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Wednesday FLY.....Counter tops.

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Jelley · 08/11/2006 06:48

Mission here

OP posts:
Jelley · 08/11/2006 06:50

Please ignore my double posting and use this thread

OP posts:
ludaloo · 08/11/2006 07:03


This one is a good one today as I did this on Monday but missed one side..where all my cookery books will do it today.

Have to go into town some shopping and put some cheques in the bank..

Kids are still in bed!!!!! I am so used to waking up I just got up anyway!
Right I'd better sort stuff out..dd1 has swimming today...ds has his toddle waddle...if it isn't rained off again!

see you in a bit

tinshoes · 08/11/2006 07:33

hurrah, did this on monday. still have to mop floor as did nothing yesterday. slept better last night so drugs must be working already

hope you're all ok.

peegeeweegee · 08/11/2006 07:49

Morning all!!

Will do this mission happily - most of my counter tops get thoroughly wiped every day or two (in addition to the daily swish)

But, I have a shelf which holds cookery books, stereo and piles of CD's which, and cannot remember the last time I cleaned up there...
So will pay extra attention to that....

Also have an overflowing laundry basket again - how does that keep happening???

Also need to pop into town today - ds is getting a bike for Christmas and when I bought it Halfords gave me a £20 voucher for accessories, so am going to get a mudguard and some lights.

Pretty easy day today then!

JARM, have seen both of your pictures and I think you look gorgeous in both!!

pippah · 08/11/2006 08:19

Morning All!

Tinshoes - glad to hear that you are feeling much better. Look after yourself and bubs. I have 2 and a bit weeks to go, but like you was a bit early last time, so we shall see.

This mission should be ok. Today is also my weekly home blessing thingy, so I will need to get my backside in gear.

I was due a lie-in this morning as DH is off work and owes me big time. He did really well until 8am, but then DS was all quiet and watching TV so he decided to do something in the thing, there's a little boy outside the bedroom door wailing 'mamaaaaaa!' Bless 'em!!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 08/11/2006 08:33

Morning all!

Have done this already this morning so an easy day for me lol

Going to concentrate on me for a little bit today.... I am up, showered, hair dried & straightened, mascara and lip gloss applied, dressed to shoes and raring to go! Need to tackle upstairs really.... but its whether the darling babies let me!!!

tinshoes · 08/11/2006 09:04

ok. lets get motivating....

we are dressed, breakfasted and kitchen cleaned. i have emptied & reloaded d/w. w/m loaded and on. dining room decluttered in a 5 minute blitz.
living room half decluttered - will do rest later. downstairs loo cleaned.

all that is left is to hoover the living room & play room and mop the kitchen, hall, dining room.
then that will be my whole ground floor done

but, priority is playing with DD today as she had a big tv day yesterday with me feeling so lousy.
...upstairs is another matter.

Flamesparrow · 08/11/2006 09:12

Ello - not flown in ages... been very very down, and then my heating and hot water packed up so I've been living at my mum's until it is fixed (meant to be today).

Just missed you all

peegeeweegee · 08/11/2006 09:25

Right, washing machine loaded and doing its thing, washing up done, ds walked to school (and I walked the dog at the same time )

Feeling very very tired today after a hugely hectic day yesterday, and it is also AF time (sorry if TMI) so just want to go back to bed...

What day do you all do the weekly homeblessing thingy, mine has been falling by the wayside and it shows....

tinshoes · 08/11/2006 09:34

hi flame - we have missed you to (((((hugs)))))

peegee - i have broken down my home blessing into 7 x 10 minute jobs. I do one a day during the week and then it doesnt feel like such a chore.

Jelley · 08/11/2006 09:46

Oooh Flame stay and chat, even if you don't FLY
I fell off the wagon a bit but am trying again this week.

OP posts:
singersgirl · 08/11/2006 09:48

No water in kitchen today as plumber came yesterday, but had to remove tap because the connecting pipe is leaking. He's coming back later but was booked on another job this morning.
Oh joy.

Will do counter tops though. Lots of crumbs round the toaster and bread slicer.

