022 hi!
Thank you for your reply. This is so interesting. How long have you been on the programme? Hope you’re feeling ok. The whole thing really takes it’s toll doesn’t it. Fingers crossed you get your bfp soon 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xxx

seven201 · 27/04/2023 13:48

I was on the superovulation programme too. Same protocol as star. I think I could get pregnant ok but as I have pcos and am older I think they just decided to do it that way for me. It took 4 cycles of superovulation (plus some
Cancelled cycles) for me to fall pregnant. Each time I had three follicles looking ready/good.

@MeganBistram I've not had morning sickness, but I didn't with my dd either, so I'm not sure if I've just been lucky in that regard . I do think the pred helped with not being knackered (I remember being very tired in early pregnancy with dd). Having said that I have been really tired for the last couple of weeks and I haven't yet stopped taking it. My face is getting rounder, but maybe that's just because I'm eating so much! @KatyTTC not really had symptoms other than tender nipples (that stopped a week or so ago), the recent tiredness, and bigger appetite. My tummy is definitely bigger now, but that is partly from the extra eating and progesterone bloat I think. I've got my full 12 week nuchal scan with professor Akolekar at CRP this evening. I had my NIPT blood tests last Friday so I'm hoping the results might be back too 🤞.

star2022 · 27/04/2023 13:54

@KatyTTC thank you! I hope so too, this journey has been way too long 😔 I've had 4 ivf transfers too and 2 egg retrievals all last year so it really does take a toll.

After my failed ivfs and chemical, I saw dr s in january this year. I found high nk activity (but normal number) and weakly positive ANA and he put me on the complex plan to start superovulation in march which was my first cycle.

This first cycle didn't work, but dr edge did see a polyp in my lining during that cycle too which she said I needed removing as it can lead to implantation failure/miscarriages. So i had to stop the protocol, and I had my surgery to have the polyp removed 2 weeks ago with CRP. I just started my period yesterday so I'm back on the superovulation protocol this month, starting my letrozole tonight and have my scan booked for next week. Keeping my fingers crossed and just hoping the polyp removed and being on the protocol now properly will help so this will be my second month 🙏

I really wish you all the best, and i'm sorry to read everything you've been through too. What part of your cycle are you at now? Do you have to use the strips and then basically test at 10dpo, stop and then repeat? xx

star2022 · 27/04/2023 14:02

@seven201 so lovely to read your updates, they give me hope. Glad you're getting on well and everything is looking as it should. The steroids give me so much energy and i feel so good on them. However, i have so much appetite when i'm on them too I just can't stop eating lol. For one of my ivf cycles I was only on 10mg pred and I had a round face so quickly, so i'm a bit worried about being on 25mg with crp. I didn't have them for my first cycle, but will be on them this month.

Good luck for this evening!! Keep us updated x

seven201 · 27/04/2023 14:11

@star2022 good luck with this cycle. It's good to get started again after a hurdle. Good point - I am going to blame the steroids for my appetite and weight gain! I did have lots of energy to start with but that has waned now. I listened to a parenting hell podcast a while ago and Katherine Ryan was the guest comedian and talked about the weight she put on when on the steroids; I'm pretty sure she was with CRP too (I might have made that up!). I think they do have a good success rate. Good luck everyone!

star2022 · 27/04/2023 14:19

Thank you @seven201 Yes I feel like i actually needed the break after the first month as I didn't expect superovulation to be so intense medication-wise and having the month off ttc was actually so needed this month so i genuinely now feel ready to go again.

Steroids definitely increase appetite and ''moon face'' is an actual side effect of them so I can't imagine being on them AND being pregnant as its probably double the hunger lol. It was good for me though as my appetite has really dropped with everything i've been through, I was just more conscious of my face as I didn't want people asking/guessing if I'm pregnant as i normally have a slim face lol.

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 14:22

Oh my goodness how exciting!! Let us know how you get on. I hope you have the BEST evening X

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 14:30

@star2022 wow. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. Really hoping CRP does wonders for you.
I’ve just started the Humira and have the second next week so I don’t think I’m allowed to try yet? He said wait until phase 2. I’ve got my period at the moment but actually now I’ve started treatment I just see it as a reset before trying again hopefully next month/June. I get my results from the humira on May 31st.

i agree with what you said about @seven201 . It’s so lovely reading a success story! Gives me so much hope. I love reading all the positive things about Dr S and the clinic.


