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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 7

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brownstag · 08/10/2014 14:38

Here's the new thread, ladies.

OP posts:

VillageMum · 30/10/2014 18:13

Hello everyone! Thanks for your good wishes! Smile
We are still in Athens - catching a very early flight home tomorrow. This trip has been absolutely worthwhile. Met the lovely Penny yesterday for a consult and had a hysteroscopy this morning. Then we got to watch the DVD of the procedure this afternoon with the surgeon who did the op... The upshot is that I don't have any scar tissue or adhesions. Not a whisper - quite amazingly, after all the ERPCs I've had. But I do have an unexplained inflammation of the uterus, which is a clear miscarriage factor. Thank goodness we came, and discovered this.

I've been prescribed a course of doxycycline for 10 days, followed by a 10-day course of Prixina. Can any of you wise ladies please tell me about the best way to take these antibiotics? I know that you have to stay upright and drink a full glass of water with the doxy - and avoid food, as well as dairy and supplements containing zinc and magnesium. Is it the same routine for the Prixina? Would it be ok to take these antibiotics, say, two hours before (a non-dairy) breakfast and my usual supplements? Or does anyone take them at a different time of day?

I'm also taking cyclacur after the hysteroscopy. I'm assuming it's ok to take these with food? I'm sitting here looking at the package leaflets, but of course they're all in Greek...

Thanks ladies. Thinking of you all and hoping everyone is well!


VillageMum · 30/10/2014 19:35

Hello again all... I've just found Agate's advice on how to take these on her Serum notes page, and see that even though you're meant to take doxy on an empty stomach she suggests taking it after a substantial meal, to avoid nausea - I wonder how anyone else has handled the doxy? Sorry if this has all been said before on this thread! Blush


Arianrhod · 31/10/2014 10:09

village Personally I had to take the doxy with food otherwise it made me terribly nauseous. It's fine as long as you are avoiding dairy. Glad you found something treatable, and even better no scarring or adhesions!


VillageMum · 31/10/2014 14:09

Ari thanks so much... I ended up taking the doxy on an empty stomach(with a bottle of water) at the airport this morning, and felt fine. We'll see what happens with tonight's dose. How are you feeling? November tomorrow, not long now till D-day!

I'm amazed that we've been told that we can ttc in my next cycle, which should start while I'm still on the doxy and Prixina (unless those cyclacur tablets delay it - but even so, it would still catch the tail end of the Prixina course). They just seem like such severe ABs to be taking while courting pregnancy. Was anyone else on the same protocol while ttc, I wonder? I'll double check with Penny in any case.

pebbles I hope the op on your heart was as unstressful as it could be - it sounds like quite a procedure. You are very brave!


Arianrhod · 01/11/2014 16:26

village Penny has most (if not all) of her IVF ladies on anti-bs for the first few weeks of pregnancy so in wouldn't worry. Hope they do the job for you!


VillageMum · 02/11/2014 10:01

Ari bless you for replying... I'm having a bit of a stress-fest about the ABs this morning. Penny has confirmed that they're safe to take while ttc, but now I'm having the opposite dilemma: thanks to the seven-day break between courses I won't have finished the second course by the time I ovulate, and wonder if the inflammation will be completely zapped by then. I could time the second course to finish by ov if I shorten the break between the Doxy and the Prixina, but wonder if it's OK to do this? Have asked her (she must groan whenever she sees my emails!!) but I'm finding the language difference a bit of a problem... her English is excellent, as you know, but details can be a bit tricky to get across (or maybe I'm just sounding like a fool). Just wondered if anyone knows about intervals between AB courses and how long these have to be - or doesn't it matter? I'm guessing having a five-day break rather than a seven-day one won't make much of a difference, but what about a two-day break?

Hope everyone is OK and enjoying a peaceful weekend.


lemonsherbet · 02/11/2014 11:19

I just wanted to say congratulations duggs, will try to catch up with the thread later. Waves to ari not long now


Pebbles73 · 02/11/2014 11:36

Hey village sorry for not posting sooner, glad to hear all went well and you have no major problems. Penny is so lovely, she always puts kisses on the end of her emails!

I got on ok with the doxy and didn't cause me any problems so you might be fine. I just took it first thing in the morning.

Went into hospital and was all ready to go in but the lady before me had some problems so they didn't have time for me. I got back in two weeks, was quite pleased as meant I could go to my friends Halloween party!


VillageMum · 02/11/2014 14:28

pebbles how frustrating that you didn't get to have your op, but going to a party rather than under the knife must have been a much nicer way to spend Halloween! Smile


Arianrhod · 03/11/2014 15:06

village hmm I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that one but I imagine there must be that time lapse between courses for a reason. Do remember that when you ovulate isn't when your fertilised egg implants, that's a few days later, so hopefully enough of the inflammation would have gone by then? I'd definitely want to be taking Penny's advice on that one - she really doesn't seen to mind being inundated with emails, goodness knows I sent her enough! :)

pebbles Sorry your op got cancelled but there's always a silver lining:)

lemon good to see you! how are you doing??


