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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci · 13/10/2004 13:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
collision · 30/03/2005 19:30

Magnolia......WHAT A LOT OF TOSH!! Was furious afterwards that I had wasted so much time watching it. Would rather watch the same film twice than a bad film.

Pruni · 30/03/2005 20:03

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 30/03/2005 20:16

i had to scroll all the way back to see what films i had put then! Clive owen is shite , sorry but his smug git face spoils every film he is in.

FrenchGirl · 30/03/2005 20:17

The Stepford Wives: crap crap crap!!!! I think I can't stand Nicole Kidman (soooo cold and contrived yuk)
Can't believe so many of you hated Lost in Translation!!!! It's one of my favourite films ever.....

Rowlers · 30/03/2005 20:23

Think I'll add Dances with Wolves - Kevin Costner sad tosser. Poo script. Apallingly badly acted. Drivel. In fact anything with him in should be on this list.
And the worst James Bond film made on the other night with Timothy Dalton. The Living Daylights is it called?

lou33 · 30/03/2005 20:25

would just like to back up frenchgirl on her perfect taste in films

Pruni · 30/03/2005 20:26

Message withdrawn

FrenchGirl · 30/03/2005 20:27

mwah mwah dahlings

lou33 · 30/03/2005 20:29

I love Lost in Translation

and right back at you FG

FrenchGirl · 30/03/2005 20:31

I know Lou, I bought it and love watching it on my own. Wonderful

swedishmum · 30/03/2005 20:32

Eventuaslly saw The Incredibles last night, or at least the first half hour.... but what do I know? I don't even like Harry Potter. As long as no-one tries to slag off Moonstruck!

Pruni · 30/03/2005 20:33

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 30/03/2005 20:34

B..b..b..but pruni, it has russell crowe in a skirt!

There was me thinking we could be mates......sniff...

Pruni · 30/03/2005 20:38

Message withdrawn

Amanda3266 · 30/03/2005 20:39



nightowl · 30/03/2005 20:51

bridget jones was bad enough so why i wanted to see the second one i'll never know. never saw the end, fell asleep.

kid · 30/03/2005 20:54

We watched some film that was being shown on tele. It was called Sabre Tooth. Please do not waste your time watching it, I can't believe Dh and I watched it all the way through and then said to eachother how rubbish it was!

jackeroo · 01/04/2005 12:51

remake of planet of the apes (the one with helena bonham carter)... walked out through sheer boredom and frustration.

jackeroo · 01/04/2005 12:57

and have to agree 'love actually' was ludicrous to the point of amusing...
'independence day' utter crap...

merglemergle · 01/04/2005 13:02

Dead Poets Society...SOOOOOO bad...

Generally though if a film is that bad I wouldn't actually stay to the end.

I've seen some BAAAD films on Mystery Science Theater (?I think thats the name) but I suppose that doesn't count.

loujay · 01/04/2005 13:04

Just read through this thread and want to add my admiration for those of you who hate the Shawsank redemption!!
I thought it was just me!
Whats the big deal with the film..........He's in prison............He escapes.........the end

JoolsToo · 04/04/2005 00:20

just watched (taped from last week) What Lies Beneath - what a pile of poo!

the sets were .... well, just like sets and so grey - there was no colour in the film at all, supposed to be atmospheric I suppose but I just spent the whole time waiting for a flash of red - I wanted to smack Michelle Pfieffer(?) that just parted lips look - soooooooo not natural Harrison Ford walked like he had something stuck in his bottom and spoke like he had a mouth full of gravel - what? what d'yer say, speak properly for gawds sake!

and that last bath scene - I've never seen a bath fill so quickly then slow down than speed up again - crap, crap, crap!

PotPourri · 04/04/2005 00:24

The talented mister ripley. Big y-front pants! And it was on my first date with now DH! At least it gave us something to talk about

Metrobaby · 05/04/2005 08:19

The Mummy - utter pants imho.

And I never saw what the big deal was about Trainspotting either

flamesparrow · 05/04/2005 08:24

Oooh, too many

Session 9 is the one that sticks out most in my mind!!! BUT - after watching the deleted scenes, I think it would have been watchable if they had left them in!!!

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