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Ulrika Johnson goes naked for men's mental health

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FlatteredFool · 20/06/2021 10:18

Ulrika Johnson wows fans by baring all for mental health campaign

Am is missing something here? How are men's mental health issues benefitted by anyone taking off their clothes? The article has attracted some nasty comments about her body and it seems like this is a set back for women somehow when women objectify themselves for the benefit of men. The charity is encouraging men to do the same

and I get the logic there, although i still find it odd.

I know I'm not explaining this very well but I hope you get my point.

OP posts:

eddiemairswife · 22/06/2021 11:11

I wonder if she thought of it herself, or whether her agent suggested it.


Bryonyshcmyony · 22/06/2021 11:15

Is it only her, or are there a rash of them?


Wallpapering · 22/06/2021 13:28

The answer to that NiceGerbil goes back to men think with penis.

Upon 1st glance actually thought it old advert for lawnmower.

Even as someone who follows all things related to mental more so women & girls I just not getting it and I’d be pissed off if it was vice versa.

I see it didn’t take long from splitting FWR up For standards to drop in posters because how many irrelevant nasty comments about her appearance.


Bryonyshcmyony · 22/06/2021 13:36

I didn't even look at the board. Just clicked on it in active convos.


KimikosNightmare · 22/06/2021 13:42


'When you put it like that, it's actually really insulting to men. Oh I'm sure there are posters on here who genuinely believe that men think with their penis but the whole concept of this is patronising.'

If it doesn't work. Why has it been done for such a long time, in so many different forms, all over the world, for such a long time?

Why didn't men say we don't want page 3 or nuts?

Why the pirelli calendars?

Etc etc etc

Sorry but are you in a Tardis? Page 3, Nuts, and Pirelli calendars haven't been around for ages.

This was a stupid idea. It has no relevance to men's mental health.

KimikosNightmare · 22/06/2021 13:44


I think it’s weird and I am very uncomfortable with the concept of women getting naked for men’s mental health. I mean, WTF is that about?!


  1. It makes a nice change to see a non-porn woman’s body photographed doing non-porn things

2. I do kind of sort of get the naked = vulnerable mental health metaphor

Her getting naked has damn all to with mental health. There's no connection whatsoever. The gymnastics of some posters however to defend her idiotic actions are amusing.

JaneJeffer · 22/06/2021 14:00

Swedish people have no issues with nudity so she probably couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks.


KimikosNightmare · 22/06/2021 14:03


Swedish people have no issues with nudity so she probably couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks.

What has it to do with men's mental health?

JaneJeffer · 22/06/2021 14:06

I don't know @KimikosNightmare I'm just saying that she hopefully will take no notice of the horrible criticism of her body just because she's over 50.


MarshaBradyo · 22/06/2021 14:07


Swedish people have no issues with nudity so she probably couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks.

Hopefully not because I looked at the comments in the article and they were what one would imagine from most.

1forAll74 · 22/06/2021 15:05

It would been more appropriate if she had been promoting gardening and getting out in the fresh air, but Hey Ho. but maybe that's it, push a wheelbarrow in the garden, and you will never be depressed or anxious then,

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