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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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LoonyLyraLovegood · 20/07/2007 10:46

I thought it was time to move over here from Telly Addicts as we're now discussing Joseph the musical, and not Any Dream Will Do. The other thread was about to get too full anyway.
Berrie, Oggsfrog, BoingBoing, Binkleandflip, Slayerette and any other fans, sign up here.

OP posts:
binkleandflip · 01/09/2007 21:36

I've got some trinny and susannah big pants and they are great but going to the loo is a mini-workout.

oggsfrog · 02/09/2007 07:34

Are they comfortable? I presume they are along a similar line to the girdles I remember my mum wearing when I was young?

I can see how Berrrie's bra to knee spanx works, but if its just pants doesn't all the fat just get pushed to above the waistline creating a mahoosive muffin top?????

Not that I'm implying that you have massive rolls of fat to be pushed anywhere of course, oh no

How easy are they to get on and off? How easy is it to sit down in them? How much do they cost? Where do you get them? I'm in desperate need of any thing that will help to stop me looking like I've got a single quilt and two pillows strapped to me under my clothes

Berrie · 02/09/2007 09:15

Sound similar Binkle
Oggs. They are comfortable, more like tights material than those really thick control pants that dig in to you uncomfortably. I DO have rolls of fat and there was no muffin anywhere! I have not sat down yet but I don't anticipate any problems but I have not worn them for any length of time yet. I bought them online from Figleaves and I did a google search for figleaves discounts and that website that I forget the name of came up with all the codes and I got a code for 20% off and free delivery. I think I paid £18 all in.
Like I said, I'm still fat but as it does not wibble about all over the place and it's all firm, I felt pretty good!

Berrie · 02/09/2007 09:20

here are the pants

here is the discount site

Berrie · 02/09/2007 09:21

Ok so the second link is the pants too!
Hold on...

try this

Berrie · 02/09/2007 10:51

Perhaps you should wait until after my Dad's wedding next Saturday and I shall be able to give you a full revi

BoingBoing · 02/09/2007 16:25

Hey all! Late to the Spanx party, as per, but a girl at work also raves about them and says they're way better than the M&S equivalent (which I've got and are OK, but DO leave the muffins). She says with Spanx there is no muffin. So thank for the link, I think I'd better go shopping, so I can wear them under my gorgeous wrap dress next week, to make me look slim and amazing (ROFL!), after I've sneakily driven up to Lyra's, mugged her and stolen her ticket. Mwahahaha.
And did anyone catch the man himself on Elain Paige earlier? What a sweetie. And at least he admitted he thought he came over as a tad dull on ADWD. But no worries, it's not his sparkling wit I was interested in

Berrie · 02/09/2007 16:43

Am going to 'Listen Again' when there are fewer people around to spoil my listening.
Yep, my sis says the M&S ones have a muffin and does not believe that mine don't. They came quite quickly online but I think the 20% with free deivery runs out soon though there were other discounts.

The things we talk about!

Berrie · 02/09/2007 16:49

here is the Elaine P show tee hee I'm getting into this malarkey!

BoingBoing · 02/09/2007 17:37

I have to listen live. Otherwise I'd never hear it - even my work pc won't let me do it . But I did record it onto, ahem, cassette. How 20th Century!

BoingBoing · 02/09/2007 17:45

Sorry, I should've said - on Listen Again, it'll be at just after the 1 hour mark - he was on from 2-2.30pm.

Berrie · 02/09/2007 18:54

Thanks! I hate all that trying to find it business!

binkleandflip · 02/09/2007 19:14

Lee is so lovely to look at, so charismatic on stage, very, very talented but by crikey he's boring to listen to in interviews!! How can this be? Do you think he's just witholding his personality a bit whilst he gets to grip with the whole fame thing?

LyraBelacqua · 02/09/2007 20:15

I know Binkle, it has put me off him a bit. Will I get banished from this thread for saying that
Boing, I've got my eye on you. Don't try any funny business. The tickets are mine.

Berrie · 02/09/2007 20:30

tee hee hee

oggsfrog · 03/09/2007 07:00
LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 08:26
Berrie · 03/09/2007 09:09

Ah but in my new spanx pants, I reckon I can fit in your pocket!

Berrie · 03/09/2007 09:38

Have just listened to Lee. I didn't think he was that bad...I'd still 'do' him!

BoingBoing · 03/09/2007 09:41

Boing is now fishing out her balaclava and black jumper ready to leap out on Lyra when she's least expecting it...Boing's looking for someone wearing nothing but jeans and lippy, carrying a mobile, keys and purse.

Binkle - I'd agree, although I prefer 'dull' to 'boring'. Maybe once he's got over the initial frenzy of interviews his sparkling charm & charisma may emerge....I hope!!!

BoingBoing · 03/09/2007 09:53

But don't get me wrong - I'd still 'do' him as well Berrie.

LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 10:53

Maybe I could wear a big coat and smuggle you all in under it. But they might get suspicious whe I lose 20 stone on the walk to the cloakroom and back.

BoingBoing · 03/09/2007 10:57

I'm short and promise to leave the stiletos at home. And maybe not eat between now and tomorrow night. That might help.

LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 13:39

Not sur we'll all fit into my little theatre seat though...

BoingBoing · 03/09/2007 15:08

Don't worry, I'll settle myself in the comfort of the dressing room.

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