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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci · 13/10/2004 13:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Rowlers · 13/10/2004 20:08

Gattaca - Jude Law. Utter Shite.
Agree with Matrix 3, dear oh dear oh dear. And with Vanilla Sky.
This might not be a popular choice but Remains of the Day was the dullest film I have ever seen. Can't even remember if I made it to the end.
And a low budget film called Clerks, supposed to be great but I couldn't even hear what they were saying.

SenoraPostrophe · 13/10/2004 20:18

hmm. I really liked Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Oh brother where art though and big fish. Maybe I'm odd.

I hated:

eyes wide shut
mulholland drive (normally i like a bit of oddness. this film took it too far).
killing zoe - you are so right, wilbur
starship troopers - v boring and lots of deeply dodgy nazi symbolism, but no exploration of same.
the idiots - supposedly an "arthouse" film. extremely offensive and quite dull.

and why isn't pearl harbour on the list? Or has no-one seen it? (I haven't).

Haven't seen all of the other films mentioned

Socci · 13/10/2004 20:52

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
stupidgirl · 13/10/2004 20:53

SenoraP, Pearl Harbour is a fantastic film, I cried buckets.

Socci · 13/10/2004 20:55

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
marthamoo · 13/10/2004 20:58

I forgot Solaris. I thought I could watch George Clooney in anything. I was wrong.

So, custy, Thingywotsit of a Doodah Mind isn't any good? Dh wants to get it next time we go to Blockbuster - but it has the hideous Jim Carrey in it.

I thought The Matrix was a pile of doodoo too: haven't seen the sequels. And I just don't get the Canoe Reeves thing - he's like Beckham, just plain dim!

cellulitequeen · 13/10/2004 21:00

Got to be Phone Booth, first time DH and I had been to pix in ages and what a waste of time.

edam · 13/10/2004 21:13

Hated Titanic (HOW ridiculous/badly scripted 'oh, I think I left my binoculars in Southampton' 'bugger me, an iceberg').
Also Baron Munchausen - Terry Gilliam's film. Dire.
Also Star Wars Episode One ? the first of the new ones. People so bored in the cinema there was a couple actually having sex And I couldn't really blame them!

edam · 13/10/2004 21:14

LOL Mrs Flowerpot, missed your comment first time but I agree!

Cam · 14/10/2004 13:16

That was decent of them to give the audience an alternative to look at Edam

tallulah · 14/10/2004 17:59

Nobody's Fool (Paul Newman)

Circus (won free tickets to this & wished we hadn't)

Eyes Wide Shut

20 minutes of Moulin Rouge & turned it off

(DH hated K-PAX but I thought it was OK)

Mirage · 23/10/2004 20:50

Monster-if you took all the f$%*s out of the script,Charlize Theron would have had nothing else to say.

Beautiful Creatures
12 Monkeys
My Stepmother is an Alien
The Royal Tenenbaums
21 Gramms
Igby goes down

ChicPea · 23/10/2004 21:24

Mirage, I hated Monster, watched it last Sunday night and felt really low until Wednesday after a few days had passed. Would NOT recommend this film to anyone. Bloody disturbing.

Pippinthedog · 25/10/2004 00:28

mickey blue eyes
in and out
runaway bride

turquoise · 25/10/2004 00:34

Can't remember what it was called, but had the "Isee dead people" kid wandering about for HOURs with Jude Law, who I don't even think is totty so couldn't even enjoy the view.

almost40 · 25/10/2004 04:07

I think I've seen every bad movie out there -
Jeepers Creepers
Clockwork Orange (a classic but so way too violent)
Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer - also supposedly a classic, but gave me nightmares
Autumn in New York - the worst love story ever
Love Affair - the remake of that other classic - so horrible!
I could go on and on, but I'm sure none of you mums will make the mistake of seeing the movies I've seen. . .

AussieSim · 25/10/2004 04:40

Lost in Translation
Natural Born Killers

GymJunkie · 25/10/2004 09:30

Mulholland Drive, it was sooooooooo weird. The next day DH and DBro and SIL were trying to make sense of it in the pub. DBro said you are very quiet what do you think ? To which I replied, I have enought stuff taking up space in my head since Darling Boy arrived, I have wiped it, no room for lodgers...My SIL thought I was weird...until she had here own baby and now understands perfectly.

acnebride · 25/10/2004 09:33

lol edam and gymjunkie

9 Months. what a load of infuriating rubbish.

alicatsg · 25/10/2004 09:58

def enternal sunshine of the dreadful Jim Carrey thing - god that was rubbish
Matrix 2&3
Any of the lord of teh rings films

WORST EVER tho was a film called Happiness, which a friend gave us and we have never ever been able to work out why!

Tessiebear · 25/10/2004 09:59

8 mile with eminem

blueteddy · 25/10/2004 10:07

Any thing involving James Bond!
Dh loves them & I think that they r a pile of poo!

lou33 · 25/10/2004 10:32

OMG Alicatsg how can you say HAppiness is Bad?!!
It is a brilliant film!

alicatsg · 25/10/2004 11:35

don't get me wrong I think its brilliantly done - just really not convinced I needed to see it, didn't see how anyione could say that was a comedy as I just felt eurgh after seeing it!

MissusWoman · 25/10/2004 11:37

Happiness is one of my all time favourite films. The comedy is black though!

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