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So I've been watching Star Trek and...

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invisiblegorilla · 02/03/2016 20:41

...I think I'd like to be a Vulcan. Logic, clever quips, excellent eyebrows. Could get a grip over those pesky emotions too (bloody anxiety).

Anyone else think Spock is dreamy?

OP posts:
BarefootAcrossHotLegoPieces · 02/03/2016 20:42

Illogical, OP


LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 20:44

I've always quite fancied being able to do a mind meld. But if I was going to be any species I think I'd go for Bajoran. Ideally without the whole Cardassian occupation thing.

Alternatively Trill would be good. Very intelligent and level headed.

startrek90 · 02/03/2016 20:44

Logical Wink

startrek90 · 02/03/2016 20:45

I would love to be Vulcan if not I would like being a betazed

invisiblegorilla · 02/03/2016 20:46

Being a joined Trill would be fascinating! All those lifetimes and memories. And great spots, too.

OP posts:
SlipperyJack · 02/03/2016 20:49

I'd prefer to be a Klingon. It's so far away from my natural inclination, it would be an enjoyable change! And I agree with their attitude to dead bodies and Worf is well hot.

LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 20:50

Oh! I'd forgotten Betazed. Hmm. May have to rethink...

Of course not all Trill are joined. Is it as glamorous and exciting being un-joined?

LaurieFairyCake · 02/03/2016 20:52

What's one of those things that's round and furry and breed lots

Really cuddly. I want one of those.

MuttonWasAGoose · 02/03/2016 20:55


I'd like to be a Klingon too. All that kinky sex.

invisiblegorilla · 02/03/2016 20:55

I'm not sure if it is, LetThere! Probably depends on if you're scrubbing the floors of starships or in the Captain's seat Grin I got the impression that being joined was something that all Trill were expected to aspire to, even though only a small minority were able to be joined (due to numbers and other reasons revealed in the series). Seemed like a lot of pressure and a bit grim in some ways.

You'd still be in the Star Trek universe though, eh?

OP posts:
RustyBear · 02/03/2016 20:55

Tribbles, Laurie.

But you wouldn't just have one for long. Unless you starve it, of course.

So I've been watching Star Trek and...
invisiblegorilla · 02/03/2016 20:56

Being a Betazoid would probably be a safer bet, what with everyone being telepathic. That would be very exciting.

OP posts:
LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 20:56

Laurie the trouble with Tribbles is that you can't just have one, IIRC...

LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 20:59


Maybe I'll try a different quadrant.

Telaxians, perhaps?

FoxFeatures · 02/03/2016 21:01

No not telaxians. Neelix is the most annoying character in Star Trek and they all have mullets.

LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 21:03

Aww I like Neelix. He reminds me of a labrador puppy.

LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 21:04

Ooh! I've got it. I want to be a member of the Q continuum.

Chippednailvarnish · 02/03/2016 21:05

I'd be a male ferrangi, imagine getting off on someone rubbing your ears...

Chippednailvarnish · 02/03/2016 21:08

Actually being a Q would be cool...

invisiblegorilla · 02/03/2016 21:08

Neelix was a bit divisive, eh? Remember the episode where Tuvok strangled him to death (in the holosuite, not actually)? I remember a lot of people cheering that on.

OP posts:
LetThereBeCupcakes · 02/03/2016 21:11

Is that why they left him in the Delta Quadrant? Janeway was finding him too irritating so she ditched him? Bet she threatened to blow up the outpost if he didn't leave. Poor old Neelix.

VulcanWoman · 02/03/2016 21:13

Of course. Live long and prosper.

Chippednailvarnish · 02/03/2016 21:15

I always wanted a neuted tribble...

FoxFeatures · 02/03/2016 21:17

Even Kes didn't want him and she was nicey nice nice.

FoxFeatures · 02/03/2016 21:18

For some real Neelix bashing look at TrekBBS website.

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