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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

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MeganBistram · 10/05/2023 11:59

@seven201 such amazing news so pleased for you and your family :)

you must be so relieved :) xx

seven201 · 10/05/2023 12:50

@MeganBistram and @KatyTTC thank you. Yes, very relieved! Starting to feel real.

How is everyone doing?

MeganBistram · 11/05/2023 11:25

@seven201 I can imagine, I bet it feels like you have already climbed 20 mountains just to get to here

I am good just waiting for the dreading pregnancy test on Sunday AM. I had pains yesterday which of course I am hoping were implantation pains ( I get them quite badly ) but also trying not to get my hopes up. Also read it can be your uterus contracting ready to start your period xx

MeganBistram · 11/05/2023 11:34

@star2022 Sorry I realise I didnt reply re steroids, been on them a week now and I have been sleeping worst but I am not sure if that is in fact the very rocky boat that is currently en route back to the UK rather than the drugs haha. Other than that notice no difference in appetite etc. yet

have you started them all now?

I will let you know how Sunday goes :) xx

seven201 · 11/05/2023 12:39

@MeganBistram oh wow, Sunday! That's come around fast (probably not felt that way for you!). Not long. Good luck.

KatyTTC · 11/05/2023 15:37

@MeganBistram keeping everything crossed for you on Sunday. How exciting/nerve wracking!

@star2022 keeping everything crossed for this cycle for you too. How are you finding the prednisolone?


star2022 · 11/05/2023 15:56

@seven201 this is amazing news!! I am sooo happy for you, do you feel a bit better now or still anxious? I guess this process just causes constant anxiety but i'm hoping you're able to start enjoying it a bit more!

@MeganBistram ah thats good you've not had the extra appetite, I feel like usually i don't have any appetite so i really have noticed a difference with them. Wow sunday is so soon, have you got any symptoms currently? Do you think you'll test early? Good luck for sunday keeping fingers crossed for you!

@KatyTTC Thank you, I'm currently 2dpo so only been on the steroids for 2 days, thankfully have been sleeping ok so far, probably because i'm on progesterone which makes me sleepy anyway. I am a lot more hungry on the steroids but i'm really trying to just fill myself up on fruit and veg as i'm really paranoid about getting moonface 🙈 How are you doing?

I really hope we get some positive stories in this thread soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼

star2022 · 11/05/2023 16:27

@MeganBistram I remembered you saying about your acupuncturist - did you do any acupuncture this cycle? And is the lady you go to good? Like does she use the electrode thingys on the needles? I'm not far from sutton coldfield so thinking to maybe try her out but noticed she has to do an initial consultation first? Can you usually do both at the same time? I go to one already who is lovely but just wondering what your one does differently as I pay £40 a session x

Hope646 · 11/05/2023 19:16

@seven201 huge congratulations to you and your family 🤗a baby girl, that's beautiful. May this journey carry on being a celebration for you and your family.

@MeganBistram good luck for Sunday. argh that guessing game and over analyzing of each symptoms. The frustrating part is how each sign is the same as period sign. I am dreading the 2 weeks wait once we start trying again. For me it has always been a torture in the past. keeping everything cross for you.

I got my period today (thankfully it was on time) so will be booking my intralipid infusion for next week before our first try under his treatment programme. it's been a very funny journey for a while now how one month i hope my period comes and next month i keep praying its not period and its pregnancy during trying the phase. arg this cycle never ends 😂

seven201 · 11/05/2023 20:17

Thank you @Hope646 and @star2022 . Feeling good about it at the moment. Worry I'm setting myself up for a big fall, but also just trying to enjoy the moment a bit. It's all my dd talks about now, so that's actually quite nice, as we haven't talked about it hugely until now.

I'm glad your sleep hasn't been affected star2022 - that will make a big difference. Good luck with your 2ww.

Good luck with this cycle Hope646. Always weird feeling both sad and happy when a period arrives.

star2022 · 12/05/2023 13:03

Thank you @seven201 glad you're feeling good! Are you still having the 4 weekly intralipids?

Also sorry if this is TMI but I am 3/4dpo today and just noticed yellow cm which i've never had before. Trying not to look into it too much as i know it could just be my progesterone being high but at the same time can't help but wonder if it means anything.

Also does the day you start steroids and cyclogest count as 1dpo or is that ovulation day?

seven201 · 12/05/2023 13:58

@star2022 I've got one dose of intralipids left Friday next week. Sorry, not sure about the yellow discharge but I wouldn't worry about it unless it continues. I don't know about dpo, but I think it stands for days post ovulation so I'd count ovulation day as 0. I definitely could be wrong!

