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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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LoonyLyraLovegood · 20/07/2007 10:46

I thought it was time to move over here from Telly Addicts as we're now discussing Joseph the musical, and not Any Dream Will Do. The other thread was about to get too full anyway.
Berrie, Oggsfrog, BoingBoing, Binkleandflip, Slayerette and any other fans, sign up here.

OP posts:
binkleandflip · 03/09/2007 16:09

oh yes, goes without saying I'd still do him too

oggsfrog · 03/09/2007 17:02

I haven't heard that interview, but he didn't seem dull in the Joseph House...the Lewis impersonation "Chill Aaaaaart", the sexy american accented "Bardy for loife", the wrestling in rehearsals..........
Maybe it's just in the formal interview setting.

It goes without saying that I'd do him

Lyra, can you start a brand spanking new thread with your review? When can we expect said review? Is it worth me staying up specially? Aarrgh. I want to come.

Berrie · 03/09/2007 18:24

B*er that! Kidnap friend/partner and Lyra and both of us go in her place! (with boing and binkle in our bags of course)

oggsfrog · 03/09/2007 19:15

You know what I'm really regretting now? That I didn't use my new digital camera (which can capture loads of video with sound and has an optical zoom) to sneakily record some of the choice bits of the show.

We had nobody behind us and wee in the corner furthest away from the ushers.

The girl next to my mum was using her phone to take pics and wasn't caught.

Bugger. Missed opportunity

oggsfrog · 03/09/2007 19:17

we didn't wee in the corner. Honestly. We were in the corner

binkleandflip · 03/09/2007 20:59

gawd oggs!! We know you were excited but weeing in the corner

Lyra's there tomorrow isnt she? or is it tonight?

LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 22:04

It's tomorrow night
How's this for weird. That lovely little house we stayed in in France (see link further down thread), it turns out that it used to be owned by DP's boss's parents in law. They sold it last year, but DP's boss has stayed in it many times. We only know this because I found a French book on a bookshelf which had DP's boss's wife's name inside the front cover, and it's quite an unusual name, so I showed it to DP and he asked his boss about it today when he went back to work. Spooky!

binkleandflip · 03/09/2007 22:06

that is you were mystically drawn to it...

So tomorrow's the night then - on a scale of one to ten how excited about this are you right. now.

Are you starting a new thread with your review?

LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 22:13

On the excited scale, I'm probably only about a 5 at the moment
All I'm thinking about it the busy day I've got tomorrow afternoon, taking DS2 to gymnastics and DS1 to karate, then racing home to throw some dinner down their throats and hand then over to my mum, then struggling into central London when there's a tube strike on. Once i get to the theatre I'll be excited because all the hassley bits will be over.

LyraBelacqua · 03/09/2007 22:16

I will start a new thread with my review if you want. I'll try to do it on the night but if we're back late it might have to wait till the morning. I should hopefully be home by 11ish though.
I'm definitely going to sneak my mobile phone camera in though to get some sneaky pics and post them on here. I'll just have to remember to turn off the flash so I don't get busted and thrown out.

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 07:00

Yay. Don't forget to Woo Woo for us too .

< your friend doesn't happen to look like your dh does she??>

Berrie · 04/09/2007 07:39

Happy birthday to yoooo
Happy birthday to yooooo
Happy birthday dear Lyyyyyrrrraaaa
Happy birthday to you !

Berrie hands over small beautifully wrapped parcel...let us know what's in it.

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 09:19

Yet another birthday! Have a good one Lyra. Are you doing anything special at all to celebrate today?
Hands over big bunch of flowers and another tube of that Boots stuff - not that I think you need it you understand, but prevention is always better than cure honey!

oggsfrog · 04/09/2007 09:29

Oops Happy Birthday Lyra (didn't realise it was today

Happy Birthday Lyra

LyraBelacqua · 04/09/2007 09:46

Thanks all. Great gifts Berrie, what were you thinking.
I dreamt about Joseph last night. I dreamt that I looked at my watch and it was 6.58pm and I was in a panic about how I was going to get to the Adelphi in two minutes. Then I dreamt that i was frantically trying to get to the train before it left and just got there by the skin of my teeth but I was still late getting to the theatre and they turned me away. Then in the last dream I was at the performance but with the DSs and they kept needing the toilet/a drink etc and i missed most of it. Then Lee asked if he could pick up DS2 and he screamed and screamed until Lee put him down.

Berrie · 04/09/2007 09:51

Oh would be worth the ds's screams to be that close to Lee!

Berrie · 04/09/2007 09:53

Are you going to loiter for autographs?

Are you going to get him to write one to Lyra, Berrie, Binlke and Oggs?

Do you think Slayerette will come back now Dh is back at work?

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 10:00

Oi Berrie - don't I get an autograph?

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:11

Oh I always do that
I knew there was someone missing which is why I mentioned Slayerette. My time was limited for thinking as dd was eating the potato she was printing with then rolling it across the carpet...Sooooo sorry!
(Berrie looks round to see if anything else is going wrong while she is once more turned away to see dd now drinking her cold but strong black coffee...that's the afternoon sleep b*ered then)

Berrie presents Boing with a conciliatory bunch of flowers...but only garage ones as it is Lyra's birthday and she might get upset as it is her special day.

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:12

Does anyone know why it only puts in one star?

LyraBelacqua · 04/09/2007 10:12

I think I will loiter if DP doesn't mind (it is my birthday so I can insist).

BoingBoing · 04/09/2007 10:17

Berrie - all is forgiven. Group hug all round.

But I'd advise you to tell DD to step away from the coffee.

Lyra, loiter all you like

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:17

Do we put stars in for politeness sake or is it actually not allowed to swear?

(Berrie glances round to see dd tottering across the carpet swigging from a carton of juice she's found in the fridge spilling all over floor and wonders a. if dd is perchance thirsty and b. whether the gods are telling her to get off the laptop and pay her children some attention...But I did blimmin' painting, before 10am...surely that deserves several hundred points?)

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:19

And...I cleaned ALLL day yesterday because of guests at weekend for bloody Father's wedding...

Berrie · 04/09/2007 10:21

Actually...I have not actually done the cleaning bit yet...just the tidying.

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