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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
seven201 · 11/04/2023 13:58

I had a misdiagnosis by a different clinic about 4 1/2 years ago. I'd had that tube dye test and that showed I might have one blocked tube. I then had a laparoscopy elsewhere and was told no blocked tube I had a 'prominent midline septum' (a ridge in the uterus) but that shouldn't prevent pregnancy. I then had many ivf transfers (that had no chance of success) and eventually someone on a different infertility thread suggested I get a saline sonogram. I saw mr lower and the saline sonogram showed it was actually a big adhesion acting like a natural coil. After that was surgically sorted I was pregnancy twice pretty quickly (though neither stuck). I then went to CRP and have been receiving treatment for immunes there and am currently pregnant and further along than I've previously got since my dd.

After every ivf failure I asked if I should have more tests and was told no. That simple saline sonogram could have saved so many years. Some ivf clinics do them as their standard tests at the start. It's really hard putting your faith in the hands of professionals. CRP also do saline sonograms as I also had one there to look at something.

MeganBistram · 18/04/2023 16:08

Hi All

Update from my meeting with Dr. S yesterday, I felt alot more positive after this meeting than the time before. I had prepared questions which I think is important with a man like Dr. S who is quite to the point.

I asked about why Intralipids vs. prednisolone and he said it was to do with my inflammation markers alongside slightly raised NK cells. However I asked why not both and he has agreed to let me do both. So I add Prednisolone and Omeprezole to the list

Also my TH1: TH2 had not dropped enough so I have to do the Adalimumab injections again ( casual £400 )

@seven201 how you getting on? xx

JandL2020 · 19/04/2023 19:58

have you asked for a prescription? I think it’s readily available drug just needs prescription. Save yourself some ££
I got my results today
same as you high which explains my early miscarriages/chemical from IVF perhaps


seven201 · 21/04/2023 13:43

@MeganBistram I'm so glad you got what you wanted. I'm sorry about the adimulumab though!

@JandL2020 well done on getting results. A step forward.

All fine with me. I'm at CRP having intralipids after a scan. Baby measuring 11+3 (by dates 12+0 but it's caught up a little). Nice a wiggly on the screen. Can't believe it!

MeganBistram · 21/04/2023 16:21

Omg I am so excited for you massive congratulations 🥳 @seven201

i don’t mind the injections so much.. although I did do another thyroid test to see if anything has moved with the drugs etc. and the antibodies have gone up but the rest down so who knows lol. I am worried it might not be fixed for before we try though xx

seven201 · 23/04/2023 12:47

Thank you. @MeganBistram I've never really understood the thyroid stuff. I'm on levothyroxine but just for ttc, I'm not sure if any of my other issues/things indicated on the CRP blood tests were related to thyroid. How is yours looked after/controlled? Is that to do with the adimulumab (I did have that too but wasn't bad enough to need to be retested). I hope it doesn't cause you delays.

MeganBistram · 24/04/2023 10:54

@seven201 I did ask him what was controlling the high Thyroid anti bodies in my plan and he said the Intralipids and the Hydrochloxine... which worrys me slightly why it hasn't dropped as have had both and started them 6 weeks ago. I don't think it puts us back, just the double dose of the adimulumab as that process takes 4 weeks. Although I think we will try again this month as its around 3 weeks after the first dose so hoping will be fine ( not that I expect to fall pregnant first time )

Do you mind me asking how long you were with Dr. S before they did a super ovulation cycle?


seven201 · 24/04/2023 13:41

Hi @MeganBistram I've just had a look through my notes.

My issues found by CRP were:
TNF alpha TH1/TH2 cytokine ratio was high
NK cells CD69 activity high
Antinuclear antibodies weak positive

Phase 1 was adalimumab
Phase 2 pred, intralipids, metformin, inofolic (plus fragmin if ivf) plus usual cyclogest and aspirin.

My first appt was feb 2022 I think then takes a while for test results and treatment (adilumumab). I did a FET (different ivf clinic but with CRP treatment plan) that started mid-may. Was pregnant from that but didn't last and took a long time to resolve. After that miscarriage my treatment plan was bumped up to the 'super complex' plan so now added hydroxy.

I then started letrazole rounds from end of august but for the first few rounds were cancelled as I had retained products (they didn't know what it was at the time).

I would check on the adilumumab as I think it may be one of those drugs that shouldn't be taken near to conception as could harm the fetus. Sorry, I know you don't want delays (they are the most annoying thing in the world) but it's worth checking.

