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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 7

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brownstag · 08/10/2014 14:38

Here's the new thread, ladies.

OP posts:

suemays · 19/10/2014 20:35

nanny I have only had intrallipids at 14dpo. This pregnancy was more like 18dpo so I am sure that having intrallipids later won't make a difference. Were you on steroids too? ZW told me that it was ok to have intrallipids during the week you get a bfp so from 14dpo as it won't make any difference at that early stage. Don't beat yourself up that you could have done something to prevent a miscarriage as it was probably a chromosonal reason.


VillageMum · 20/10/2014 10:09

Brown I've been told by two consultants that there's no need to sit out a cycle after a mc. I've never managed to get pregnant straight after a mc, though.

Nanny thinking of you. Wise words from sue!


brownstag · 20/10/2014 13:53

Any news, Nanny?
Thanks, Village. That's good to hear as I don't feel I've got months to spare! Yet it was Louise who told me that.

This might be of interest to anyone having superovulation or IVF who is also taking l-arginine. Surprisingly it's suggesting the l-arginine levels are inversely correlated with numbers of oocytes/embryos in IVF. Personally I swear by the stuff, but that's on a natural cycle. I wonder if this is part of the reason I've never responded extremely well to letrozole? Maybe it's worth taking less or none in the first half of the cycle if on treatment? Probably not relevant to you, Village as you respond well.

OP posts:

swlondonnanny · 20/10/2014 14:15

BFN in the morning. Not surprised at all.
thank you ladies for all your kind words.
Village its you hysteroscopy soon, isn't it? Have you got your results from infection test yet?


brownstag · 20/10/2014 14:56

I'm sorry, Nanny. So are you continuing to bleed? It's natural to look around for the cause and blame something; I did the same when I found out about my positive ANA, but have decided I have to let go of the 'what ifs' for my own good as nothing can be changed now. Having said that, I think complaining about your second infusion could be worth it, to stop it happening again. Even if all that happens is that the nurse gets more training, it might make you feel better, and that you've been listened to.
Have you heard of N-Acetyl cysteine? There's a lot of studies mentioned on the Miscarriage Research website, mostly postively associated with it, though a few not. For example this:
It seems to dampen down oxidative stress.

OP posts:

brownstag · 21/10/2014 07:22

Two quick queries:
I'm having some fertility acupuncture today. What do I need to wear? (Which areas do they need to access?)
I've got my prescription yesterday. Does anyone know if the reason you're not supposed to have unprotected sex is just because of reinfection, or are the antibiotics dangerous in pregnancy. Since my husband isn't taking them, I'm wondering if this applies.

Hope everyone's okay.

OP posts:

swlondonnanny · 21/10/2014 07:48

Brown always wear whatever and they tell me what to take off and give me a robe/towel to cover myself. Generally is lower tummy, feet and hands for me but sometimes my back, shoulders etc.
Don't know what antibiotics they gave you but had a look at it when I was taking mine and I THINK it is just to prevent reinfection. Doxycycline can be dangerous later in pregnancy and the other one I had can be used in pregnancy. Are you thinking about TTC straight away?
My bleeding is weird - had those 48 hours of quite a heavy one , than 2 days of just occasional spotting and that againg last night proper red bleed with cramps. Nothing today so far...


Arianrhod · 21/10/2014 10:28

brown I had lots of this kind of acupuncture; for me, they needed to access the legs from just above knee down (so, loose jogging bottoms are ideal), and depending on whether they do your back points or your front depends on where they need to access for that. If it's front I didn't need to take my top off as it was mainly around the abdomen and arms; for the back points I had to take off my top.

Antibiotics they say no unprotected sex usually because guys apparently clear their infections quicker than we do, and there is the likelihood of cross-reinfection. But if your DH isn't taking them then I don't see the point - however, if he isn't taking them, you may well just end up reinfected anyway once your antibiotic course has finished??


brownstag · 21/10/2014 10:37

Thanks nanny and Ari. Yes, you're right about the reinfection, but Katie at Serum said it was better than nothing. I'm kind of banking on the bare minimum of sex to get pregnant with immediate results :) But I'm still undecided on starting them. ... Do Serum test men for hidden C and if so, how?
It is strange bleeding, Nanny; I've had something similar once or twice before, whether associated with early miscarriage I'm not sure.

OP posts:

VillageMum · 21/10/2014 13:26

Nanny so sorry to hear about the negative. Hope you are doing ok and that the bleeding is easing off. Hugs to you.

brown the hidden infections literature sent out by Serum says that if the male partner has symptoms of infection they can do a test on a semen sample - but they generally only suggest testing the female partner unless the man has such symptoms. If the female partner tests positive, then they assume the man is infected too. Such a shame that your DH won't take the ABs! Maybe you could gently point out to him that an untreated infection in men can cause urinary and prostate problems?

Waves to all.


swlondonnanny · 22/10/2014 07:48

How did the acupuncture go Brown ?
Village thank you. Any news about your results?


brownstag · 22/10/2014 11:56

Not bad, thanks. Although it was quite a palver to get to on public transport and even worse getting back as I arrived back at my station just as the school children were kicking out, and so missed two buses as they were full, and got to my son's school to pick him up by the skin of my teeth. So I've had to cancel next week's. They only do afternoons. Also, although she said she would treat me for free, the reality is I feel I can't accept any further free treatments, yet I can't afford £44 plus travel every week either ...

OP posts:

VillageMum · 23/10/2014 12:04

brown I'd accept the free treatments if she's offering them!

