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Are things better or worse now than in recent decades?

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Leafstamp · 19/11/2021 20:36

Not sure if this has been discussed before…

I feel things are worse for women now than at any other point in my adult life (I’ve been an adult for nearly 30 years).

But I don’t know if it’s me having rose tinted spectacles and just being ignorant in my younger years.

Reasons I think it’s worse: general misogyny, porn, police issues, infiltration of women’s spaces and services by males.

Am I missing all that has improved? What is better for women now than 10, 20, 30 years ago?

OP posts:
LobsterNapkin · 27/11/2021 01:05


'But I think there is a measurable difference here with regard to women. In the 70s an actress could begin a career without feeling that she was going to be severely disadvantaged by not doing nudity, or should be open to performing pornographic material.'

If you mean simulated sex in film or telly. Yes the word pornographic about scenes is perfectly standard.

Porn though is actual sex not pretend. So when I read that I thought you meant actual porn. IE actual real sex filmed specifically for people to view for sexual gratification.

I mean I don't think actresses were expected to do that then so worth mentioning I think.

Remember the Helen mirren Parkinson interview! Reading your post I thought of that!

Porn doesn't have to show actual sex. It doesn't even have to have people pretending to have sex. Penthouse magazine was porn, most of the photos were just one woman with little or no clothing on, in a suggestive pose.

And soft-core porn never had real sex, and you didn't see penetration. That's basically what you will see now on tv shows like GoT or that annoying Irish one that was on this past year.
CheeseMmmm · 27/11/2021 02:28

Yes just checking.

Obv now times have changed and when the word porn is used now it is understood to mean online and real iyswim.

Certainly porn mags etc still is understood! For sure.

I didn't know actresses then were supposed to make porn.

And I'm surprised that soft porn vids were not real sex. That's interesting. I might read up on that! I mean if you were going in a Mac to an XXX vid shop. And then get vid that is not real sex. Going to read as feels odd but I wasn't a consumer!

Did you see any back then? Or know another way?

CheeseMmmm · 27/11/2021 02:35

Wiki interesting!

Think you mean actresses expected to take clothes off/ sex scene in TV and film not they were expected to appear in porn mags/ vids, is that right?

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