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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci · 13/10/2004 13:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
krocket · 13/10/2004 14:23

Dogville is weird isn't it moo, kind of felt like I'd been through the mill after watching that one. That horrid neck brace thing made me feel ill

acnebride · 13/10/2004 14:26

Robin Hood - Prince of Leaves. 'the sherf of Notting Ham...'

Tokyo Story. A film being slow and old is not therefore a classic.

Prospero's Books. Oh man.

Easy Rider. Except for the bit with 'Get your motor running'.

donnie · 13/10/2004 14:27

moulin rouge! hated it...

lou33 · 13/10/2004 14:31

Oh I am all disappointed now teadrinker. Mind you i don't fancy TC or NK in the slightest, so I would be disadvantaged anyway.

Bunglie · 13/10/2004 14:32

Waterworld...I have watched it 3 times, fallen asleep 3 times and still don't understand it[puzzled emoticon]

Blackduck · 13/10/2004 14:34

it's okay moo if they are going to shoot you for American Beauty they'll need a bullet for me too...!
Breaking the Waves and anything by Lars whats his name......

Cam · 13/10/2004 14:37

Any film with TC in it
Any film with Ed Harris in it
Any John Boorman film

strawberry · 13/10/2004 14:38

Lord of the rings
Blair witch project
erin brokovitch (not a julia roberts fan at the best of times but slept thru' whole thing)

acnebride · 13/10/2004 14:40

oh God yes, lord of the rings!!!! oscar schmoscar

poppyseed · 13/10/2004 14:56

but 'what's-his-name' look gorrrrrrrgeous in the black leather coat in the Matrix . Worth watching it for that surely??

Grommit · 13/10/2004 14:58

Chicago - just how bad was that film? Catherine Zeta Jones got an oscar for dancing around like a carthorse

Pagan · 13/10/2004 15:34

Glen Garry Glen Ross - noone has probably heard of it but with Kevin Spacey and Jack Lemon I thought it was a sure winner. However the most depressing, pointless, soul destroying twaddle I've ever see.

MissHoolie · 13/10/2004 15:39

Pagan - I say GGGR. Albeit on stage. I enjoyed it but then lots of plays don't transfer well to film.

Tortington · 13/10/2004 18:52

eternal sunshine of a spotless mind - wtf is tht about - i havent watched it all - it was soo painful

however i did watch all of lost in translation and wht a bag of shite - i could have done something comparitavley useful in tht time i spent - like ermmm...bleach my bumhole

Britney · 13/10/2004 19:03

Phone Booth
Jackie Brown (one & only time I've seen a Tarantino movie)
O Brother Where Art Thou - even George Clooney didn't make up for a very bizarre film

pesme · 13/10/2004 19:10

would say austin powers but I walked out so didn't waste that much time. ditto for some formulaic twaddle staring george clooney and michelle pfeiffer - the name escapes me.

THe first lord of the rings was ok but after that it was just one dreary geeky wet dream battle after another. plus that whole hobbit fat neck thing freaked me out.

brother where art thou is fabulous!

Tinker · 13/10/2004 19:37

Loved Lost in Translation - love Bill Murray

However, should have walked out of Pretty Woman, Chicago, that Nicholas Cage/Laura Dern one - Wild at Heart and thought My Own Private Idaho was a load of pretentious shite

wilbur · 13/10/2004 19:40

Killing Zoe - manages to be both dull and offensive at the same time.

stupidgirl · 13/10/2004 19:49

I've only seen about 3 of the films mentioned

But Moulin Rouge, whoever said that????? Ilove that film, and it's got Ewan McGregor in, so it must be good

CountessDracula · 13/10/2004 19:49

blair witch
Young Adam, sooo boring and depressing
Notting Hill what a load of tosh, not sure how I ever got to go to it in fact as is not my kind of thing at all
The English Patient I didn't like at all
That one recently about the climate change, The day after tomorrow was it? American schmaltz at it most cringe-inducing

nutcracker · 13/10/2004 19:51

Jeepers creepers, when it got to the end i was like oh is that it, bloody crap.

Tarka · 13/10/2004 19:57

Gangs of New York... sooooo boring and just plain silly. Also Lord of the Rings for same reason.

Pagan, am sad you didn't rate Glengarry Glen Ross -I think its a masterpiece!

dawnie1 · 13/10/2004 19:58

Eyes Wide Shut - HATED IT !! But walked out so only wasted a partial portion of my life there thank god.

willow2 · 13/10/2004 19:58

school of rock - supposedly works on two levels (ie: adult and children)but works on neither. The most fun I had was returning it to the video store where I accosted a couple about to hire the same film and told them not to waste their money or their evening.

Tinker · 13/10/2004 20:01

I loved GGGR as well and School Of Rock. Oh dear. Films are definitely better on the cinema than video though

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