MeganBistram · 27/04/2023 14:43

@seven201 good luck tonight, Its such a milestone to get too and hopefully will allow you to start relaxing slightly into the pregnancy, and great news you don't get sickness. I am not actually sick TBF just feel like I could vomit 90% of the day.

@KatyTTC I think if you ask Dr. S at your appointment given it takes you a while to get pregnant he might let you do the super Ovulation straight away ( if you want to that is )
Also I had to wait until the results before we could try again and release phase 2 which I am technically 1 week off on as I am due to Ovulate next week. I also only use the sticks but despite having PCOS I have the surge the same time every month so we go gun hell for leather then ;) haha

@star2022 keep us updated, hopefully this cycle is your one. I do agree with you sometimes you just need a break. After the last miscarriage the forced break while we did the testing was welcomed. As even when I say I am on a break we try so its equally as stressful :) xx

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 16:18

@MeganBistram this is a great suggestion. I didn’t even know this ovulation programme existed so I’m pleased I can now ask the question! Is it an expensive option do you know?
Good luck for next week!! It’s exhausting isn’t it!!

MeganBistram · 27/04/2023 16:51

@KatyTTC it used to be on the site but can't see it now, @seven201 might be able to tell you but I think it was under £500 xx

seven201 · 27/04/2023 17:27

@KatyTTC so the drugs for superovulation (letrazole and a trigger shot) aren't expensive. The problem is you need a scan to check how it's going and I think that's £290 and also intralipids at £380, so it does quickly add up. Then obviously you have to buy the usual drugs too. I think I've mentioned on here before that my gp does prescribe most of mine now. I think that's because it's been such a long time and because of recurrent losses. I had to get a letter and share my treatment plans with them.

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 18:43

@MeganBistram @seven201 thanks so much girls. I’m going to look into this and also call my GP and have a chat about whether they’ll prescribe anything. Huge thanks!
How were your scan and results @seven201 ? Xx

seven201 · 27/04/2023 18:46

@KatyTTC good idea. Currently in the waiting room; they're running behind.

star2022 · 27/04/2023 19:47

Thank you @MeganBistram x

@KatyTTC Yes it does end up adding up like seven has said, I've only done one cycle of SO but I don't have an accurate number to give you as we also did a saline scan to check the polyp out and my bill was about £1200 😳

I'll let you know next week when I go in for the scan how much it is but I think it works out to be approx £800 per cycle. I have to pay for the intralipids, the scan and trigger. I managed to get letrozole, prednisolone and progesterone from my GP. (Ask them to double up on the quantities so you only pay one prescription charge). My GP wouldn't prescribe the Hydroxy as its not licensed in pregnancy and they would have to write to crp to confirm it, but i couldn't be bothered with the faff so I just buy that from crp which is £35 a box. xx

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 20:09

@star2022 thank you for that info. Really useful to know that your GP is also helping. It certainly all adds up.
keeping everything crossed that this is your cycle xx

Replitad · 27/04/2023 20:23

Anyone on this thread affected by MTHFR please don't take folic acid - take methylfolate instead (Solgar is a brand that sells it). Folic acid is a big no with MTHFR and taking a really high dose can make it worse. If you have the gene then your body can't process Folic acid at all but methylfolate is a more processable form that delivers same benefit. There's YouTube videos to explain this better.

I have it and am on an MTHFR pregnancy Facebook group and also seen a different specialist in London who told me 800mcg of methylfolate while trying to conceive. This is also what everyone in the FB group does too (many based in US)

MeganBistram · 27/04/2023 20:59

@Replitad thanks for the tip :)

@seven201 how did the scan go? I hope all was well :)

I know my GP has all the letters from CRP as they are Cc and brought it up when I went for my smear.. not that they offered any prescriptions up mind you ;) I think after a few months I will try. Currently the drugs are the cheapest part lol.

has anyone tried intralipids anywhere else? There is a place literally 20 mins from me for £200 vs the £380 at CRP xx

seven201 · 27/04/2023 22:49

@MeganBistram ooh, would they be ok with your doing intralipids elsewhere?

