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Recurrent Buns - MC Testing and Beyond... Part 4...!!!

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Julezboo · 01/02/2011 13:12

Gosh we can chat ladies!!!

Part one HERE

Part two HERE

Part three HERE



LAF77 , Age 33, MC1 (7 weeks Apr 10) MC2 (5 weeks Sept 10) MC3 (9 weeks Dec 10). All have been natural mcs and number 1 and 3 were embryonic for sure. No children, no RMC appt, no diagnosis and not TTC.
PANDA 3MMC, no.1 (embryonic loss - empty sac) 7weeks, no.2 at 12 weeks, no.3 at 8 weeks. Awaiting raft of tests for recurrent MC
CLAIREDELOON Age 38 1st mmc, development stopped approx 5 weeks (2007), 2nd mmc development stopped at approx 6 weeks (2009), 3rd mc development stopped at 9 weeks after seeing hb at 8+3 (2010). Bicornate uterus, starting testing Feb 2011.
NOTSOBARRENBROOK Age 35. 1st mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2009), 2nd mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2010), 3rd mmc @ 11 weeks, development stopped at 6 weeks 3 days (March 2010), 4th mmc @ 5 weeks (August 2010). Possible adenomyosis, awaiting hsg and results of testing from St Mary's.
MILKYWAY2007 Age 27 - DD age 3. 1st MC Oct
2009, 6 weeks. 2nd MMC March 2010, 11 weeks (baby passed away at 7 weeks). 3rd MC July 2010, 6 weeks. 4th MMC 24 Jan 2011, 9 weeks - no amniotic sac, baby measured 7weeks 4 days, no HB, had seen a healthy HB at 7 weeks. Blood clotting, hormone, genetic karyotype and shape and health of uterus checked and all clear - although high prolactin level found. Waiting for appointment at RMC with consultant, and wanting to be referred to St Mary's.
LUCKYFOR2 Age 32 - DD age 5. DD age 3. 1st MC May 2010 found at 12 week scan passed away at 9 weeks. 2nd MC September 2010 natural at 8 weeks. 3nd MC January 2011 at 16 weeks, saw hb at 13 but no hb at 15.5. Bloods taken from me and DH at hospital at last MC and awaiting results on baby from PM.
IGGI2011 - Age 40, 3 year old DS. 3 MC last year, at 6, 8 and 8 weeks. Last two had hb detected. Having bloods taken by obs soon.


CRYSTAL5 Age 38 - DS age 4. 6 m/c 1 at 11 weeks, 5 at 5/6 weeks. Ok blood tests, under Endocrinologist for Hypothyroid
BANANA87 Age 30- 1mmc@7 weeks, DD (2), 1 mmc 6 weeks, 1 mc 7 weeks, currently waiting one more cycle before TTC. Going to try aspirin and progesterone as per consultant. Clotting bloods normal.


MUMMYABROAD Age 35, 1DS (2.9), 1MMC Mar 2010 (@14weeks) Ashermans diagnosis and treatment Nov 2010, Started TTC Jan 2011 Cycle 1
DIGITALGIRL Age 32 - DS 2.4 - 3MCs since ttc#2. MC1 5wks. MC2 6-7wks. MC3 7-8wks. Awaiting clotting & karyotyping results, under consultant care for rmc. Mild pcos. Currently TTC.
LOVEMYSLEEP Age 39, 1 mmc, dd born(now 5), 2nd mc (9wks, 2days), 3rd mc (9wks, 3days) and 4th mc at 5 wks. All tests on NHS came back clear. Currently undergoing treatment with Dr.Shehata for very high natural killer cells


LUNATIC dd1(4) 2 mmc (8 wks) dd2 stillborn (32+5), clotting problem, pg #5 section booked for 9th Feb @ 35wks. On 150mg aspirin daily.
GLITTERYBITS 1 anembryonic MC (12 weeks), unexplained infertility, 1 round of clomid, currently pg and terrified!
JUSTMEE Age 21, MC1 (7 weeks), MC2 (6weeks), MC3 (5weeks) currently pregnant with 4th pregnancy using clexane injecting 20mg a day
LADYBEE 37, MC1 (5wks), DS (2), MC2 blighted ovum discovered @ 8 wk scan, MC3 natural @ 9 wks following hb seen at 7 1/2 wk. PCOS previously diagnosed, Factor V Leiden heterozygote discovered in recent testing. Treatment with aspirin (from BFP) + clexane started at 6 weeks.
LOVELYBUNCHOFCOCONUTS Age 23, 1 MC (13 weeks), 1 MMC (10 weeks - growth stopped at 7), 1DD born 2008, PCOS diagnosis, bi-cornuate uterus.


