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Why are there petitions to take Amber Heard down?

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redhoodred1 · 04/05/2022 01:03

Why are people not accepting that they are mutually abusive? Why is everyone acting like Johnny Depp is an innocent victim? Why is it that when Chris Brown BATTERED Rihanna the world forgot real quick and he went back to his world of glamour, babes, money and success?

Why is society soooooo hard on women? Like when a mother goes on holiday it’s ‘oh she left the kids, why isn’t she with the kids?’ Or ‘oh he cheated, probably because she’s such a handful or doesn’t take care of herself anymore,’ or ‘why is she always working, she has kids to take care of.’

Society is tooooo damn hard on women. I’m not by any means claiming that she is innocent, but over two million people have petitioned to have her removed from her movie, people are boycotting the woman, and quite literally acting like Johnny Depp is an absolute saint.

Mutual abuse is real, it is quite possible for two people to both be as bad as eachother :-/

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redhoodred1 · 07/05/2022 15:53

Xenia · 07/05/2022 15:04

The expert witness in the UK is sometimes these days a joint expert. Even if you each have one (whch is stll common) they have duties to the court and they would not be hired again if they did not follow the complex rules.

All Amber H has to show is that i the one sentence when she said she was a victim of domestic abuse that she was. Whether she is also a liar or also mentally ill is not particularly relevant and in my view even without her evidence the recordings alone show Johnny D is abusive on lots of occasions. Yet 99.9% of the internet seems to think Johnny D should win his libel case (he already lost in London).

He does seem a bit to me like those kind of stalker men who just will not give up - they are like a dog with a bone and go on and on and on want more and more bites at the cherry as the thi8ng they want most is more and more attention. he has the money to pay lawyers to get all this attention from his ex wife.

I agree.

I also feel that the psychologist diagnosing her with two extremely controversial conditions is proof that she is acting neither impartially nor professionally since all this does is discredit ambers testimonies. We have to remember that the psychologist is not the lawyer, she is meant to be totally impartial. It was clear from her testimony that she had solidity taken sides.

I feel that Johnny is showing Amber ‘whose boss’ and punishing her for speaking badly of him. She tried to get in their first by publicly speaking as a victim of ‘abuse.’ Neither or them are victims, they’re both perpetrators, they’re both as bad as eachother and they both are attention seeking narcissists. Key word there being both, so the poor Johnny narrative to me is just an extension of his narcissist ability to elicit sympathy despite an abundance of evidence to suggest otherwise.

Just like the mistress who gets labelled the home-wrecking whore, Johnny Depp sinks off into the background and Amber Heard is branded responsible for all of their actions. Society always find a way to negate blame from the man in domestic situations.

My friends 15 year old daughter has cried to me from witnessing her father stamp on her mother’s chest so fiercely that she heard her ribs crack. She has presented so many times covered in bruises from severe beatings, being dragged down the stairs by her hair, battered almost to death and guess what? Everyone loves her husband and I have heard far too many times over the years that ‘she has a big mouth.’ People are always commenting on how great he is and pondering how he manages to put her with her...

Narcissists are phenomenal at eliciting sympathy from people and are often extremely likeable to the outside world. Johnny Depp is doing amazing, and I’m sure any woman he dates in the future will know not to mess with him because look at the consequences.

Amber heard is in the eyes of the world, seen like the homewrecking mistress. The burn the bitch mentality continues. We should all just switch off at this point and stop entertaining the mess, they are both messy.

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