Scan itself was good but my standard blood test combined with my age puts it as high risk for downs (1/22), but the scan didn’t show any Down’s syndrome markers, which he said he thinks is a big deal and it looks like a healthy baby. The harmony/NIPT test blood tests results aren’t in so hoping they come back tomorrow and that should tell us one way or another (more or less). I also have a fibroid they need to keep an eye on (only a problem if it grows much more, hopefully won’t) and a small blood clot next to or under my placenta, also need to keep an eye on. So I’ve got another scan with him in 4 weeks to keep an eye on those things. So overall I think it’s probably ok... Hoping we get the harmony results tomorrow and not after bank hol!

MeganBistram · 28/04/2023 09:06

@seven201 Of course they wouldn't lol they I assume want the money ;). But I wondered if anyone else has persuaded them otherwise? :)

Oh gosh I hope that you get it before bank holiday so you can enjoy it and try and relax. Its nice to have lots of scans despite it being very expensive it helps with the reassurance.

When are you moving to the NHS scans or are you doing them alongside? I have a phobia of it now as everytime I doing a booking in appointment with the midwife I end up losing the baby so when I am pregnant again I don't think I will go again until later on :)


seven201 · 28/04/2023 14:26

@MeganBistram ha! I've got the feeling they wouldn't let someone else do intralipids elsewhere, but I may be making that up!

Still waiting on the NIPT results. One of the nurses has been trying to chase them for me.
I'll be continuing the CRP scans alongside the NHS ones. I was thinking of my 16 week dr edge scan to be my last but actually it was very reassuring having a professor A do such a thorough scan. I had a complicated pregnancy with dd (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, breech so c-section, my kidneys swelled so I had constant UTIs in final trimester) and now also this fibroid and blood clot just means I'd like the extra detailed monitoring.

It's a shame as I'm getting a bit fed up of all the appointments. I've already had extra nhs appts through - one next week that I don't know what's for and one in a few weeks for my thyroid (which I don't think I really need as I'm on such a low dose of thyroid meds and only for ttc/pregnancy). I'm a teacher, so time off is really tricky to manage.

I know what you mean about booking in with the midwife. I pushed mine back until after a scan so I was 10 and a bit weeks. I've previously had to cancel them, which is shitty. You do need to make sure you go before the cut off for some of the blood tests and to get the 12 week scan booked in.

star2022 · 28/04/2023 20:32

@MeganBistram I'm sure I read on another forum that they don't let you do intralipids elsewhere. They get really funny about it and apparently even someone who had to catch a flight to get to epsom couldn't do it locally and had to go in. Not sure how long ago that was though so may have changed now.

@seven201 glad all is looking well and that they're keeping a close eye on you keeping my fingers crossed for you for your NIPT results!
Did you feel any side effects of letrozole when you were on them? I feel like I get such a low mood with them, don't know if its the tablets or just this journey and being on a new cycle but I had the worst night last night riddled with anxiety. I just keep feeling like I'll never get to even experience a scan 😞

Does anyone have any success stories to share?

seven201 · 28/04/2023 21:00

@star2022 it's so hard to keep the faith isn't it. I don't know if it was letrazole but there've definitely been times where I have just been a hormonal mess. I had one random failed cycle where I stopped steroids abruptly as usual (you wean off if been taking them for a number of weeks) and I was an absolute sobbing mess for a couple of days. It really shocked me and from then on I always slightly weaned off, even if I wasn't meant to. I had another time years ago where I thought I had some left over clomid and was going to do a sneaky unmonitored cycle but then couldn't find the tablets and had such a melt down, like a toddler. It really does all fuck with your mind. People who haven't been through it simply cannot relate I think. I've got quite a stubborn streak which I think has helped get me through. It's like a never ending marathon with obstacles.

I think you're right, some people travel so far to get to CRP. Poor things! I tend to leave 2 hrs to travel, but it should take me less than 1. Blooming unpredictable m25!

star2022 · 28/04/2023 21:09

@seven201 Honestly it really is! that was me last night, hormonal mess! Bawled my eyes out, had a major tiff with dh, and just all round feeling like I can't do this anymore. But then somewhere in the day, I get a glimmer of hope again and I'm back to feeling like I'm ready to go again. It must be the meds, being on period and just this journey itself. So many friends around me are on their 2nd or 3rd child now, and I've got new born nephews on both sides of our family last month making it even harder to navigate through this journey especially when hormones are all over the place. Just noticed you said you're a teacher, have you only had time off for your appointments or had you taken any time off when you were going through the journey too?

The M25 is terrible! Takes me 3.5 hours - just adds to the stress of it all doesn't it.

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