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TTC December

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AussieMum888 · 03/03/2023 01:21

Hi everyone,
Thought I'd create a new thread as the TTC Oct and Nov we're so helpful to me :) There were so many BFPs in the Nov group so statistics doing their thing there will be lots of BFPS in this Dec thread too which is super exciting.

Im currently on CD3 of my 5th cycle TTC #2.

OP posts:

Cindy1802 · 01/04/2023 19:24

BFN today for me but only 9DPO. Don't even know why I tested cos I knew it was early, and didn't even use FMU. However having said that I still think I'm out!

Anyone ever had a positive after a stark negative at 9DPO?


Mummyme87 · 01/04/2023 19:30

@HannahLouD you are definitely pregnant my lovely, fabulous tests with great line progression. Congratulations


buckingmad · 01/04/2023 19:31

AF has arrived on CD38 🙄 think my miscarriage last month messed up my ovulation this month. But roll on next cycle! Maybe see some of you ladies on next months thread and congrats to those that got their BFPs xx


Peaceandloves · 01/04/2023 19:37

@Cindy1802 I am same dpo as you and also got a BFN today. Here's to hoping we have just tested too soon lovely

@HannahLouD congratulations love xxx


Babyhopeful23 · 01/04/2023 19:57

Hi all I’m out too. AF arrived after me buying an expensive FRER 🙄
Anyways onto the next cycle. Looking back at my period tracker my cycle varies so much 31 days, 28days, 33 days, 30 days and this one is 29 days. Is everyone like that?


HannahLouD · 01/04/2023 20:22

Ah thank you so much everyone! I'm going to try my best to relax a bit now... I've got some more ics so I'll probably carry on with those until I hopefully get a dye stealer but I'm not testing with frers everyday now... It's getting wayyy too expensive 😶
Still a long way from out the woods but feeling better than I was and just have to take each day as it comes and hope for the best 🤞you ladies are literally the best! Don't know what I'd do without you and this thread these past few rollercoaster days!! ❤️

@Cindy1802 I had the whitest of white tests at 9dpo... No hint of any sort of line whatsoever and then to my massive surprise, got a fairly obviously line the next morning! You're defo not out at 9dpo! 🤞


Cindy1802 · 01/04/2023 21:25

@HannahLouD ah that's interesting... I have promised myself I won't test again now til Monday but now I'm tempted to test tomorrow! I honestly don't think this month has worked for us so feel like i want to put myself out of my misery and just see a BFN tomorrow and accept it. Why do we do this to ourselves?!

Huge congrats to you on your BFP ❤️


lottieb92 · 01/04/2023 22:32

“Drink til it’s pink” was my sister’s advice to me … drinking in TWW acceptable as you never know when it’s your last tipple!

I’m so cross we went out again tonight and I was trying to drag OH home as it’s O day… we aren’t home yet and I’m already struggling to keep eyes open, after this whole SMEP today of all days … ah well I’m so looking forward to the TWW for once! 1DPO tomorrow whoO


Floralsandsmiles · 02/04/2023 00:29

@Angelselevenx @Seasidegirll @Tryingtoconceivenumber2 @lottieb92 thank you all for your replies, I had a couple of drinks tonight, which was nice to be sociable, but nothing too crazy. I don't want to do anything to sway a BFN. However agreed that a couple wouldn't hurt as its only 1DPO.


Floralsandsmiles · 02/04/2023 00:30

HannahLouD · 01/04/2023 18:02

Loving the bfps! 😍 Hope everyone's doing ok and having a good weekend so far!
I got my 2-3 weeks at 14dpo this afternoon... Maybe I can chill a little bit... 🤞

@HannahLouD I knew it! Congratulations love! Enjoy it 🥰 xxx


Angelselevenx · 02/04/2023 06:39

Struggling to get good pictures cause of the lighting but I've got line progression 🤞🏼 top one was yesterday 11dpo, bottom today 12DPO

TTC December

Peaceandloves · 02/04/2023 06:55

Angelselevenx · 02/04/2023 06:39

Struggling to get good pictures cause of the lighting but I've got line progression 🤞🏼 top one was yesterday 11dpo, bottom today 12DPO

Can't quite see the top line but definitely the bottom! Congratulations love!


Peaceandloves · 02/04/2023 07:02

I just took a FRER and have a vvfl. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will test again tomorrow

TTC December
TTC December

Angelselevenx · 02/04/2023 07:06

@Peaceandloves eek keep us updated! That's how mine looked yesterday, I just can't get a good photo 😅 how many dpo are you?


Peaceandloves · 02/04/2023 07:08

@Angelselevenx I'm 9 or 10dpo today (app says ten but think I actually ovulated a day later). Yes really hard to photo. The test yesterday was a stark BFN so I'm just keeping hopeful.

When I was pregnant with my son I had implantation bleeding and haven't had it this cycle so assumed I was out.


Angelselevenx · 02/04/2023 07:10

@Peaceandloves I had a vvvvfl on a IC at 9DPO, fingers crossed for progression for you tomorrow. How long have you been TTC your second?

I've had a bit of brown spotting since yesterday which I think is normal as AF was due to come yesterday


Peaceandloves · 02/04/2023 07:11

@Angelselevenx that sounds normal to me :)

This is our second month ttc our second but we caught first time with our son which was great but has massively skewed my expectations of my own fertility. I am trying this cycle to be positive and calm.


bringmearainbow · 02/04/2023 07:24

@Angelselevenx @Peaceandloves ladies what fab news congrats 🥳


Peaceandloves · 02/04/2023 07:28

Looks a bit more visible in b&w. Who knows. Fingers and toes crossed for now. X

TTC December

Seasidegirll · 02/04/2023 07:30

@Angelselevenx oh wow, that’s great line progression from yesterday, your line from today looks really strong! Congratulations 🥰

@Peaceandloves i definitely see something, especially in the B&W photo!! I’ve got everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻 X


Angelselevenx · 02/04/2023 07:34

@Seasidegirll thank you 🤍


Floralsandsmiles · 02/04/2023 08:13

Great line progression @Angelselevenx ! Congrats! And I can see a line @Peaceandloves ! Even more so in the black and white! Congrats to you too! Xxx


lottieb92 · 02/04/2023 08:27

sooo many positives today I forgot who I need to tag!
but huge congratulations and I hope this is as they say “a lucky thread” 🤣 used to cringe at that saying but for selfish reasons I bloody hope it is.

officially 1DPO this is going to draaaaaag 🤭


Tryingtoconceivenumber2 · 02/04/2023 08:40

@Angelselevenx and @Peaceandloves congratulations. @Peaceandloves I had implantation on my first but not with this one as well. I'm discovering each pregnancy is really different x


Moriquendi · 02/04/2023 08:41

@Angelselevenx @Peaceandloves Can definitely see those lines!! Congratulations 🥳. 🤞 for a sticky one.

And thanks for the congrats @Peaceandloves @Floralsandsmiles Got a Frer for this morning’s test and very happy with the line 😊

Got my fingers crossed for a December baby for everyone!!

TTC December
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