MeganBistram · 12/05/2023 16:34

@seven201 remind me how old your DD is? I bet its so nice to finally talk about it with a little more confidence :)

@star2022 Obviously I did a test today and it wasn't the first week so not overly surprising that at 8DO it showed nothing.. so I have spent the afternoon googling the shit out of 8DPO images haha.. and this is just month 1... god forbid what kind of monster I might be a few months in :)

Re the acupunture, I would say she is just great at basically being my life coach talking about everything and the acupuncture is an added extra. If you are having it and happy with your lady I would stay put. I go once a week but not been since I ovulated as been away. Go again on monday xx

seven201 · 12/05/2023 16:47

@MeganBistram we've all been there with going mad with pregnancy tests. I personally am really good at fishing them out of the bin "just to check". My DD is 7 next month and she's been telling anyone who will listen about the baby!

Rabbitjungle1 · 12/05/2023 16:49

MeganBistram · 28/03/2023 09:29

@seven201 wow that does sound complex, I have everything crossed that this is your time :)

Yes forgot about the cost of the scans which is £280 for scan and consult I think from the price list

@JandL2020 if you look on the CRP website there is a price list deep in there somewhere :)

Also question ladies, has anyone had any tests for endrimetriosis? I have no signs of it but read that at the age I miscarry that it can be down to that? xx

Also question ladies, has anyone had any tests for endrimetriosis? I have no signs of it but read that at the age I miscarry that it can be down to that?

Hi @MeganBistram sorry to jump in, but I just read your message from earlier in the thread and wanted to reach out. I have endometriosis and have recently had my third MMC. All ended around 6-7 weeks, but were detected later. I keep being told that my endo isn't the cause (by GPs and gynaecologists), but I am convinced it must be a factor since each time I'm pregnant I have a really bad endo flare up around 4-6 weeks 🙁 I have an appointment at the CRM in Coventry next month. Just wanted to see what you had ready about this/what you meant? Feel free to PM me, since I know this is a fairly random interruption to the thread (apologies!). Thank you x

MeganBistram · 12/05/2023 16:57

@Rabbitjungle1 the test I had done ( all be very basic, just a detailed scan and the saline scan ) both suggested I didn't have it. Although I do get period like pains when I ovulate and pains in early pregnancy. Not sure if its linked.

What does a flare up look like to you? I think CRM are quite strong believer's in Endo causing miscarriages so hopefully they will be able to support better

p.s. so sorry for you loss, any loss is hard but recurrent loss as we all know on this group is especially hard xx

MeganBistram · 14/05/2023 06:55

Not pregnant this month ladies… I wonder now how long it will take to come on my period after stopping the progesterone. Normally I have short cycles and today I would come on my Period.

@seven201 do you have to have an intrilipids every month will you’re TTC? Xx

seven201 · 14/05/2023 07:46

@MeganBistram sorry it didn't work this month. It normally takes about 2-3 days for my period to arrive after stopping the progesterone.

Yes, I think you're meant to do intralipids every month you try. It gets very expensive I'm afraid!

MeganBistram · 14/05/2023 08:14

@seven201 thanks for being the guru on here for us :)

I will get my check book out then haha xx

seven201 · 14/05/2023 09:08

It's worth asking at your next appt if it's possible to delay intralipids until positive pregnancy test instead. My losses were generally early, so I thought it worth doing the intralipids pre-ovulation.

KatyTTC · 14/05/2023 10:20

@MeganBistram I’m so sorry this wasn’t your month. Hope you’re feeling ok today and not too sad :(. Xxx

MeganBistram · 15/05/2023 07:23

@KatyTTC thanks lovely. I’m actually ok this month ask me after a couple more months of trying.. patience is not a strong point of mine haha

@seven201 I think I will do it this month and then maybe do it every other month while trying :) xx

star2022 · 15/05/2023 15:07

@MeganBistram Thank you for the info re accupuncture! I'm really sorry your cycle didn't work :( I'm glad you're still feeling positive about it though. I really hope you're doing okay as can be xx

@seven201 Thank you I think i managed to work it out in the end - so i'm currently 6dpo and 8 days past trigger today. I started testing yesterday and today and my line is getting fainter which means the trigger is still leaving my system. For my first SO cycle and ivf before that, my trigger stayed in my system for 14 days so its a bit of a nightmare for me. (I've got the strips stuck down in my book so i can compare the lines lol) I've just gotta hope the lines start to get darker at some point this week🤞

MeganBistram · 15/05/2023 16:16

@star2022 oh gosh good luck. I didn't realise the trigger causes a line. What a nightmare. All the positive vibes that they start getting darker tomorrow :) xx

Wolfemum · 15/05/2023 18:15

Sorry to hear this @MeganBistram keep up with positive mindset and it will be your turn soon. I've been quiet on here lately but I do read all of your messages. We're not trying to get pregnant until July so I'll be starting Hydroxychloroquine next month.
Will need all of your advice soon. Xx

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