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Call for fertility ban for obese or too thin

162 replies

Joolstoo · 30/08/2006 12:38

On the NHS -
But if you smoke or are gay you're safe


is it discriminatory or sensible?

OP posts:
MaloryTowersIsSlimAndChic · 30/08/2006 12:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland · 30/08/2006 12:40

I thought this was a statistical recommendation - based on fertility treatments not working as well if you're very obese or too underweight.

Gonna get flamed for this, but I find it sensible for the most part.

I mean, we STILL have babies and children dying from pneumoccocal meningitis b/c it took the NHS years to add it to the routine infant immunisations. Why? B/c it COSTS £35/jab.

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:40

its a difficult one-as being overweight does carry many health risks-annoying though that being overweight does not prevent you from being a good parent.
also smoking is more harmful to the child than the mother being overweight.

Blackduck · 30/08/2006 12:42

Don't know the rationale behind it, but is it more to do with the likelihood of conceiving rather than a view that obese people make cr*p parents?

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:43

personally i wouldnt want to get pregnant if i was overweight..i was a stone overweight when having dd2 and i noticed it.

expatinscotland · 30/08/2006 12:44

I think they shouldn't provide to smoking parents, either, b/c this is also known to lower the effectiveness of fertility treatments.

What does being gay have to do w/someone wanting kids? Sorry, but I SO don't see where that's an issue at all.

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:46

i dont beleive that parents should be allowed treatment if they smoke, smoking has been found to be harmful both to the unborn baby and the child when its born

SoupDragon · 30/08/2006 12:46

I'm with expat. It mostly makes sense (and they're targetting overly skinny people too) but smoking should be included in the exclusion policy.

I don't see it as being a comment on what sort of parent they'd make though. It's just the health issues isn't it?

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:47

i didnt say it was a comment on what type of parent an overweight person would make.

yorkshirelass79 · 30/08/2006 12:49

Message withdrawn

suejonez · 30/08/2006 12:49

I was very overweight when I had my IVF (privately) even though I lost 3 stone to improve my chances my BMI was too high for my health authority to fund me.

It's entirely based on the statistical chances of conceiving on IVF which are much lower if your BMI is over 36 and also your risk of complications such as OHSS (which I developed).

It is entirely sensible to set criteria which are based on medical evidence. I don't have a problem with it (I was upset about it but more because it was my own "fault" than because I thought the Health authority should pay) any more than I would have a problem with heavy smokers being refused a heart transplant unless they give up say.

Its all about scarce resources, you have to direct the resources to the people who are more likely to benefit from it in my opinion.

I do however think there should be much more information given to women about the risks or age and weight on your ability to conceive - it came as a nasty shock to me and I consider myself pretty well educated about this kind of thing.

BudaBabe · 30/08/2006 12:49

Saw this on the news today and wondered when it would make MN!!!

I am a size 22 and about to try IVF again having had one successful attempt previously. FOr me my weight wasn't an issue and wasn't mentioned by doctors at any stage. Our infertility is a result of my DH's low sperm count.

Am about to start IVF again here in Hungary and have had to have a full medical with chest x-ray and ECG. Dr says I am gynacologically younger than my years and v. healthy.

By the way - in Hungary all women are entitled to 5 attempts at IVF ON THE STATE. I have to pay for the drugs but will be able to reclaim 50% of that cost too. Procedures are v controlled and have to be authorised as being medically necessary though so am not sure that gay couples would qualify.

I suppose I do feel it is a bit "fattist" but I do know that obv being a healthy weight is better.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 30/08/2006 12:49

What is this crap
sorry it sounds like the gestapo again wanting to perfect a certain race

the facts are

we are all different sizes (thank god)

as for the smoking/ would you say the same for some one who has a couple of glasses of wine in the evening

ffs cant believe this crap

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:51

by the way, i speak as a "larger" lady, who has just been turned down for gynae surgery until she sheds..gulp..3 stone.

Nemo1977 · 30/08/2006 12:52

am sorry dont agree..maybe it is because I am extremel obese but it has never impacted on any of my pregnancies. Am just lucky I am super fertile but god help anyone slightly overweight who wants ivf and wont get it.

kittywits · 30/08/2006 12:55

I agree that you shouldn't get treatment if you're fat, very underweight, drink heavily or smoke.
Perhaps on a more controversial note I'm not sure it is anyone's "right" to have free fertility treatment at all. Having children is a privilage not a god given right. I think though that we live in a culture today where people expect things to be fixed for them. They are reluctant to take responsibility for their own problems and look to the state as if it is a neverending source of money. The money could be spent better elsewhere, esoecially say on those who have been refused breast cancer treatment because the drugs are too expensive. That is a question of someone's life and I feel should take priority over free fertility treatment.

SpaceCadet · 30/08/2006 12:55

all i can say is they would pee themselves if i went for ivf then!!!!

suejonez · 30/08/2006 12:55

in my (extensive) experience of fertility experts (they are the group who have recommended this not the government), they are really not interested in who or what you are, just in how to get you pregnant. I really don;t think they are trying to dictate who should/shoudn't be a parent but in what situations the state should pay for that attempt.

I had three failed IVF attempts, one with OHSS involved if the Health authority had paid it would have cost them about £15,000 compared to about half that for a non-overweight person. They could have given 3 IVF's attempts to 2 people with the money it would have cost them for me.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 30/08/2006 12:56

and i speak as a skinny bint
who doesnt like the idea
of people benig chosen because they are deemed perfect

load of bollox imo

suejonez · 30/08/2006 12:58

disagree with Kittywits though I beleive in free fertility treatment for suitable candidates (pesonally I would suggest up to 3 attempts after which success rates drop). You can't compare everything to trating people for cancer! And I speak as one who has a mother in remission at the moment.

We would be a peculiar society indeed if we treated ingrowing townails but not infertility. Or allowed any number of elective abortions but did not allow IVF.

BudaBabe · 30/08/2006 12:59

I don;t think people are being chosen because they are perfect. It is medically proven that it is harder to conceive if obese!

And it is logical that if someone is v. obese then the risks would be greater!

MrsFio · 30/08/2006 13:00

it must be really easy to sit in judgement if you have already got your children

honestly how can you envy someone who cannot have a child naturally receiving treatment because they are fat or thing


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desperateSCOUSEwife · 30/08/2006 13:00

if you all had no children

and you needed ivf treatment

how would you feel with this

devastated, I certainly would be

I am actually quite disgusted that as mothers some of you
can deny the right of someone having a child
whatever their size

expatinscotland · 30/08/2006 13:01

I agree w/BudaBabe and sue, who speak from experience.

It's a HEALTH issue, and an even greater one if you're obese or underweight.

suejonez · 30/08/2006 13:01

I don;t have children, all my IVF's failed - sort of proved the point really doesn;t it?

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