STILLFRAZZLED Age 35, DS1 (3.6yo), 1 mc @ 5 weeks Jan 09, 2nd mc @ 9 weeks March 09, DS2 born @ 35+3 on 04/01/11 with Intra Uterine Growth Restriction and currently in Special Care Baby Unit.
MUMATRON Age 28 2 dc then 4mc, 3 @9weeks 1@5weeks, tests showed possible free protein s ishoo. dd2 born 06/01/2011, aspirin, claxane and high dose folic acid through pg.
JULEZBOO Age 29 1 mc @ 14 wks, DS1 (8yo) 4 mc @ 5/6 wks, DS2 (3) 2 mc @7 wks... DS3 (14/01/11 @35 wks) Dx with Factor V Leiden and Septate Uterus. Clexane and Aspirin throughout pregnancy and progesterone with DS3.

Will do a catch up post now...

OP posts:
Julezboo · 01/02/2011 13:30

Thread has moved so fast so I will do my best! I have been on Childrens ward for 5 days with limited Internet Access lol

welcome to the newbies, I am sorry you have to find yourself here though! Although it seems to be proving a MASSIVE help for all of us.

Congrats to lovely and Digitalgirl - BFP's are coming thick and fast now!

Lunatic personally I think you are OMW for considering induction! I dont realyl get all this hype about sections taking longer to recover from tbh. But then it has come fairly easy for me the recovery each time with the exception of DS1! Planned sections are much calmer and easier to recover from imo. If you have ANY questions then please ask me, I dont mind!

Glittery I love that you have gone mad telling people. My dream was right, BFP before christmas!!! I am still grinning for you each time I see you post. Thanks for the suport Re: BF'ing and unwanted comments.

mumatron sorry that you didnt enjoiy BF'ing, but glad you are happy with your decision to FF. I normally dont let the whole BF vs FF bother me tbh, but lack of sleep over the last few days MIL's comments really got to me! Great that you have DD2 into a routine! I hope your MIL has backed off now!

Frazzled SO chuffed you are home!!! I hope Finn is settling in well and DS1 is coping okay.

Waves to everyone else!

We are finally home!! Hurrah!! Oliver is now back up to 7lb 1oz as of weigh in today with HV, but h gained 180g during the time spent in hospital.

Yesterday was a very hard and long day for me. I had to make a decision on which of my boys to be with in hospital! A choice no mummy really wants to have to do!

Oliver was admitted last thurs straight from clinic. Yesterday morning at 8am DH calls my mobile and tells me DS2 needs to go to A&E. DH due back at work and DS1 neededdropping of at school so I met MIL and DS2 at the main entrance. He had an odd shaped metal ring stuck fast on his finger! Got to A&E where a nurse stuck gel round it and tried to pull it off, then a horrid doctor came in and just tried to yank it off, cue DS2 screaming hystrically, blood everywhere, it was stuck so hard it was pulling his skin off with it. (Incident happened under MIL's watch!)

They started talking about sedating him. I had Oliver with me in the pram, I needed to get him back to the ward for docs on their rounds as it was weigh in day for him. I was panicking a bit. MIL is a bit useless in situations like that and she was crying and shouting at the doctors that they were hurting him, I shouted at her to pull hrself together or gt out. Meanwhile she is ushering me back to childrens ward telling me she can cope with them sedating DS2. I knew she wouldnt. no sign of DH coming back, he had gone to take DS1 to school n get the day off work. So I rung him and told him he needs to call work rather than pop in because I needed him there NOW!

By this point they had decided to put DS2 under GA to get it off because he was hysterical.

