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melliek · 06/04/2004 19:08

Does anyone have any insite on this??? I am only 4 weeks preg but already I am having pain and spotting. This is my third preg and the past two were mc. I have a very bad feeling about this already. I went to the docs today and basically its a waiting game. I am booked for a scan on the 26th of April but I dont know what to do until then. I feel so depressed because I think its inevidable that this one is going to end up the same as the others...all of the symptoms are the same. Pain in the left ovary (sharp) and slight brown spotting yesterday...and today there was a little red. I just dont know what to think or do...

OP posts:

emmatmg · 06/04/2004 19:23

Hi melliek, firstly just wanted to send a big hug for you{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

Secondly, I had spotting like you are having(brown then red with pains) with Ds3 and he's here fine and well. I've not been in your position with M/C's, and I thank my lucky stars for that, but maybe this episode of spotting is implantation.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hugs again.


bunny2 · 06/04/2004 20:05

Melliek, big hug to you. You must be going through hell. This pregnancy started off with a week of spotting and I was convinced it was another mc then I had one episode of bright red bleeding last week (2 mcs, 7 wks pg) and I was hysterical. A scan showed all was ok. I cant imagine how nervous you feel with the bleeding continuing. I have had lots of pains but I think they are very common in early pregnancy and to do with everything stretching. So, what I am trying to say is that the spotting and pain arent necessarily a miscarriage. Keep in touch and keeo hoping. Bunnyxxx


Nutcracker · 06/04/2004 20:09

Just wanted to say that I had brownish spotting and then lots of bright red blood, which didn't stop until i was about 14/16 weeks. My Dd is now 6yrs old.
Hope everything is o.k for you. Good luck.


Azure · 07/04/2004 08:32

Melliek - so sorry to hear about this. How are you today?


yankiegirl · 07/04/2004 08:38

Melliek Big hugs to you and hope you are better today. The same happened to my friend, 4 IVF treatments and 4 mc before she successfully had a pregnancy and now has 2 beautiful children. They found out that she was miscarrying because her body was creating antibodies which were attacking the baby and causing the mc - by simply taking baby asprin the problem was resolved. So please keep faith as they know so much more these days and can help. I was told I couldn't have children and even if I did get preg I would mc, but have a DS who is 6 months!


aloha · 07/04/2004 09:08

My friend has had many mc and tried to get pg for five years - she's now 4months but had horrendous bleeding for first few weeks - huge blood clots the lot. She's still very pg though. It is possible but of course, it varies so much according to the individual pregnancy.


gothicmama · 07/04/2004 09:15

Big hugs keep positive and put feet up as much as possible I had similar (5 mc's followed by ectopic) then preg and spotting ( have dd now)try to avoid anything with vitA including supplements and hard I know but try not to worry good luck


melliek · 07/04/2004 13:54

Well , I think its on its way out. Last night in the tub I lost some tissue, not alot and nothing large, but it was red none the least. Today I am spotting more heavily and it is red, so,,,,,this really is dissapointing. Thanks for everyones supposrt, it really does help.

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 07/04/2004 13:55

Sorry Melliek

Have you seen a specialist about it?


lazyeye · 07/04/2004 13:57

Thinking of you Melliek. If this is another m/c as its your 3rd you can probably ask for some investigation.

All the best & be kind to yerself.


Nutcracker · 07/04/2004 14:07

Oh sorry to hear this Melliek. Thinking of you.


Azure · 07/04/2004 14:16

Melliek, sorry that your fears appear to have been confirmed. At least now you should be able to get the referral / investigation needed. Take care.


Welshmum · 07/04/2004 14:19

I am so sorry to hear about what you're going through. So sorry. Hugs


Welshmum · 07/04/2004 14:22

I am so sorry to hear about what you're going through. So sorry. Hugs


eyelash · 07/04/2004 18:37


I am really sorry you are going through this. I do understand how you are feeling as I have been in your situation and as somebody else has said you should now easily get a referral for further investigation. I am not sure which part of the country you are in but there are some excellent recurrent miscarriage clinics around and your doctor should help with that. Also, the Lesley Regan book on miscarriages is fantastic.

