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****Norma's Flying Babysteps - week 2***

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NormaStanleyFletcher · 09/05/2007 09:41

Sorry I am a bit late doing this - I am just back from the school run - but here is day 8

OP posts:
NormaStanleyFletcher · 09/05/2007 09:44

You all looked really productive yesterday! I was stuck at work and could hardly log on (they actually expected me to work! How rude ) So a general well done to you all

I did shine my sink last night, and laid out clothes for me and the two younger kids.

Right - I have to go find a ring binder.

OP posts:
glassslipper · 09/05/2007 12:53

lol. having a baby means i dont have to know what day it is

Chirpygirl · 09/05/2007 13:39

Can't believe I have done a whole week!

Today I have shined sink, I have even managed to change my routine from doing all the washing up in the morning to doing it while cooking supper and loading dishwasher straight after so my kitchen is lovely in the morning, makes sucha difference!

Today I have done one laod of washing and put it in dryer, another load of nappies is in.
I have a shiny sink and around it,
I have swished bathroom!

I just can't get my head round these post it notes....oh well off to find a nice binder!

lulumama · 09/05/2007 13:40 this is where you are hiding .....

glassslipper · 09/05/2007 14:22

i promise to clear hotspot in kitchen which consists of small basket with lots of 'stuff in it'

sorkycake · 09/05/2007 14:56

What's my excuse then Glass Slipper, cos I haven't a clue what day it is!
Surely I haven't been at this lark for a week? I certainly don't feel like the house is much cleaner. Maybe a bit tidier. Getting dressed first thing is making a difference though.

How does everyone else feel, has anything made a difference yet?

glassslipper · 09/05/2007 15:04

lol sorky.

My house is starting to feel tidier. I remember last time I started flylady it seemed to take forever but it did help me build a routine.

Now I make sure I always load the dishwasher & clean the kitchen before bed as it is so deppressing to come down to it in the morning. I also do a load of washing a day so it doesnt pile up and I take said load upstairs in the evening and put away before I go to bed.

I dont bother with a control journal but I do have a list of jobs for each room in a file on my desktop. I just go through each one and it reminds me what i have and havent ddone in each room.

keep at it....

glassslipper · 09/05/2007 15:04

ps. i ditched 50% of contents of kitchen junk basket.

sorkycake · 09/05/2007 15:16

Well done GS!
We really need another bookcase, that's my excuse!
Been out all day at HE meet, it's not too bad, the washing is major!!
We educate using a strewing approach, unfortunately, which means there are things deliberately left around the house for the kids to discover, so it's never gonna look like a showroom! But a house has to look lived in right?!
I'm going to have a try at writing down a routine tonight and seeing if I can manage it in the morning and another for this evening.
If I can I'll post them tomorrow morning.
purpleturtle · 09/05/2007 15:53

My purple binder purchase turned out quite timely yesterday - hadn't realised what today's babystep was!

Haven't done a huge amount today as have been out a lot, but just making a little effort with hotspots is making a big difference. I think it's because when I walk into a room I am concentrating on the little bit I've tidied and feeling good about it, rather than looking at everything that still needs doing and feeling overwhelmed. (D'you think Flylady would like to employ me? )

Have a load of washing to put away before it becomes a hotspot in its own right.

sorkycake · 09/05/2007 17:26

Well done PT!
I've caved...I can't stand the mess anymore! I've rung Dh and told him this Friday when he's off he'll have to deal with the kids himself because I need to sort the house.
Quite frankly I cannot wait until FLYlady tells me to clean the bedrooms, I have to do it NOW!
I used to be soooo organised and it's hitting me hard that I've fallen by the wayside.
I think if I can get a good run at everything then it'll be easier to maintain.
those might be famous last words.
If I come crawling back on Monday sobbing that my house is a hovel again, please be kind to me!

glassslipper · 09/05/2007 18:26

well done PT

sorky - do a blits this week but stay with us as fly will help you keep on top of it...promise!

sorkycake · 10/05/2007 08:45

Err ... where is everyone? Day 9

sorkycake · 10/05/2007 09:12

Washing in/out.
Bathrooms cleaned
Off to do kitchen, got 45 mins until we're off out for most of the day.

purpleturtle · 10/05/2007 09:56

Who can clarify what we're supposed to do today? Is it just to read the stuff, or do we need to do something practical? Bit confused.

Sleepybird · 10/05/2007 10:52

Euch, we have to sort and tidy?
I don't wanna!
Plus, DD will just empty every box as I load it so am going to have to wait until she has gone to bed....

Did not sleep well, am not in the mood today, help me out!

Chirpygirl · 10/05/2007 10:53

Whoops, that was me playing with Pocoyo names!

purpleturtle · 10/05/2007 13:23

Well I spent 5 minutes in dd and ds1's room. Made a marginal difference. Still, every little helps.

glassslipper · 10/05/2007 14:16

I just 'decluttered' my living room by picking up 20 toys.

sink shiny.

cleared letter rack which is my hotspot.

NormaStanleyFletcher · 10/05/2007 16:29

I am at work and not getting anything done - I am going to declutter the shelves in my living room when I get back. Sorry to be away so much but a combination of work, broken computer at home, and 8 mth old DD being demanding has kept me rather unable to MN very much.

I have to say that it IS working for me though - making sure that my sink is shining every single night means that I don't have to try to catch up with dishes the next day. Making sure I have all I need for the next day before I go to bed is also good. It makes my mornings much less stressfull!!

Anyway everyone - laters

OP posts:
Chirpygirl · 10/05/2007 16:31

Have just cleared out my washing basket (an old huge moses basket) of all clothes before DD woke up. I have a pile next to washing machine, a pile folded ready to go in drawers and a pile of DD's stuff that has migrated and then that little bit of room is clear!

DH helped by throwing a massive tantrum before work as he couldn't find socks and picking all his stuff up and deciding it is all going on the window seat in our room. so his stuff is all neatly piled out of my way! Hurrah!

NormaStanleyFletcher · 10/05/2007 23:58

I am off to bed soon - but the sink is clear, and I have washing, hung up, put another load in. One hot spot cleared (where all the paper stuff gets dumped in the kitchen). Right - will be at mumsntots tomorrow, but will post whenever i CAN

OP posts:
glassslipper · 11/05/2007 09:57

Morning all.

I'm really tired today. I have a shiny sink, have done a load of washing and loaded the d/w. I cant face doing anything else at the moment though.

Here is day 10

Chirpygirl · 11/05/2007 11:04

Morning, join the club, I am exhausted, DD seems to think she can sleep in 3 hour shifts at the moment, just when I thought I had got sleep sorted!

Haven't done much, sink is clear, have someone coming round later to take 7 bags of clothes away . I freecycled them yesterday afternoon and have had about 12 emails already!
So I am going to clear my dressing table and see if I can't start using that!

purpleturtle · 11/05/2007 15:42

Hmmm. Haven't done today's yet. Have done most of the morning routine, and been out, and had a friend and her girls round for lunch. Have got a big pot of chilli simmering, some for today and some for the freezer.

But I would still like to do a 5 minute room rescue and the 15 mins of today's step - thought I'd tackle the kitchen floor.

Cup of tea first up though.

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