I had to leave him in A&E with MIL after the doctors and nurses promised me they wouldnt do anything until DH got there. I got back to our cubicle on the ward with Oliver and I just cried and cried. It was so hard leaving him :(

DH wasnt far behind me though and turned out DS2 had eaten breakfast so they couldnt take him down until after 12 anyway so they brough him over to childrens ward and put him in th cubicle with Oliver and I. I was a bit calmer by this point until they took him to theatre!

Was such a stressful day, but they BOTH got discharged around 4pm yesterday thankfully. DS2 has his finger bandaged up, they gave us teh ring back with a few pieces of skin still attached to it and he has to go back to clinic next week to get the dressing removed.

Oliver will be weighed weekly and if it turns out he is struggling with weight gain HV will get us into a dieticiam to change his formula to a higher calorie one andhe is being reviewed in childrens clinic at the hospital in 6 weeks time.

I am shattered! Havent really had time to recover myself yet and Ive had to drive the car over the last few days which I shouldnt be doing! But we had not choice tbh! Taxi's would have been an option had DH's work not buggered up his wages and now they have him on review :( so he could potentially lose his job... I hate his workplace so much!

DS1 is fine thank god, if a little worried about his brothers!!

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 01/02/2011 14:24

Julez oh my god, what a story! you poor thing you must have been frantic, I am not surprised you are shattered, hope you can get some rest and everything remains nice and calm for you from now on!

digi if you are anything like me you are in the bathroom right now re-testing. I really hope its the real thing and this one is sticky xxx

coco Grin for the big move! well done!

iggi I hate being talked down to by GP's I think they never realise how seriously we take all this, how much we read, and how much we in fact know. Hope the bloods come back fast, its a good first step.

coconutfeet welcome to the thread, I am very sorry for your losses. I see coco has already advised you about blood test (you can add AMH to the list) hope you get your referal quickly.

In my news, the testing frenzy is over as AF arrived today. I am sort of gutted ish, but there are some good reasons for not getting pregnant this cycle. The lining could be better, the HSG irradiated my follicles, and surely that cant be good and my relationship is all rocky (although I did get a lot of sympathy hugs when I told DH about AF) So its onwards and upwards, with a bit of cheer up boozing first Wink Grin

Julezboo · 01/02/2011 14:45

:( Mummy Sorry AF got you. My advice at this point will always be "go get pissed" Worked for glittery... Nice to see you being positive...

OP posts:
digitalgirl · 01/02/2011 15:33

mummy sorry about af too, but hopefully your lining will get nice and comfy for this new cycle.

julez flipping eck lady! Hope ds2's finger heals ok. It's awful when everyone's panicking around them and you just want to comfort them.

By complete coincidence the consultant just called and said all my results are back including karyotyping and that they're all normal. I told her that I took a positive pregnancy test this morning and she said congratulations! I said I knew that anything could happen in the next few days so wasn't going to get over excited, but she told me to be positive and promptly arranged a scan! How lovely is that?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 01/02/2011 15:42

Hello to everyone on our new thread. Let's see how quickly I we can fill this one up Grin

julez you have had such a stressful time. Hope DS' finger heals quickly and hope Oliver keeps his weight on :)

mummy Sorry about AF. Enjoy guilt free drinking Grin

digi Lovely consultant :) When are you having a scan? How pregnant are you? I'm at the GP tomorrow and considering asking for a scan considering my issues but unsure whether it will be too early.

However, none of my trousers now fit me and I actually look pregnant so DH thinks I might be more pregnant than I think. Hmm Last period was 6th December. So on a normal cycle that would have me at 8 weeks. I'm sure I didn't ovulate until Jan 11th/12th but I'm so confused now. If I conceived near to the intended ovulation then how pregnant does that make me?

digitalgirl · 01/02/2011 16:04

coconuts my scan is on the 14th, will only be about 5-6 weeks then. Won't see anything other than sac at that stage. But it's nice to have little steps to make. If you ovulated on the 11th that makes you 5 weeks today.

Coconutfeet · 01/02/2011 16:21

Just marking my place.

Congratulations to Digitalgirl and Alovelybunchofcoconuts. It's so scary embarking on that journey again isn't it?

