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Why Southall Black Sisters made the difficult decision not to attend the Palace’s domestic violence event

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IwantToRetire · 06/12/2022 15:51

... During internal conversations, arguments for accepting the invitation ranged from: it would be a good opportunity to raise awareness of the discriminatory treatment received by migrant women when escaping violence; we need to make a distinction between an event to celebrate the coronation/monarchy versus an event to garner attention for violence against women and girls; increased visibility could lead to increased funding which was important for the services we run. Unspoken, but nonetheless apparent, was the human desire for recognition that such an invitation represented.

The arguments against included perceptions that it was a PR exercise for Camilla and it would make the Palace look good at our expense; there was no invitation to speak, only attend, which meant that we couldn’t even get our message across to the great and good; there was, no mention of funding attached to Camilla’s work on domestic violence (DV) on her official page. ...

Archived from an opinion piece in the "i" newspaper

I was curious why this was in the "i" newspaper behind a paywall but not on their web site, but thought I would share as it looks at how women's groups, especially those from BME communities have, to choose between playing the game and sticking to principles / their politics.

But in checking their web site to see if maybe it had been published, I saw they have a statement up in support of Salman Rushdie, but not one in support of Sistah Space, so an now thinking maybe it was a bit odd to prioritise talking about why they didn't go rather than talking about the issue of racism.

hmmmmmmm - so maybe there are two different discussions, institutional racism and compromises that women's group should or shouldn't take.

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Shinyredbicycle · 23/12/2022 00:40

The reasons that SS are being subjected to Twitter kangaroo court are, I would argue, highly relevant to the fact that they're being subject to a Twitter Kangaroo court.

Whatever SS have or haven't done, it wasn't a coincidence that the Twitter super sleuths were on it after Ngozi publicly criticised the racism she experienced at BP.

The usual procedure would be to report them to the charity commission.


IwantToRetire · 23/12/2022 01:14

I think all it professed to do was run a shop selling overpriced items to people. Doubt there is really a great need for that.

Seriously, all of you making up "facts" are just proving the inherent racism. If you are directly quoting a woman who made us of the service, and was unhappy, indicate the source. Even the minimal effort of reading their web site shows you are just creating a truth to fit your bias.

On one level I am thinking of asking MNHQ to delete these vicious libels, but on the other hand think they should stand because it exposes the inherent racism.

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IwantToRetire · 23/12/2022 01:16

Admittedly not many women's groups have offered support except for Rights of Women

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TooBigForMyBoots · 23/12/2022 02:47

Admittedly not many women's groups have offered support...
That's hardly surprising. As we all know, women who speak up are punished.Xmas Angry And we live in a time where no women's group can afford to lose funding/activists.


IwantToRetire · 08/03/2023 19:33

Ngozi Fulani: Buckingham Palace accuses Sistah Space CEO of breaking agreement

During her appearance on GMB, Fulani announced that she was temporarily stepping down so the charity can continue with its work providing support to women of Caribbean and African descent who are victims of domestic violence, undisturbed by controversy.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson has claimed that after a reconciliation meeting in December, it was “agreed that no further media comment would be made.”

OP posts:

IwantToRetire · 08/03/2023 19:41

I have reported this thread to MNHQ saying:

I created this post on Feminism Sex and Gender.

I do not see it or accept that it is part of "chat".

Therefore can you please put this thread back where it is meant to be, or delete it.

Thank you.

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