I've just had my infections screening results - negative for chlamydia, herpes, BV, ureaplasma, the lot. But the "good" bacteria are there in slightly smaller quantities than they should be, which suggests a bog-standard vaginal infection for which Penny will prescribe antibiotics when I see her next week. Flying out on Tuesday evening. I'm feeling a bit nervous - I guess I'm expecting Penny to wave a magic wand, which of course she can't do. But all at Serum have been incredibly helpful and supportive so far...

Hope everyone is well!


brownstag · 23/10/2014 15:11

Well, that's good. One thing less to worry about.
Yes, Serum are very good at making you feel you're not alone in all this, a feeling I have never got from UK private medicine. And that goes for a lot, whether or not we get our babies in the end. Good luck. Are you going on your own?

I still have my shakes even now I'm off the pred. They did improve initially but have now got worse. I'm starting to suspect coenzyme q10 now, especially as I've upped it to 600mg recently. But I can't find any evidence of it causing shakes online; in fact it's being used a treatment for Parkinson's, although the mechanism is a bit different there I would have thought.

OP posts:

VillageMum · 23/10/2014 19:49

brown I'm sorry to hear about the shakes... that's very strange.

DH and both children are going to Athens with me - I need him along in case he has to get his sperm tested, and I don't want to leave the kids (especially our 3-year-old) with anyone else. We'll try to see the Acropolis and the agora while there - it's been a good 20 years since I was last in Athens! It seems crazy to say this, but I'm half hoping that Serum will find uterine scarring that they can "fix" - I suppose I'm looking for something "fixable" as the cause of my recent chemicals, rather than having to accept that they're down to plain old-fashioned egg quality. The major infections have now been ruled out, so scarring is about all that's left...


brownstag · 24/10/2014 09:25

I know what you mean; it's always reassuring to have a reason and a solution. And it's better than having an infection, if Serum are right in thinking you can never completely eradicate them.
Yes, 20 years at least since I was in Athens too, and got very burnt at the Acroplis. Wearing factor 6! But in the 80s and 90s that was considered practically sunblock.

I haven't taken any supplements this morning and the shakes are considerably reduced.

OP posts:

duggs1976 · 24/10/2014 18:06

Hey not sure if any of you read the pred thread still? But the latest post is interesting reading. About a success story but the lady's doctor actually found that the prednisolone had dulled her uterine NK cells so much so she was no longer able to conceive. It says this can be quite common. Is interesting to me as soon as I started taking prednisolone I no longer could conceive and then could again when i stopped? Anyway you might have some questions for her - just thought I'd flag it!


brownstag · 24/10/2014 20:29

I read that too, Duggs; very interesting. I'm glad I've always taken less pred than I was supposed to - and for fewer days.
I found I never conceived on aspirin.

OP posts:

Pebbles73 · 27/10/2014 14:32

Sorry for the silence have had trouble logging into mumsnet and finding the thread!

Hope you are doing ok Nanny & brown.

village what day are you off to Athens? Try not to worry it will all be fine.

I am having a minor op/procedure to do with my heart Wednesday, makes a change from the other end! Really not looking forward to it as am only having sedation and will be awake, takes 2-4 hrs...only good thing is a few days off work! Have an check on the whole time so everyone will get a good view of my top half which makes a big change, lol!

Hope everyone else is ok.


VillageMum · 27/10/2014 18:43

Pebbles hope everything goes well for you on Wednesday - I'm sure it will! Enjoy the time off!!

We're flying to Athens tomorrow evening. Haven't had a chance to stress about it thanks to a pair of domestic disasters this week. Washing machine packed up last Sunday. Power shower blew up on Monday, covering the bathroom in soot. After endless complications I've only just managed to get them both fixed. DS says - "Stop fussing mum, these are first world problems." True enough.

Hope everyone is doing ok!


Pebbles73 · 27/10/2014 21:28

Sounds like you have had a hectic week village and need that little anaesthetic sleep!! Keep us posted to how you get on and hope you get to enjoy a bit of Athens.

We had a chat with Penny this evening about where to go from here. She feels thesim problem is my uterus but she thought it was improved enough that we could have a positive outcome. She would really like is to try with my eggs again as she is saying we need to forget our previous ivf rounds before my uterus was sorted out as it would have been impossible for it to have worked. She thinks my eggs are not a problem but totally understands why we are thinking about using donor eggs. She would want me to have another hysto as some font adhesions would have grown back, if she is happy with my uterus we would then go for donor eggs the following month. She said with my eggs it's around 27% chance and with donor around 50%. We are not doing anything until next year so have time to mull it all over.

Sorry for the me post!


Mel3062 · 28/10/2014 04:32

Umm im now on pred from day 7 though prof q thinks it caused high uterine cells :/
Village good luck in Athens hubby's prescription came today so will start the sperm protocol. Upped gonal f to 150 this cycle too.
Duggs good luck for the induction.
Pebbles glad you've spoken to Peny and good luck with whatever you decide it's good to have the options and percentages to think about, though still not easy. Were hopefully going over in feb when I can find somewhere local to get an Aquascan!
Lucie is home from uni for a few days so that's nice, she's brought me washing!!
Waves to all x


swlondonnanny · 28/10/2014 14:24

Village hope all goes well for you in Athens and you'll manage to have a little holiday as well
Pebbles hope it is nothing serious and all goes well tomorrow. Loads to think about after yout chat with Penny...
Brown how are you doing?
Any of you ladies going to Fertility show this weekend?


BellyD · 29/10/2014 09:44

Thinking of you Pebbles, Duggs and Village plus everyone else too (obvs!).

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