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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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LoonyLyraLovegood · 20/07/2007 10:46

I thought it was time to move over here from Telly Addicts as we're now discussing Joseph the musical, and not Any Dream Will Do. The other thread was about to get too full anyway.
Berrie, Oggsfrog, BoingBoing, Binkleandflip, Slayerette and any other fans, sign up here.

OP posts:
Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:23

There are elderberry splodges all over kitchen floor from winemaking...think I might just have a crazy purple floor instead of scrubbing it....
Lyra are you having a cake?

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:31


Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:42

I anyone there to help me edit this text for my brother?

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 13:12

Go on Berrie, I'll take pity on you talking to yourself. I'm bored of trying to edit some German's attempts at English

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 14:33

Berrie, not allowed to swear? You obviously don't actually read my posts

Berrie · 04/09/2007 14:36

Thanks Boing, done it...complete blimmin' rewrite actually!
I make a point of skipping over your posts Oggs

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 14:38

...and although I am polite, I'm not that bloody polite

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 14:39

tsk. the cheek of the woman.

Berrie · 04/09/2007 15:06

I seem to spend a lot of time talking to myself...

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 15:24

I like talking to myself. It's sometimes the only sensible conversation I have all day.

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 15:30

Oh, you're so right Boing!

Berrie · 04/09/2007 15:53
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 18:56

Ooh. Lyra will be sat looking at an empty stage apart from a wooden chair

Berrie · 04/09/2007 19:31

Wonder what she's looking at now?

Do you think of us when you're there?

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:14

I thought of you all as we went in, during the interval, and on the way home.
I had better (naughtier) things to think about when His Leeness was on stage

binkleandflip · 04/09/2007 20:16

She is already half way through - it's over way too quick!!

Can't wait for her report

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:43

He'll be in his gold breastplate just about now won't he? Be still my beating heart

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:51

Don't mind me.....just upping the posts on this thread so that Lyra will have to start a new one

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:53

Dum de dum

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:55
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 20:59
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 21:00
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 21:01
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 21:02
oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 21:06

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