Coconuts - If you ovulated at on 11th/12 wouldn't that make you around 5 weeks?

Julezboo - Congratulations on your new baby. Yesterday sounds hideous. No wonder you're worn out.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 01/02/2011 17:29

Thanks digi I will speak to the GP tomorrow. Just had a good chat to DH on the phone and we have decided not to ask for a scan. But hopefully for some blood tests to check my hCG levels are normal for the dates I think I am.

I am seriously concerned about not fitting in my clothes already. I am so so bloated. Unless there are four in there Grin

LunaticFringe · 01/02/2011 18:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iggi2011 · 01/02/2011 21:11

Marking place.
I had a very peaceful ecs, if that's of any help Lunatic. I don't have anything to compare it to though! But I'll do that again if I ever get the chance Smile

banana87 · 01/02/2011 22:38

Another one marking her place :)

Quick congrats to Digi and will catch up properly tomorrow!

digitalgirl · 02/02/2011 11:29

coconuts you may find that GPs/midwives only go on LMP until you have a dating scan. So you might end up having one in 4 weeks time anyway.

Mild panic this morning when realised I hadn't had any of my reassuring cramping overnight. But then did a FR, came up slowly and still faint, but there it was. Realised that perhaps the low-dose aspirin I took last night took the edge off any pain. Already feel a teeny weeny bit iffy so really really hoping this is it.

Manic waves at everyone!

ClaireDeLoon · 02/02/2011 11:30

Marking my place too!

Julez great that Oliver's home :o hope your DS2 is recovering from his ordeal!

Digi congrats, 14th not long to wait for a scan, hope that the time doesn't drag.

lovelybunchofcoconuts that sounds like a good plan for checking hcg levels - when would you ideally like to have first scan?

iggi a 7 and a half month wait can't be right. My consultant referred me to the clinic at the Royal Free in December and our 1st appt is 22nd Feb.

lunatic sorry they're trying to give you the same consultant, I hope you can get that changed without too much stress

mummyabroad I'm sorry AF got you :( fingers crossed for the next cycle, like you say time for your lining to recover can't be a bad thing.

Waves to coconutfeet, banana and everybody else!

confu3ed · 02/02/2011 11:45

Can I join you ladies?

Just had third miscarriage, second concurrent and been referred to the recurrent mc clinic at the hospital next week, and have no idea what to expect, can anyone help?

I am 35 next week, had mc one in 1998 at 14 or so weeks, then DD in 2000. PG in 2009 missed mc found out at 12 weeks that it didn't get beyond 5.5. Had an ERPC then 3 months later and no af I finally got the doc at A & E to listen to me that something was wrong, another scan showed the pregnancy was still there, somehow they missed it. Second ERPC. Then a nightmare year of fertility appointments, 6 months of clomid and finally BFP on NYE. Scan at 6 weeks but no heartbeat as too early, second scan at 8 weeks which showed an 8 week sac but again the pregnancy had not gone beyond 5.5 weeks. Had another ERPC on Thursday at a different hospital, this time I raised my concerns from last time so they did it using ultrasound to ensure they got it all. Feel up and down about the whole thing, glad I had an early scan and didnt think i was pg for that long as I think that has helped. The strange thing is that I was not too shocked, I kind of expected something would go wrong or at least convinced myself that it might and therefore not to get excited about the BFP.
Spoke to someone yesterday and they have sent me this appointment but did say that often they cannot find a reason for multiple miscarriages. Is this everyones experience? DP wants to get straight back to trying again but I am just scared of this happening again, more time off work more upset and more lying to my daughter about why I am such a mess and have to have general anaesthetics!!

Sorry if this post is all me me me, just need advice!

Not sure I can catch up on all of your threads as there seem to be millions of posts!!

luckyfor2 · 02/02/2011 12:17

Hi everyone
I haven't been keeping up, this thread is so fast.

Congratulations to Digi and Lovely fantastic news, very scary time, but one step further (all fingers crossed).

Jules what a day you had, goodness me! Lets hope thats the end of the stress, Olivers weight keeps going up and you can start relaxing and enjoying your family. You certainly deserve it.

