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Life-limiting illness

A thread in memory of biscuitsandbandages who tragically lost her battle with leukaemia on Thursday 27th November

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Mumsfret · 28/11/2014 20:17

Biscuits gathered so many supporters and followers as she went through the trauma of diagnosis and bravely endured attempts at a cure. Her Mumsnet army can post their condolences here. It may serve as a comfort to her family to know how much she was admired and loved.

On Biscuits' last thread, Kundry kindly posted a link to a donation page set up in her memory, for those who wish to respect her request to donate to multiple causes close to her heart, rather than send flowers. Oxfam (training doctors and midwives in the 3rd World), a book reading prize for the school her DSs attend, and Leukemia and Lymphoma research to help banish this disease from future generations. The link is:here

RIP Biscuits Thanks

OP posts:
Noforasking · 28/11/2014 20:20

What terrible news. Just awful. My thoughts go out to her family.

mumof6needssanity · 28/11/2014 20:20
5madthings · 28/11/2014 20:22

Oh God no :(

I have been a long time lurker on her threads.

So so unfair.

Sending my love and strength to mrbiscuits and the little biscuits xxx

Just no words.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes · 28/11/2014 20:23

So very sorry to hear this sad news. Flowers She was so full of encouragement and had a good word to say to everyone on her threads. Love to her family.

PestoStormissimos · 28/11/2014 20:24

Lots of love to the Biscuits family, so very sad to hear this news Flowers

Coconutty · 28/11/2014 20:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellyd · 28/11/2014 20:25

Another longtime lurker truly saddened by the news, my thoughts are with Mr biscuit and the little crumbs at this timeSad

PoppetPants · 28/11/2014 20:26

I am so sorry to hear this and my thoughts go out to her family and friends. I visited her thread often in the hope of good news about a person I was inspired by in a daily basis.

Sending love to all who knew her.

northernlurker · 28/11/2014 20:26

I don't know what to say. I've read her threads, posted a bit. I was sure she would make it. Her poor babies and dh. I can't believe this.

Just so very, very sorry.

Calmthefeckdown · 28/11/2014 20:27

Oh no Sad I am so, so sorry to hear this. Her zest for life and love for her family shone out through her posts. My thoughts are with her family now. What terrible, tragic news.

OrangeRhinoInTraining · 28/11/2014 20:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FarelyKnuts · 28/11/2014 20:30

It's such an awful outcome for a woman who was so full of light.

May the universe protect Mr B and the crumbs in the days and weeks to come.

YesIDidMeanToBeSoRudeActually · 28/11/2014 20:30

Terribly sad news.

Delurking to send love to the Biscuits family.

Can we link to the donation page mentioned on previous page?

ChippingInAutumnLover · 28/11/2014 20:31

I can't believe it - I really thought our Biscuits was going to be OK. Her poor poor DH and babies - her little crumbs. I just can't take it in :(

It's so unfair. So so unfair.

ChippingInAutumnLover · 28/11/2014 20:32

How can it be? She was just so lovely, so giving, so kind to others going through similar things. She has small children who need her. It's just not fair :(

kissmyheathenass · 28/11/2014 20:33

Oh no. I am so sad to read Biscuits has lost her battle. She had so much to live for. Her dear family, what a terrible loss. Im sorry. Sad

riskit4abiskit · 28/11/2014 20:33

Poor poor biscuits and her lovely family. How terribly terribly sad. I greatly admired her positive attitude and fighting spirit. The world is a poorer place tonight

riskit4abiskit · 28/11/2014 20:34

I am in floods of tears thinking of her baby without her mummy.

Rosa · 28/11/2014 20:34

How very very sad. She battled so well and she was supporting others whilst in treatment. Love and prayers to her family . I was another who felt she would make it. So very very sorry

LordJabuJabu · 28/11/2014 20:34

Awful news.
So so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful & witty woman.
Thoughts with her family x

Neffi · 28/11/2014 20:35

Her poor babies. I'm heartbroken at this news. She was a courageous soul and I was willing her on from the other side of the computer screen.

Rest in peace biscuits.

UmizoomiThis · 28/11/2014 20:35

Another lurker of her threads, who shed a tear for her family's loss today.

From her last thread, Kundry posted this page set up by her close friends/family, with their permission.

NorksAreMessy · 28/11/2014 20:35

Oh no :(
This is so sad. She was so generous sharing her feelings and thoughts and experiences. This is terrible news

FrontForward · 28/11/2014 20:35

I'm so so sorry. Really sad news

Pikkewyn · 28/11/2014 20:36

Oh wonderful Biscuits. May you rest in peace. My love and thoughts are with Mr B and the crumbs.

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