RubyRioja · 08/11/2006 10:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squatchette · 08/11/2006 10:11

Morning Flyers,welcome back Flame.JARM have posted on your thread well done!AND you look fine in BOTH those pics.
Hoping to build on what i did yesterday mainly need to clean playroom now it's all tidy(that took an hour and a half).All of downstairs ok but hallway and stairs need hoovering.Not really a morning person tend to sit on my bum after dressing girls and doing breakfast hence current posting.

Don't know what section to post this in i need to find a todler group in my area Fulwood, Preston .What topic should i post in?

Flamesparrow · 08/11/2006 10:13

Boiler man here

Flamesparrow · 08/11/2006 10:18

Try meetups and other subjects...

ludaloo · 08/11/2006 10:25


Hi flamesparrow......I haven't met you before....I've only been here since Oct?
Anyway hi!

I'm arguing with dh WHO SHOULD BE AT WORK!!!!!!!!
about breadmakers...there's a thread up somewhere!
Oh he's gone! to get ds and go to town soon...
have put washing on and dryer on
unloaded/loaded dishwasher
and thats about it!

back later....
£700 ruby can you phone around...thats loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

squatchette · 08/11/2006 10:41

Went on Google to look up tot groups first place it brought me MUMSNET!Well that was quick and easy so hopefully will be able to find one for next week.Kids are getting very stir crazy with the bad weather so could do to let off some steam.Wouldn't mind some adult conversation either.

SUSIntoSpaceandback · 08/11/2006 10:42


welcome back flame! yep, at least stay and chat with us

done so far:

  • all washed, dressed and fed
  • folded washing and it's upstairs (can't put it away just now, dp asleep)
  • s/s bathroom
  • s/s toilet
  • unloaded DW half - got distracted

still to come:
  • clean bottom doors in kitchen
  • sort 1 box in hotspot dining room
  • clean oven
  • clean toaster
  • clean kettle
  • clean microwave
  • clean mirror
  • sweep floors
  • lunch (sausage and carrots)
  • dinner (meatballs with spaghetti (slowcooker))
Flamesparrow · 08/11/2006 10:44

I fell by the wayside in about the end of Sept

The place is such a state. I don't know if I am embarrassed with the boiler man or if I actually don't care.

I have already made myself look stupid by not knowing where the shut off is - its a rented house and we've never found out.

I can't even offer them a cup of tea because DH used all the bloody cups whilst I've been gone and didn't wash them - and DS has been screaming everytime I put him down this morning so I couldn't wash any. Although to be fair - there is now no water anywhere so I can't fill the kettle .

To make things worse, they had to drain the radiators... me in all my wisdom hid all the dirty clothes by closing my bedroom door - which they then had to go into .

If anything inspires me to FLY again, this does!!! What zone are we on??

ludaloo · 08/11/2006 10:47 have a breadmaker do you???
Can you post on my breadmaker my dh why they are good?

Where's Buda???

{{{{luda scouts round for allies in the breadmaker arguement}}}}

Jelley · 08/11/2006 10:47

I'm back. Kitchen all done, including all this weeks missions so far, and tonights dinner is in the oven.

What have I missed re bread makers?I have one,but don't use it as often as I should. I think I will do some cheese bread now as you have put the idea in my head.

Ruby - definitely get a second opinion if you can, that's loads of money!

Peegee - I do most of the home blessing jobs on a Saturday (I've always changed beds on Sat so I just added a bit)

OP posts:
Jelley · 08/11/2006 10:50

Flame - aim for "don't care" with the boiler man. You'll never meet him again anyway.

We're on the kitchen this week, so maybe when you have water you can shine the sink, and start babysteps again.

Going to look for breadmaker thread...

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 08/11/2006 10:53

I'd love a breadmaker... no space to store it though and methinks it would end up as a lovely paperweight.

I want one of those coffee machines that look like a duck too

I'd buy soooo much if I had some money

Anyone wanna buy some nappies??? Very reasonable prices Will even tie dye for ya...

ludaloo · 08/11/2006 10:56

I want a breadmaker for xmas...but dh seems to think I don't need one and will be a waste of money...he thinks they are uneconomical and I won't use it (and will end up in the back of the cupboard like the processor I nagged for!!

I then started a thread to ask if anyone had one and if they thought them to be worthwhile etc etc.

In a heated debate about the breadmaker..I showed the thread to dh...who then posted on it as he still wasn't convinced!

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