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Is your house ever totally clean from top to bottom?

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LoveMyGirls · 07/11/2007 19:28

If so how often and what motivates you to do it?

OP posts:
hippipoPANDBANGami · 07/11/2007 19:29

Will be adding this one to 'watch' as mine is only every messy from top to bottom [sigh]

Evenhope · 07/11/2007 19:29

Sadly never. I'd be lucky if one room was completely clean

stripeymama · 07/11/2007 19:29

No. Never.

Closest it comes is when the landlady comes round.

Wilbur · 07/11/2007 19:30

No, my house is like the Forth Bridge, you get one bit sorted out and meanwhile the rest of the place has been trashed. I would love half an hour when the whole place is tidy, but it's not going to happen any time soon.

uberalice · 07/11/2007 19:31

It was once.
About 3.5 years ago.
DS1 is 3.5.

Pennies · 07/11/2007 19:32

Don't make me laugh! Are you a troll .

saltire · 07/11/2007 19:32

Oh definately. Every single day

SpacePuppy · 07/11/2007 19:32

Ha, yes twice in the last 2.5 years. First time when I was in hospital with ds' birth the second when I painted the entire house the past summer. Had all intentions to keep it clean, even got the Anthea turner book, however, we do live in the sticks so if I vacuum today, tomorrow all the spiders are back and the carpet is always full of stones and muck...from the farm.

puppydavies · 07/11/2007 19:32

only time was the day we moved out of rented flat - needed deposit back.

meemar · 07/11/2007 19:33

never, ever

ScoobyDooooo · 07/11/2007 19:35

Yes it was on saturday because dp went on a total cleaning spree along with me, he moved everything off kitchen side cleaned cuboards, he moved all things in bathroom, cleaned all tiles, floor, sides, shower glass everything, i did the bedroom moved everything hoovered polished, wiped windows down, also did kids room the same, along with changing all beds.

The best way i find to do this is to keep your house minimal & have a sort out once a month at least, i also keep on top of washing & hoover everyday, i wash up as we go & alsways put bins out.

I have a routine & don't relax until it is done.

I do however think i have OCD so i would rather live in a dirty messy house than deal with my obsession!

Pollyanna · 07/11/2007 19:36

no, never. eg the windows, skirting boards and things like that are never clean. it is usually passably clean, but doesn't stand up to close inspection.

i once hired some professional cleaners (before I rented my house out) - the house looked amazing.

Walnutshell · 07/11/2007 19:36

Your own house never seems clean enough IMO. But I would echo Scoobs tips - keep on top of tidying.

(You OK Scoobs?)

CaptainUnderpants · 07/11/2007 19:37

You're 'aving a larf !

I spend most of my Mondays tidying up the debris from the weekend from having boys running around and DH at home .

I have too much of a life to keep it clean top to toe !

Howver when the MIL comes to stay I tend to get my act together a bit more .

ScoobyDooooo · 07/11/2007 19:38

I am getting on with it, had a better evening with the kids & tried to relax, thanks for asking walnutshell

BroccoliSpears · 07/11/2007 19:39

It used to get a proper do about twice a year. Hasn't happened for about 18 months or so though. Coincidentally, dd is about 18 months old.

FrannyandZooey · 07/11/2007 19:39

not since we moved in

PippiCalzelunghe · 07/11/2007 19:40


CatIsSleepy · 07/11/2007 19:40

same as franny

Denny185 · 07/11/2007 19:46

Yes if everyone else is out, and it lasts until theyve been in for about 10 minutes. I think the only think that motivates me is pure insanity

Walnutshell · 07/11/2007 19:50

(It's just a little bit at a time, Scooby. Good luck on the way up!) xx

fourboys · 07/11/2007 19:54

No sadly that has never been a experience I have had... must be nice though

colditz · 07/11/2007 19:55

er, no.


We live here.
blossomsmine · 07/11/2007 20:29

Don't you think it depends on what your own view on 'top to bottom cleaning' is...meaning, do you mean from cobwebbing to cleaning skirting boards (behind wardrobes aswell) and inside cupboards???
I would just LOVE my house to be that clean once, just once would be fine, but surely it would take days to clean to that extent....?

paulaplumpbottom · 07/11/2007 20:35

I entertain alot so if not once a week then at least every two weeks. Company motivates me

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