You (and your partner) will be feeling despondant, upset, gutted, incredulous, etc at the moment and the more you can talk about it, express your feelings and work through your pain, the better.

There is a fantastic thread on recurrent miscarriage and the referral process. I am no good at links (bunny2 - can you help?) but it is in the miscarriage section. If it is any consolution, I had 3 miscarriages in a row (and a previous one), got a referral, and am now 15 weeks pregnant having had the most fantastic care at the recurrent miscarriage clinic at the Women's Hospital in Liverpool.

Sorry this is so long. We are all thinking of you.


fisil · 07/04/2004 18:44

Big hugs melliek. Where are you? Could you get to an early pregnancy unit? Could you get yourself to A&E? I lost my baby 3 weeks ago at 9 weeks. I had scans at 4, 7 & 9 weeks and bloods done at 5 weeks.

Without all of that support it would have been a million times worse - in fact the first medical opinion I sought (at 4 weeks I went to my GP) told me to pull myself together and go back to work. Stupid advice, and luckily I didn't listen to it. I went out and got all the support I could - and I am so glad I did.

I am really feeling for you, I know how horrific it is. Big hugs ((((()))))


bunny2 · 07/04/2004 20:42

Melliek, big hugs to you. I know how much you wanted this baby and it seems so unfair. I'll see if I can find the recurrent miscarriage clinic thread in case you havent read it.


bunny2 · 07/04/2004 20:47

here is the clinic thread

Hugs again


melliek · 08/04/2004 01:34

Thank you so much to everyone, having support does help, espically if people have gone through it before. I talked to the receptionist at the clinic today(oddly because I didn't make a follow up appt after I left yesterday...I knew things were not going right) and I told her that things seemed to be on the down slide. I am to keep my scan on the 26th to see if I pass it or not and they are going to refer me to a specialist. Unfortunatly there is no mc clinic here. I am in New Brunswick Canada and we do not have wonderful fact I dont even have a doctor.
Now today, I spotted a little this morning and that was it. Tiny pieces of something come out every now and then but its not bright red or anything. I just wish I knew for it done or is there a slight chance in hell that its hanging on....wishful I know. Thanks again to all of you, I really do need this.

OP posts:

bunny2 · 08/04/2004 19:43

Melliek, I think you sound incredibly brave. I hope you get the help you so deserve. Are there no miscarriage clinics within travelling distance?


gothicmama · 08/04/2004 21:28

Thinking of you if you need support feel free to send pm keep the faith big hugs


Quackers · 08/04/2004 21:46

I am so very sorry Melliek. I know how much this meant to you. I do hope you can get some help and further investigation by some means. Are you able to see an Ob/Gyn over there to refer you somewhere? Hugs, I am sorry {{{{}}}}


melliek · 09/04/2004 14:08

ok,,,This is really strange. I have passed alot of tissue, it wasn't red but clear,,,but the things is is that I am not bleeding yet. I spot from time to time, mabey twice aday I will have bright spotting but then nothing. I have absolutely no cramping either,,,,when will this happen? Obviously the fetus did not form at all because there has not been any clotting. This is so strange, I have never passed a mc on my own before, how long is this going to take before I will start to bleed and be done with ?

OP posts:

bunny2 · 09/04/2004 14:36

I cant help you with that one Melliek, surely there is a doctor who can see you and arrange a scan? More hugs to you.


Quackers · 10/04/2004 14:35

Melliek, Hi again, please can you try and see a Doctor for a scan. I don;t want to be too graphic at all, but you describe it being clear. Do you mean clear fluid or clear clots?? I passed the sac in one of my m/c's and it was a clear/beigy colour with some 'bits'. Everyone is different and it can take anything from a few days to a few weeks to clear out. Sometimes it doesn;t clear properly and you need a ERPC to just finish off. If you are not bleeding properly you should have a scan. I carried around my poor little one for weeks and weeks and weeks before they agreed to do the ERPC. I wish I had have just demanded it as there was no sign of it coming out on it;s own properly. Hugs Melliek, I am thinking of you {{{{{}}}}}

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