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Calling all GPs/Mws! Why am I passing clots and bleeding heavily if I am not miscarrying?

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milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 07/08/2007 17:05

Had a scan on Friday because of some spotting, showed a heartbeat and the embryo was fun. Bleeding got worse at the weekend and had a another scan this morning which showed that the embryo had grown and there was a good strong heartbeat. This afternoon I have passed some clots so firstly can the embryo be miscarried only 3 hours after a healthy scan and if not what is going on?????

OP posts:
lissie · 07/08/2007 17:07

i bled pretty much constantly from 5w-21w with ds, passed clots too, but i would ring epu anyway just to be sure. how many weeks are you?

squiffy · 07/08/2007 17:12

You can get blood clots (revolting large ones) from uterine infections; might be something completely unrelated to pg. I've had 7 m/cs and IME very unlikely that the clots could be the embryo if scanned only 3 hours ago. I guess another possibility is that you may have had 2 eggs fertilised and one miscarried whilst other is there safe on scan...

But am not an expert...hopefully there will be a medic along in a minute....

Try to relax. I know how stressful it all is. Last time I bled heavily during a pg was when I was pg with my DD, who turns one next month, so not always a sign of doom. x

cazzybabs · 07/08/2007 17:18

Not a medic, but could you be losing a twin?

crokky · 07/08/2007 17:22

not a doc or mw, but can have this type of bleeding from low lying placenta, which may right itself later on.

fingerwoman · 07/08/2007 17:23

I know someone else online who had an awful early bleed- literally gushing. she was convinced it was a miscarriage but it wasn't and she is now 28 weeks pg!
I think they said that part of the placenta had come away and a blood vessel had burst which is why there was so much blood- and clots are just a natural addition to that amount of blood loss.
so, a big bleed doesn't necessarily mean m/c.
hope all goes well

lulumama · 07/08/2007 17:26

i don;t know why you are bleeding and passing clots, but seeing an embryo with a heartbeat does decrease chances of miscarriage

however, heavy bleeding and clots in pregnancy is not 'normal', and you should go back to EPU urgently

also, lots of bleeding will leave you feeling drained anyway

louii · 07/08/2007 17:32

If you are now passing large blood clots you need to go back to the maternity unit.

Glimmer · 07/08/2007 17:47

Just in case it helps: I bled from week 5 to week 9 constantly and was sure I'd lose the baby. No clots, but lots of red bleeding. I am now 26 weeks. A HB is a very good sign and I hope everything will work out for you. Lots of stength -- it's a horrible anxious time.

beansprout · 07/08/2007 17:55

Oh milf, what a rollercoaster for you. You must be very confused! Have you been able to call the EPU?

lucykate · 07/08/2007 17:56

i lost clots in the first 11 weeks when carrying dd. it was because the placenta had torn away slightly inside, was advised 5 days complete bed rest. it mended, but i carried on bleeding until 23 weeks, dd was fine.

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 07/08/2007 18:37

I am 8 weeks, phoned doc and he said to watch and wait. No point scanning til the end of the week.

Did wonder whether I might have conceived twins?

OP posts:
milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 07/08/2007 18:40

Hi Beansprout, nice to see you on another thread of mine

This is all too much I have to say, jokingly said to DH if it survives and is a girl we'll have to call her Hope!

Sick of EPU too.

OP posts:
beansprout · 07/08/2007 18:41

I'm not surprised milf, I would be half mad by now. It does sound very positive though but I can understand how hard it must be to try and relax and feel reassured when you are bleeding.

Am keeping many, many things crossed for you!!

lissie · 07/08/2007 22:56


beansprout · 08/08/2007 08:39

How are you today milf?
Will you be seen by the midwife/hospital etc at all?

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 08/08/2007 08:41

had bad tummy pains before bed last night but nothing this morning. Passed a load more clots when I got up.

Doctor at hospital said there is no point seeing me until next week as things don't tend to change overnight particularly as the embryo was fine. Have made an appointment to see my GP on Monday if nothing changes over the weekend. Not sure whether I should do anything else? Don't want to appear like a neurotic mummy to be!

OP posts:
lissie · 08/08/2007 08:55

ring them again and tell them about the tummy pains. im so sorry you are going thru this. its not fair!

beansprout · 08/08/2007 08:59

It must be very hard to relax with all this going on. Take care of yourself.

Novacane · 08/08/2007 09:29

Get as much rest as you can Milf, it can't hurt!

Hope everything is okxx

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 08/08/2007 09:44

Got an emergency appointment with my GP at 11.10am so will see what he says.

OP posts:
lissie · 08/08/2007 10:06

good luck x

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 08/08/2007 13:02

GP was very helpful. Said that normally the vagina is efficient at getting rid of blood but when there is a heavy loss some of the blood pools and forms clots and the pain is from the vagina getting the clots out (this happens in women that have heavy periods too).

Gave me a number of scenarios including cervical erosion, a period (some people keeps having a monthly bleed apparently), cervical polyp or some unknown problem. Or it could be the body readying itself for a MC.

Said that next Tuesday he will send me for a scan (week after the last one) and they will probably do an internal examination to see if there is a problem in the cervix.

OP posts:
daisyandbabybootoo · 08/08/2007 13:06

sorry to hear you're going through this milf. be kind to yourself and take it easy and try not to worry....easier said than done i know.

fingers crossed for you that it all settles down

beansprout · 08/08/2007 13:16

Glad to hear the GP was helpful. Hope you are staying positive.

chopster · 08/08/2007 13:18

hi, seems liek you have got it all sorted now, but I was told that clots could be part of the vaginal lining coming away. I bled with each of my pregnancies (by the third I didn't even bother going for scans). Glad to hear everything is ok for you now.

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