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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci · 13/10/2004 13:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
moondog · 28/11/2004 23:15

Did I miss something Socci because I know everyone else thought it was great? Thought I would too esp. with the whole Southern thing going on, as I have worked a lot in that part of the US and just love it. (I am a beer drinkin' Allman Brothers lovin' pick up drivin' redneck struggling in the skin of a middle class Welsh woman.)

littlemel · 28/11/2004 23:35

the sin eater 0 the worst film EVER made - i even fell asleep in the cinema watchin it!

woodpops · 30/11/2004 15:48

Fantasia has got to be the biggest pile of pants in the whole world.

secur · 30/11/2004 15:55

Message withdrawn

LIZS · 30/11/2004 15:56

Jurassic Park 2 - what a load of c...

DaddyCool · 30/11/2004 16:30

the sequels to highlander (just 2 and 3 I think)

skiingmummy · 30/11/2004 16:31

Vanilla Sky
What a load of doggy doo doo.
Not even redeemed by featuring Tom Cruise.

Davros · 30/11/2004 21:06

Forest Gump is utter pony!
Titanic too, there was loud sniggering from the whole audience when people fell off and landed with their legs either side of those rope-winding stumpy things.
The Hours, went on for hours and hours.....
The Ice Storm & American Beauty (same film, have you ever seen them together?)
Lou, Eyes Wide Shut features Nicole having a piss with her knicks round her knees... otherwise?
Any Coen brothers film
Moulin Rouge
Royal Tennenbaums
The Shawshank Redemption - don't shoot me! Its a good film but only a one-watcher in my view, overrated and po-faced, hate the voice over

tiredemma · 01/12/2004 19:07

no way davros- shawshank redemption is the best film ever!!!!!

the "matrix" films- i just did not get what was going on.

Roobie · 01/12/2004 19:20

There's no accounting for taste is there? Some of my all-time favourites are being mentioned!!

I'm normally quite choosy about what I go to see at the cinema but 'Kids' and 'Sleepers' immediately spring to mind as being worthy of a walk-out (although I would never walk out of a film)

dogwalkinginawinterwonderland · 01/12/2004 19:28

for me:

Solaris (on sky)
Lost in Translation (bit slow)
A.I. (worst film ever)
The Core (on sky)

victoriapeckham · 01/12/2004 19:59

Finding Neverland - mawkish bilge
Hope Springs - utter shite despite Colin Firth
Bridget Jones 2 - what a rip off, it s the SAME MOVIE but everyone looks worse and is less funny.
Shark Tale - cynical product placement, crap script, really annoying main character.

victoriapeckham · 01/12/2004 20:09

Oh and
Pirates of the Caribbean - what is all the fuss about. Johnnie Depp is so annoying and it goes on and on and...
Chocolat - smarmy, twee, and Johnnie Depp again. I always thought I liked him. but a pattern is emerging.
Il Postino - a supposed classic Italian film which is as saccharine as a gallon of tiramisu

Donbean · 01/12/2004 20:11

Vanilla sky, utter utter crap!

Tortington · 02/12/2004 00:46

the incredibles on sunday biggest bag of shit i ever saw

RudolphCAM · 02/12/2004 14:36

v-p you seem to have wasted a lot of time!

amynnixmum · 02/12/2004 15:17

Cant believe that no-one has mentioned the awful "Magnolia". I cab sit through most films and find something to enjoy about them but this was really really terrible. Also make a point of avoiding any film starring the muscles from Brussels or Steven the seagull - which pretty much rules out any of the films shown on channel 5

tammylove · 02/12/2004 18:54

Donnie Darko and Identity, what a pile of s**t!
I was so annoyed with myself for actually sitting through them, they were dire!

Davrosthesnowman · 02/12/2004 23:20

Yes, hated Chocolat and Amelie, contrived pretentious cobblers!

bonym · 03/12/2004 13:05

Oh I LOVED Amelie and Chocolat (maybe I'm just pretentious . Also can't believe that someone mentioned Chicago- love it, love it. Agree Eyes Wide Shut was tosh, ditto Pirates of the Caribbean. I think this thread just proves the "one man's meat.." theory - good job we're all different I say !

wordsmith · 03/12/2004 13:16

Saw something on video the other week called 'Under a Tuscan sun' DH was away and I thought I'd have a lovely night in on my own with a girlie video and chocolate. What a disappointment! It was C**p! Was recommended it by friends who hadn't seen it but said it looked good. They too admitted after seeing it that it was like watching woman's own on celluloid.

(Apologies if you like Woman's own.)

wordsmith · 03/12/2004 13:18

...oh, and Love Actually is actually very very very bad.

FeastofStevenmom · 03/12/2004 13:19

couldn't agree more about Love Actually, Wordsmith.

wordsmith · 03/12/2004 13:27

Bridget 2 isn't as good as Bridget 1, but is worth watching just for the sight of Hugh Grant in that white shirt at the Thai hotel

turquey · 03/12/2004 14:06

So agree about Under a Tuscan sun. Like a pasta sauce advert stretched over two hours.
I thought Love Actually was marginally better than Bridget Jones 2 but both were crap.

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