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Your highchair recommendations please

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TinaMumsnet · 20/02/2019 17:15

We're making plans to update our highchair reviews and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

If you've used and loved a highchair in the past two years, we'd love to hear about it. Your comments will help us to create a shortlist of chairs to test out and recommend to new parents.

Also, if you have any tips on what to look out for when choosing a a highchair please share them on this thread. We'll include these comments in our buyer's guide


OP posts:
KondoKonvert · 21/02/2019 10:33

Ikea Antilop! Cheap, easy to keep clean. Brilliant!

ParadiseLaundry · 21/02/2019 11:10

I'm amazed you need to ask this! Every time someone starts a thread asking for highchair recommendations the answer is overwhelmingly

IKEA ANTILOP !!!!!!! Grin

EatsFartsAndLeaves · 21/02/2019 11:16

IKEA Antilop. Please don't confuse new parents and persuade them to part with their money for an inferior product when this question has been conclusively answered time and time again on here.

Mumsnet thinks the £13 one is far better than anything else. The end.

vinegarqueen · 21/02/2019 11:19

Another vote for the Ikea Antilop. Easy to clean, keeps them upright (unlike many), and is a good height. Legs come off so you can put it in the boot of a car if you go somewhere without a high chair. You can even buy an insert if you want padding for it.

Eminybob · 21/02/2019 11:38

Ikea antilop vote here too!

I’ve never been able to keep a baby upright in a fold up high chair!

BareBelliedSneetch · 21/02/2019 11:42

And then a Tripp-trapp. We got ours second hand, they were in fab condition despite having been used for years. And still are. Bomb proof.

Limpshade · 21/02/2019 11:44

I had a wonderfully stylish and eye-wateringly expensive highchair for my first child. It was fantastic. Joke! It was a nightmare to clean and my baby hated it, and I put it into the garage to make way for the IKEA Antilop which, two kids down now, has never let me down. It is the Platonic ideal of a highchair and thus renders this debate irrelevant.

bourbonbiccy · 21/02/2019 11:46

Definitely not a lovely looking one with lots of lovely padding and gaps for food to get in that you are constantly washing and cleaning .....nightmare ! Speaking from experience would have been so much better getting an antelope rather than the mothercare pretty on I bought. While the mothercare one is lovely and my son loves's a bugger to keep clean.

Ashhead24 · 21/02/2019 11:47

As others have said, ikea antilop. Bought ours second hand and it's great, being able to pop the whole thing in the dishwasher when it's properly caked in food is so handy .

I actually won a Tripp trapp on here, it's been super for my 3 year old. It's not a high chair so he doesn't feel like a baby, but it's all wipe clean so he can make mess without ruining our chairs. It adjusts to his height so no booster required. Will be getting a second when the baby is bigger.

horsinaround · 21/02/2019 11:54

Yup Ikea Antilop and then Tripp trap. It should be the law

LettuceP · 21/02/2019 11:59

IKEA Antilop obviously. I mean you can put it in the dishwasher fgs!

BikeRunSki · 21/02/2019 12:31

Ikea Antilop is perfect.

dreamyflower · 21/02/2019 12:33

The asda version of the ikea one. It's a bebe one and is £10 and amazing. I spend a fortune on a chicco one and my ds hated it but loved the cheap white plastic one. Turns into a junior chair too.

northernlites · 21/02/2019 12:43

IKEA antilop. the end.

nevernotstruggling · 21/02/2019 12:46

Again, antillop and not the shite you will shortly label mumsnet best

TheDisillusionedAnarchist · 21/02/2019 12:47

Antilop or Tripp Trapp depending on how much you want to spend

Wenttoseainasieve · 21/02/2019 12:48

Yep, Antilop or Tripp Trapp.

PenelopeParallelogram · 21/02/2019 12:54

As per every pp, IKEA Antilop and then the Stokke Tripp Trapped.
Antilop is just about to start it's 3rd use and is indestructible.
3yo is the 4th child to use his Tripp Trapp, and it's still going strong. We got given ours by a friend, but have spent a small fortune buying newborn accessories, baby accessories, harnesses and cushions for it. The baby loves sitting at the table in his newborn Tripp Trapp attachment

SheChoseDown · 21/02/2019 13:16

I agree with the ikea one. But I also love a booster seat. I had a blue one with yellow tray. Preferred it on the floor of the playroom for snacks. No idea of the brand

Notso · 21/02/2019 13:36

Tripp Trapp.
The antilop is fab but it's legs stick out a lot, I tripped over it all the time. It got shipped off to my Mums and we bought the Tripp Trapp.

oneofthose · 21/02/2019 13:57

Ikea Antilop - it's a no brainier!

Reallyevilmuffin · 21/02/2019 14:05

IKEA - it comes in multiple parts so if you need to replace one for whatever reason is cheaper. Also our 9m olds are still so tiny they literally fit in nothing else that doesn't have an insert.

Sassy306 · 21/02/2019 14:16

IKEA Antilope all the way. I Wish more restaurants would realise this and stop providing those useless trayless wooden chairs! Rubbish especially for a younger baby who isnt spoon fed and needs a tray. I now have a Summer Infant Deluxe Booster for eating out which is also fab

Thishatisnotmine · 21/02/2019 14:21

Antilop. It just works well. I gave ours to my mum and use a different Ikea one (which is also good) but I miss our Antilop!

irnbruxtra · 21/02/2019 14:36

Antilop all the way! Currently using for 2nd child and have also purchased a Chico polly snack booster type thing when eating out, DS2 is a baby led weaner and the wooden high chairs in restaurants are useless! Too low for the table and no tray

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