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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci · 13/10/2004 13:16

Message withdrawn

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alicatsg · 25/10/2004 11:38

mebbe I'm a philistine! Entirely possible. maybe I should give it another try.

however no one could convince me to sit through the Lord of the Rings again

lavender2 · 25/10/2004 11:41

American Beauty, all my family except mother think it's clever I think it's tosh!

lou33 · 25/10/2004 11:56

I'll buy it off you if you still have it ali

Nikkichik · 25/10/2004 13:08
  • Titanic definitely - I so hated that drippy theme tune!
  • War films/westerns
  • Kenneth Brannagh's Hamlet - zzzzzzzz
    Matrix - once went on a blind date with someone who though it was 'conceputally challenging' (wot?) I thought it was so far up it's own a** it was funny!!!and it got worse with 2&3. Needless to say he didn't get another date!
  • Gangs of New York - fell asleep half way though and woke up in time to see that totally pants ending!
  • Anything with Jim Carey !!
Hausfrau · 25/10/2004 13:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau · 25/10/2004 13:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toky · 25/10/2004 13:20

Would have walked out if I'd been nearer the end of the row. Boring boring boring

MrsDoolittle · 25/10/2004 13:21

Pearl Harbour - absolutely diabolical. Be Affleck makes me cringe!! Urgh

toky · 25/10/2004 13:22

Oh and Meet Joe Black, what a load of tosh.

bonniej · 25/10/2004 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Nikkichik · 25/10/2004 13:31

I totally agree about Dream Catcher. Expected something far more supernatural rather than just Steven King gore!!! Did keep me awake though!

Also just seen Van Helsing! - What does Kate Bekinsdale think she's doing? Great hair but she's crap!

Lara2 · 28/10/2004 20:40

The trouble is, I can't remember the names of any of them because if it's awful I just drop off to sleep! Too many to count really - still, all that sleep must be good for me!

tylersmum · 30/10/2004 21:58

ali the remake with will smith just felt it was a bit long winded and fell asleep in the cinema

collision · 30/10/2004 22:06

Bonfire of the Vanities
Hudson Hawk
Master and Commander
The Perfect Storm
Big Fish

Could go on and on. DH and I now have a rule that when we hire a DVD we give it 30mins and then we can turn it off if it is really bad! I HATE watching a bad film. Would rather watch a good film twice.

SecondhandRose · 31/10/2004 09:43

Another vote for Lost in Translation, I organised a girls evening. There were 6 of us and it was sooooooo bad. We ended up chatting and leaving it on just in case anything interesting happened.

hazlinh · 02/11/2004 04:37

definitely lost in translation. it is grossly over-rated imo.

titanic. crappy corny dialogue, weird pairing of the two leads, and cringeworthy theme song!!

Moulin rouge.

lou33 · 02/11/2004 08:47

I loved Lost in Translation. Agree with Titanic though. Could never bring myself to watch Moulin Rouge

Ghosty · 02/11/2004 08:59

I usually love films with Morgan Freeman in but did anyone ever see that awful film (I think it was called Impact or something) where he was the President of America and a ginormous meteorite was hurtling through space towards earth and was going to wipe out the planet ...????
It was truly truly bad!!!

lou33 · 02/11/2004 09:00

Ghosty, he has definitely made some duds recently. What about Bruce Almighty?! Possibly the worst film I have ever seen!

wannabemidwife · 28/11/2004 22:53

Sex lives of the potato men ............. what aload of rubbish

bran · 28/11/2004 22:58

The Cronicles of Riddick - I didn't want to but dh persuaded me and even he admitted afterwards that it was rubbish.

Frizbe · 28/11/2004 23:00

The Day after tomorrow....zzzz....

hunkermunker · 28/11/2004 23:04

Love Actually. The Matrix. Thin Red Line (didn't actually watch all of that one - left halfway through and demanded to go and see Shakespeare In Love!)

moondog · 28/11/2004 23:04

Forrest Gump
What was that all about eh???!

Socci · 28/11/2004 23:11

Message withdrawn

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