Pebbles73 · 04/11/2014 18:31

Don't know if you still look on here Duggs although you probably haven't had time at the mo but I just wanted to say congrats on your baby boy. Free filled me in, sounds like a painful one but now you have your family and it will all be worth it. Hope it's all going well.xx


duggs1976 · 05/11/2014 03:09

Hi guys, many thanks for your wishes. Baby Ethan arrived last Tuesday after a long labour and then emergency C section. He was 9lb 10 so a big boy! 5 yrs ttc and my 7th pregnancy. Keep going he is worth the struggle x


Mel3062 · 05/11/2014 04:56

Aw bless you both!
Pebbles so sorry op was cancelled for you :/but glad you made best of it!
I've responded better on higher gonal f, got 2 at 21mm this month. David's on sperm protocol now so hopefully maybe ivf Easter I'm thinking. On my own tonight and can't even get hold of a toffee apple :(


VillageMum · 05/11/2014 09:56

duggs I posted on the pred thread but just to say huge congratulations again - what a fantastic birth weight! Enjoy the snuggles and hope you get a bit of sleep!

mel great response on gonal F, you must be pleased!

Ari thanks for your thoughts on the ABs! We've decided to go ahead and tcc this cycle, timing the second course of ABs (after a reduced break) to finish at 7DPO, which should be just about in time for implantation. The reality is that no one can know how much improvement there is going to be at any point because we can't see into the uterus... just hoping that this protocol will give us the best chance.

Hope everyone else is well!


VillageMum · 06/11/2014 11:06

Hello all... While I was in Athens I had my immunes retested and have just had the results - seems the combination of pred for 10 days every month and hydroxy continuously (I've been on both now for a year) has normalised my NK cell count for the time being, and my Cytotoxicity range and Th1/Th2 Intracellular Cytokine ratio are below normal values too. Yikes. That must be good news. Even so, Penny would like me to up to 40mg Pred on positive pregnancy test, take Clexane too (due to my age), and have intralipids at 4, 6 and 8 weeks once pregnant. Is this their standard protocol? I'm assuming that all of this is belt and braces in case pregnancy causes the NK cells to flare up again?

Waves to everyone.


brownstag · 10/11/2014 07:38

Gosh, 40mg does seem a lot when your NK cells are normal. But then, as you say, cover all angles. It's not as if you're going to refuse when the time comes.
Why are you having 2 courses of antibiotics, could I ask? You're obviously on a different protocol to mine.
I'm finding the doxy fine. Do you remember not to take iron or zinc at the same time as the ABs? I now keep forgetting to take those later in the day.
I had to start to using different fertility charting software as I lost my details to get into Fertility Friend, and they won't let me start another one. This new one put my ovulation date as 2 days after my posiitve OPK, which I've never had before (usually the same day or the day after, in line with research showing the average ovulation is 9 hours after the LH peak), so I'm wondering whether FF would have agreed. If it's right, I'm sure we're out this month as we only DTD the same day as the positive OPK and 2 days before that.

OP posts:

brownstag · 10/11/2014 07:42

(I have sent Duggs a private message of congrats, btw, I'm not just ignoring the fantastic news!)
How is everyone else? Pebbles, Lemon, Mel, Ari? Nanny, you're very quiet, are you okay?

OP posts:

brownstag · 10/11/2014 07:43

Found your protocol above, Village. :)

OP posts:

VillageMum · 10/11/2014 11:10

Brown I was given a second course of ABs because no one knows what is causing the inflammation - I think they're throwing everything at it just to make sure it clears up! I took the Doxy two hours before eating, on an empty stomach, so hope I managed to dodge iron/zinc.


Arianrhod · 10/11/2014 21:34

I'm still lurking brown, reading everyone's news :) Counting down to T-day next Mon and wondering how the hell they're managing to be so wriggly given there's no bleeding room in there!


Mel3062 · 11/11/2014 05:38

I'm still lurking too :)
Ari how exciting ;)
I'm actually playing a guessing game as to when af is due now took ovitrelle fairly early on! I've been playing cysitis, Dtd, cysitis, Dtd .. Not fun!


Pebbles73 · 11/11/2014 13:36

I am still lurking too and waiting for your news Ari. Hope you and Duggs still PPP in occasionally when you have five mins..

Poor you Mel cystitis is horrible!!!

Waves to all.


Mel3062 · 11/11/2014 16:50

It is pebbles, I remember having this conversation before!! X


VillageMum · 11/11/2014 17:53

Ari so close now! Bet your DD is excited.

Mel that sounds painful Sad. Hope it clears up soon.

Pebbles how are things?


Arianrhod · 12/11/2014 10:49

Oh trust me , I'm a serial lurker and won't be disappearing any time soon, I want to know how things go for everyone!

pebbles what happened with your op, have you had it now? is everything ok?

mel you have my utmost sympathies! I've been on the wrong end of cystitis more times than I care to remember. So much so that I always have the cystitis remedy that works best for me in the first aid cupboard, just in case!

/waves to everyone

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