Mummy Sorry about your AF, happy DH was comforting and supported you. I've registered with FertilityFriend and started to do temps though I think I'm supposed to start day of AF (which I haven't had yet). I might need your help, it looks alittle confusing!

Confu3ed welcome to the thread, I'm sorry you've had such a hard time, it is such a horrible place to be. I am currently awaiting results from my last (third) mc and the consultant said the same to me, I also have 2DD. Many ladies on here have had children and have also been diagnosed with problems so you wont know until the results come back.

Milky thinking of you today, hope everything has gone okay.

Lunatic have you opted for the cs, I haven't experienced it myself and its a tough one but I do know lots of people who have given birth in different ways and once you have your little baby to hold it will all start to feel worth it whatever way you go.

Still no AF and doing OPK daily, its driving me mad, though did a HPT this morning and it was definitely neg so hopefully something will start happening soon.

Big waves to everyone

digitalgirl · 02/02/2011 12:23

Sorry for all your losses confu3ed. I have had 3rmc and had all the tests at my local rmc clinic. All the results have come back fine, as they expected them too. I also have a dc - my DS was conceived and born in 2008 without any trouble.

I've had my hormone and thyroid levels checked. All fine. I've had thorough scans of my uterus, all fine. I've had clotting tests and a full thrombophilia screening, all fine. We had genetic karyotyping to check DH and I's chromosomes, all get it.

We started ttc after doing the tests but while waiting for the results, hoping to time a bfp with the results and any treatment that would be needed. I'm going for my follow-up appointment with the consultant and combining it with a scan for my new bfp.

The only test we haven't had is for NK (nautral killer) Cells. Some women have had this tested either as part of trial research, or through a private consultant. I think a big study is due to be published in May/June which I'm hoping will give the NHS the evidence it needs to look at NK Cells as part of routine rmc investigations. I think ilovemysleep is having treatment for it? So maybe ask her?

The stat I'm trying to hold onto right now is that even after having 3 mc's, this pregnancy still has a higher chance of succeeding than it does of failing (something like 75% at my age, 32). But I'm really pleased I had the tests to rule out any problems that I know could be treated. Makes me feel less guilty about not being able to 'save' the last three beans. They just weren't meant to be.

confu3ed · 02/02/2011 13:06

Hi Lucky - How long have you been waiting for the results? Is this the first time that they have tested? I know that they are testing the products this time for me, not sure why but the hospital I was at before didn't offer any tests. So pleased i referred myself to this new hospital, they actually treat me like a human and explain everything. Thanks for the advice.

Digi - Thank you for the advice, this is what the hospital expect my results to be as they say that for most women the only explanation is bad luck, that didn't make me feel much better. Did you get all of the testing on the NHS? How long did it take for all the testing and results to come back? Scared to TTC again but as dp pointed out I am not getting any younger and we need to get back to it ASAP. Does the clinic recommend that you wait until the test results are back? DP now thinks that he has some kind of a problem as he has not had any children and I have, albeit 11 years ago.

Congratulations on your BFP, fingers crossed this time. If there are no underlying problems then hopefully things will be fine. 75% is great odds! Are they monitoring you closely this time?

I have that they just were not meant to be attitude this time, its all that you can do. Strange as I thought I would feel worse that the last time, but I don't I guess because I knew deep down that things could go wrong.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 02/02/2011 13:42

Hello :) I have been to see the GP and have also left a message for the MWs to book me in. GP has me at between 7 and 11 weeks Hmm Confused so really need to book in early just in case I am and I completely have calculated this all wrong Grin

lunatic Hope you reach a decision soon re the section v. induction. Only you can decide :) And I hope you manage to avoid that consultant.

digi Yes looks like I probably will end up with an early scan but I will know what to and what not to expect depending on the dates so hopefully it won't be too bad. How many dpo are you? My lines were really faint from about 13 dpo to about 16 then they suddenly got darker and darker. This morning the line was darker than the control line :)

confu3ed Sorry you find yourself here, but welcome nonetheless. If you cannot catch up there is a list on the front page with all our credentials. Feel free to C&P and add yourself in :)

Claire Ideally I would rather wait until 8 or 9 weeks. Then I know there will be a hb and it won't be long until the 12 week one.

