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Tuesday Fly

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Aufish · 24/04/2007 07:05

Well, I'm up and starting this off for the day, though will not be doing much today as I have a good friend over for most of the day. So just the basics for me today. Happy Flying ladies!

OP posts:
shouldbe · 24/04/2007 07:11


shouldbe · 24/04/2007 07:13

Morning Aufish and everyone

It'll take me a lot longer than 15mins to clear what doesn't belong in my bedroom! The place is in a state after transfering clutter from the office to our room at the need to spend some time in there though so will have go at the mission for once
I'll be back with my list once the kids have been dispatched to school/pre-school

Jelley · 24/04/2007 07:22


Are you looking at yesterdays mission shouldbe?

I am good in the bedroom(did it all yesterday) unless Kelly sends us to clean under the bed

So far today I have mopped the kitchen floor.

Back later with a ist, got to go as I have told dd2 she can play on the comp once she is ready for school.

glitterfairy · 24/04/2007 07:42

HI AUfish, jelley and shouldbe. I need to spend some time in this zone hoovering today. Have been clearing clothes recently as I many of them are now too big!

I am in a mad rush this morning but will be back this afternoon. Have a good day.

Jelley · 24/04/2007 08:00

Hi glitterfairy

You know the London FLy meet idea? Would it be an idea to just all join this one as it is at about the time I was thinking any way?

Jelley · 24/04/2007 08:00

Hi glitterfairy

You know the London FLy meet idea? Would it be an idea to just all join this one as it is at about the time I was thinking any way?

glitterfairy · 24/04/2007 08:08

Thanks Jelley have put myself down as a probably as I think I am down in London then in any case leaving all three of my kids for a ballet summerschool and having a whole week to myself!

EHM · 24/04/2007 08:17

Morning, aufish enjoy your friends visit. shouldbeGood lukc today with the mission.
jelley I thought about attending the London Summer Picnic too.
gFHave a good day.

I hoovered the bedrooms yesterday & the only clothes about are in the ironing basket

Today I must do.
wash/dress me & dd
breakfast me
s & s kitchen
s & s downstairs loo
s & s bathroom
make bed
wipe hairchair for the 100th time this week & its only tuesday
put away tesco delivery when it arrived
buy raincover for Ellie's new stroller
buy birthday present for SIL
buy new mop & bucket
dr's appointment for me 540
pick up holiday brochures as per dh's instruction

I am off have a good day all.

EHM · 24/04/2007 08:18

missed ironing off my list & washing but its damp so I don't think I'll bother today with washing. My list looks too big already

EHM · 24/04/2007 08:36

jelley do you add yourself to the list on the picnic thread, or do you have to be invited by a long term MNetter?

Jelley · 24/04/2007 08:40

Just copy the most recent list, and add yourself to the bottom.

No invitation necessary.

EHM · 24/04/2007 08:53

Thanks jelley didn't to just just go ahead & do that & they all jump on me for doing the wrong thing

EHM · 24/04/2007 08:56

I am on the list & even marked it on the calender in the kitchen very excited

ludaloo · 24/04/2007 09:13

Morning smile Jelley "I am good in the bedroom" !
Lol! Sorry...that made me chuckle!

I don't think my nerves could stand a trip to London! I would have no idea what I was doing on the under ground!!!??? Especially with 3 kids in tow!...sounds a bit daunting (I'm a bit of a country bumkin!!)

Well My list for today:

~Clean hamster out
~Tidy kitchen
~Put clothes pile away
~De smudge my house
~Clean toilets

Jelley · 24/04/2007 09:16


shouldbe · 24/04/2007 09:34


I was looking at yesterdays mission but need to get our room looking good again so will be busy in there for an hour or two this morning ~
~cycle school run done
~tidy bedroom(s)
~clean kitchen table
~unload/reload/run dw done
~wm x1
~put away clean laundry started
~quick clear-up downstairs

Also hope to be able to visit a friend later today

Londonmamma · 24/04/2007 09:35

Morning all. Still pondering whether or not to go to the London meet-up...
Jobs for me now:

  1. post/filing 2)wash recycle bin 3)change beds for parents coming to stay 4)research voluntary work.
    Have a good morning flyers!
staceym11 · 24/04/2007 09:35

morning all! well my lsit today looks like this:


all up washed dressed
wash nappies (in machine now)

to do:

into tumble
sort fold put away
take rubbish out
do last nights dishes
s+s bathroom
s+s kitchen
shine sink
sort bedroom!

oh and can someone please stop me from eating all the LDC please?!?!

Mhamai · 24/04/2007 09:40

Goodmorning ladies
Forgive me if I was a tad vulgar on the thread where a certain someone was haughtly sniffing about fly, I think I've just discovered how protective I am about the fly thread!

Anyhoo, will try and do the basics, still essay's piling up around me. Enjoy flying today, will check in later.

mummy2ashton · 24/04/2007 09:42

morning flyladies!

have so much to do today, lots of general tidying up after ds systamaticly trashed every room he went into last night before bed

hope everyone has a productive day

ludaloo · 24/04/2007 09:52

ooooh Mhamai I missed that thread.... I can imagine though, there are often comments made about this thread....


~DW unloaded and reloaded
~WM on
~Kitchen tidied

Just started on the dusting and desmudging

Mhamai · 24/04/2007 09:57

Well tbh when it was intoned that we flyers didn't have a life to speak of, the old red mist started to descend but fear not a good old sarcastic retort or two set things straight!

ludaloo · 24/04/2007 10:00

Yes...I found the thread and very nearly bit...but I think you did a good enough job on your own

grouchyoscar · 24/04/2007 10:06

Morning ALL and big HELLO to EHM and Jelley

Can't believe it's not yet 10am and there are 21 posts already.

So far I've
Got up and showered
Dressed to shoes
Make bed and draw curtains
Coax sleepy DS out of bed (he's 3.75 and has turned into a teenager!)
Make his bed and draw curtains
Downstairs with washing to load in the machine
Get DS out of bed (Again!...No more Trumpton on Nick Jr Classics for him)
Make breakfast
Eat it
Empty dw
Put away
Re load dW (meanwhile DH is doing his 3 day old sudoku puzzle )
Tidy DS's breakfast away
Carry him upstairs (he's 3.5 stn ffs!) to bathroom
Get him washed and teeth cleaned
S&S potty, loo and bathroom
Dress DS
Hunt for his shoes
Take him to school
Home, cuppa
Check online accounts, transfer cash where needed
MN time

To do
Make lunch
Tidy away train set
Put washing up to dry
Play with DS
Make DS's tea

Hey...I did a list !!! (must feel better)

Hope all are OK

yaddayah · 24/04/2007 10:13

A very weary and wobbly wave to all

@ mhami

How very dare she !

Am now trying to dig out my old wraparounds and leather trousers

stacey chuck it over here i'll eat it for you

am already away on 29th july

Well my hangover turned into flu.. i could now cheerfully get a part in "Shaun of the Dead"

Mil did the school run
I'm sitting in 3 day old jeans/dh's painting jumper/sticky up bed hair

Dh cleared up yesterday we were literally knee deep in lego (took him 2 hours to get it back to normalish)

He now appreciates the joy that is the fly lady thread (and a home cooked meal) He's had takeouts for 3 days now and looks like cholesterol is coming out of his ears

Not doing a list as currently am in post beechums max strength caffiene paracetamol frenzy as it gives me 20 mins of feeling ok before i slump back to zombiedom

argh my hands clenching alrady

sofa beckons

good day all !

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