KatyTTC · 24/04/2023 20:41

Hi all. I’m so pleased to have found this thread. Had 4 miscarriages in a row and had my results appt with Shehata earlier this month. I’ve got High NK cells so did the first injection of Humira last week. The next one is next Wednesday and then bloods and results etc before phase 2… a similar plan to lots of you.
@seven201 a huge, huge congratulations!
and wishing the rest of you the very best of luck.
I hope you don’t mind me joining the thread… just curious to see how everyone progresses and nice to talk to people in the same boat and to share symptoms from drugs etc

Greenvelvetdress · 24/04/2023 21:12

Has anyone been treated for positive antibodies but normal TFTs please?

MeganBistram · 25/04/2023 07:16

@KatyTTC glad there are more people that can share experiences at a similar time :) we are almost at the end of phase 1 as we had to do the adilumulab twice as my levels didn’t drop enough

@seven201 I wondered this but dr. S said as soon as the 4 weeks is done we can try as it’s to lower the th1/2 cells and doesn’t impact baby apparently as it lasts 9 months in the body.

@Greenvelvetdress mine is a combination of both but I have very high antibodies of 110. What did he recommend?


MeganBistram · 25/04/2023 07:17

@KatyTTC also so sorry to hear of your 4 losses. While it’s lovely to have others on this group. We all know how we go here and it’s rubbish xx

Greenvelvetdress · 25/04/2023 12:38

@MeganBistram mine are 84 with normal TFTs. My previous consultant didn't suggest anything for it but I've just had my third miscarriage so keen for my new consultant to try something to help.

What did you have for it?

MeganBistram · 25/04/2023 12:46

@Greenvelvetdress im not overly clear of which part impacts the thyroid directly. I think that it’s the intralipids and the hydroclorine that is lowers this as well as impacting other parts.
i did some googling and apparently selenium is good. Also gluten free and no diary is supposed to help. Can’t promise I am doing either of those that well though :) xx

seven201 · 25/04/2023 13:24

@MeganBistram oh great, I'm glad it won't delay anything.

@KatyTTC thank you and welcome to the thread. Sorry for your losses.

Greenvelvetdress · 25/04/2023 13:38

Thanks @MeganBistram! Luckily (or unluckily) I'm also coeliac so manage the gluten free part already, good luck with everything. Xx

JandL2020 · 25/04/2023 18:42

I’m also doing this diet plus max metformin

KatyTTC · 26/04/2023 17:39

Thanks so much girls.
I asked Dr S about diet and he said just a healthy, balanced diet is fine with zero alcohol but from all the research I’ve done i reckon an anti-Inflammatory diet of no gluten, diary, alcohol and sugar can’t hurt. I’m trying but haven’t done very well this week!!
@MeganBistram when do you go back for your bloods? My second injection is next wed and blood test is booked for May 17th.
You poor thing having to repeat :((

seven201 · 26/04/2023 19:30

When I first did ivf I was much better diet wise but have fallen off the wagon big time. Far too much chocolate and sugar. Just saying don't beat yourselves up if you're not eating only quinoa and avocados.

JandL2020 · 26/04/2023 21:15

Absolutely can relate to this 🤣

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 08:28

Great advice ❤️ @seven201 . Thank you xx

MeganBistram · 27/04/2023 09:58

@KatyTTC I don't have to repeat the test again, apparently it works in 90% of people round one and the remaining 10% in second go. Obviously I was going to fall into the 10% haha.

So they released my phase 2 straight away so have the drugs to start trying from next cycle :)

And Diet wise I am pretty good, although I tend to exercise over dieting... however when pregnant that all goes out the window haha xx

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 10:14

Oh this is so exciting!! Keeping everything crossed for you @MeganBistram !
Its taken us an average of 6 months to get pregnant over 2.5 years longest was 8 months, shortest 2 months) but I’m hoping once I’ve had the humira and with the other drugs it will be quicker. I didn’t actually ask him about that.
Has anyone found once they’ve started treatment they’ve fallen pregnant quicker than before?
I’m really nervous about taking the Prednisolone. Hoping it won’t be too bad 🤞🏻
@seven201 how are you feeling? Have you got lots of symptoms?

MeganBistram · 27/04/2023 10:18

@KatyTTC I am going to regret saying this but getting pregnant has been less of an issue for us, longest has been 4 months. However I am thinking because its been ok before its bound to take a long time this time...

I believe that after 3 months you go back for a reivew and then he will offer Super ovulation programme?

I am worried as well, although I have read that a silver lining is that it can lesson the morning sickness symptom's which I get pretty bad @seven201 did you find that? xx

KatyTTC · 27/04/2023 10:54

Oh interesting. What’s the super ovulation programme?
do you just use sticks or are you temp charting and things too? I’ve only ever used sticks. Think I might need to up my game!
fingers crossed it’s quick for you again. Maybe even quicker as you’re taking the drugs and treating the issue now 🤞🏻 X

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