lucky Good luck with the charting. I signed up and started charting and only got 13 days charting done before my BFP :) you should get some charting lesson which you can access on the left hand side of the page. There is lots of great info there. I didn't start on CD1 either. It can sometimes take some getting used to and a bit of difficulty getting the timing right so this half a cycle you will start on will give you some good practice.

digitalgirl · 02/02/2011 13:45

confu3ed I got all of my testing done on the NHS at my local hospital. The EPU is linked to the recurrent miscarriage clinic so I was referred for testing as soon as my 3rd miscarriage was complete.
The hormones test results I got within a few days (I got these done after my 2nd mc), about 3-4 weeks for clotting test results (which had to come from UCH in London). And about 12 weeks for the karyotyping results (which had to come from Gt Ormond St).
They never advised me to wait as my last miscarriage was natural, it was a decision I came to with DH. I thought if I got pg before doing the tests and miscarried again then subesquently found out I had a problem that was treatable I'd feel really guilty for being so impatient.

As you as you physically feel up to it, it's totally your choice whether to keep ttc. Your DH may be feeling impatient, but you need to recover emotionally as well. Even if you feel fine, you need to be in a positive frame of mind for when you do get that next BFP. Sometimes the process of having some tests and having appointments with a consultant can help boost your confidence, even if nothing is found.

digitalgirl · 02/02/2011 13:49

coconuts am only somewhere between 11 and 13dpo, my own darn fault for testing so early. Wow, GP thinks 7-11 weeks? Expect you'll be having a scan in a couple of weeks then!

luckyfor2 · 02/02/2011 13:59

Hi confu3ed my tests were done on 10 January during my third mc in hospital. My GP did some hormone type tests before my third pg which all came back normal but they wouldn't do any other tests until third mc (so frustrating). They are doing all the standard blood tests on me, genetic karyotyping for me and DH and I am also awaiting the PM results from baby. We are seeing the consultant on Friday though they only have my blood results (which are clear) back, they're hoping to have a few tests from the baby back. The consultant has agreed to see us early as we have so many questions but apparently the genetic karyotyping takes at least four weeks and the PM results up to 12 weeks as they have to wait for cells to grow before testing.

With my last 2 mc I had the attitude that it wasn't meant to be but after getting to 16 weeks I just don't know anymore, I hope we get some answers from the results but feel we never will. There are lots of positive stories on here though and I'm trying to get hope from the success of others. Still early days I guess. They say most pregnancies before 12 week are due to chromosome abnormalities?

Sorry to everyone I always sound so negative (I'm just not in a very good place). I think I need a good kick up the a...

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 02/02/2011 14:01

but I can't be 7-11 weeks as my period was 6th December and I bled for 13 days.

MummyAbroad · 02/02/2011 14:26

Hi lucky I would start taking temps right away no matter where you are in your cycle. It takes a bit of getting used to (I kept forgetting to do it at first!) so the sooner you start the sooner you start getting reliable data. Keep your thermometer under your pillow, take you temp as soon as you open your eyes no matter what time it is, just record the times and disregard temps later if you hadn?t been asleep for more than three hours. I really recommend doing the tutorials on FF or getting the book by Toni Weshcler Taking Charge of Your Fertility. (also you can get loads of help on the thread Charters anonymous)
HI confused welcome to the thread. I was fobbed off a lot and really had to fight to get my diagnosis of Ashermans Syndrome, its a condition that many doctors just don?t want to recognise because so many believe it is untreatable (and its caused by doctors so pride tends to get in the way too). I was highly motivated to get answers because I knew that I really had a problem because I had no periods at all (although lots of ladies with AS have light periods) We have a list going of everyones situations, its easier to read that than catch up on the whole thread, feel free to copy and paste it and add yourself in. Hope we can help you. xx

MummyAbroad · 02/02/2011 14:43

sorry, I have repeated lots of info there!

coco Confused at your dates! I guess the only way to really know is to have two scans a week or so apart. If you want me to have a nosey at your chart for another opinion, feel free to post it!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 02/02/2011 15:50

Not much point mummy I only did it for ten days before the BFP. It was a shite attempt at charting Grin

How are you?

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