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Trying to Conceive Thread . . . .3!!

461 replies

Mum2Ela · 23/01/2004 14:30

Right oh.

I thought the TTC Thread no. 2 was getting a bit depressing and we all need cheering up with extra sprinkles of babydust, so I thought I would start a new thread.

I also have a motive - having looked back at the last 4 ttc threads I have noticed (being the sad person I am) that the thread originators all became pg during the life of the thread.

So . .

Here's me:

24 years old, DD 16 months, ttc since September.

Anyone joining me on this nw, happy thread?

OP posts:

Mum2Ela · 23/01/2004 14:31

This is the new thread.

OP posts:

fisil · 23/01/2004 14:31

I agree. I promise not to be all grumpy.

And me:

30 years old next Thursday (very excited, can't wait!) DS 12 months, ttc since August


futurity · 23/01/2004 14:35

Me too!

29 years old, DS - 2 last week, ttc since December (not long I know!)


Mum2Ela · 23/01/2004 14:50

Fisil and Futurity - welcome!

Fisil - advanced congrats for your birthday next week! Are you doing anything nice (of
course, apart from lots of birthday shagging!)

Futurity - just bein nosey now. Have you completed one cycle since ttc or are you still in the middle of your first?

OP posts:

jellycat · 23/01/2004 15:13

Good idea, Mum2Ela, this can be our happy thread.

Me: late thirties (you girls are so young!), ds nearly 2, ttc since July.

Happy birthday for next week, fisil.


Mum2Ela · 23/01/2004 15:18

Jellycat, am I right in saying you are a regukar poster whom doesn't want to give their real name away?

can we have some clues pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase?

& for stats sake, currently we are all going for DS / DD no. 2!

OP posts:

BeckiF · 23/01/2004 15:40

Count me in!

Me = 33 no children at all, PCOS, VERY irregular cycles (currently day 103), dp had vasectomy reversal in 2001. Waiting for me to lose weight b4 starting ICSI (plenty wrigglers on ice waiting!). Still hoping to be blessed and achieve naturally!


Mum2Ela · 23/01/2004 15:51

Welcome Welcome BeckiF!

Good luck for conceiving naturally! Hope it works out for you!

Hope you AF arrives soon too!

ps. what isICSI?

OP posts:

Azure · 23/01/2004 16:22

(Takes deep breath) here's me: 37, DS 2.4, TTC for a year before becoming pg then miscarrying in October at 11.5 weeks. M/c took over 2 months to clear up but have now had the all-clear. Logic says stick to one child and don't TTC again: in fate's hands at the moment.


BeckiF · 23/01/2004 16:24

ICSI = where they inject a sperm straight into the egg, see if it takes then put it back! Hence the emotional of not even being there when your baby is conceived


futurity · 23/01/2004 16:56

Mum2Ela:Came off to the pill 3 months ago and periods pretty much back to normal. TTC last month but my DH was ill over xmas so didn't really happen so period turned up 2 weeks ago tomorrow..which means this weekend we shall be busy!!


jellycat · 23/01/2004 16:57

Mum2Ela, yes I do have another nickname for my regular posts, but I'm not a prolific poster and I don't think we've `met' before. Sorry, I'd rather not give you any hints because I was rather surprised when I found out that I'd been rumbled before and I really don't want people I know in real life to read the details of our efforts at ttc! Sorry, I hope you understand. I promise to reveal myself if I graduate from your new and hopefully very lucky thread .

BTW, I didn't mean to suggest you all sounded depressed, just that I felt you would understand if I needed to sound off about this ttc business.


ermentrude · 23/01/2004 18:53

Oh it slipped my mind to mention that I too was a regular poster with a different name.


juicypips · 23/01/2004 19:36

Hi girls, 28 years, started ttc august last year then fell preggers in september then sadly m/c at 10 weeks. Waited for one period then got the green light to try again, so have been trying since, period will be due in a week, am soooo hoping! Good luck and love girlies, a lucky, lucky year for us all, im sure, can feel it in my waters!!


ermentrude · 23/01/2004 20:28

I have ordered one of the basal temperature thermometers from Boots online.
I told DH and he thought I was crazy! He thinks we are being too eager though he wants a baby too.
Surely it will be benefical to record temperatures anyway - to get to grips with my cycle?


Quackers · 23/01/2004 20:40

Hiya Ermentrude. I couldn't see the benefit for ages of temping but when I tried it I couldn't live without it when ttc! It gives such an amazing insight into your cycles. Show your DH/P a full cycle and show him where you ov and where it dips before AF or keeps high if PG!!! Mine even had a dip where the embryo implanted which happens sometimes! He'll be amazed. You'll know precisely when you ov. If you want more help on temping, go to and download the handbook. It's good bedtime reading! No scrap that, something else more important you should be doing in bed!!!! If you need any help on temping though, just ask!!
Good luck all on this new thread!


bluestar · 23/01/2004 20:51

I'll join the new thread too. TTC #2, ds 3, I will be 30 this year, took 8 months to conceive then mc last summer, been doing my temps this month and have now ov'd so in the 2ww. Agree with Quackers about temping, gives you a real insight, also worth recording how you feel on a daily basis, eg, I get strong cramps just before ov on one side, and very bad headaches just after, start to see a pattern after a couple of months. Good luck to us all.


hana · 23/01/2004 23:19

ttc #2
dd 2.4

lots of sad things about m/c and terminations, but won't put them down. Onwards and upwards....

positive thoughts rub off don't they??
hana xx

and so much for staying away!!!!!!


Moomin · 24/01/2004 19:45

ttc for 13 months
Dd 2 yrs 4 m
Fertile at the mo so lots of rumpy pumpy with my gorgeous dh last week and this weekend!!


Kay1 · 24/01/2004 20:26

can i join too? Am new(ish) to this whole thing but have checked out this site and especially this thread for ideas and suggestions over the past few months - very recently discovered fertilityfriend and the temping thing is really really helpful - reassured me that i am still ovulating and am not yet menopausal!!

38, ds is now 5, ttc for just over a year


Azure · 26/01/2004 10:24

A/f came this weekend - was not expecting to be due until next w/e. It was my first proper cycle after the m/c, and during the prime ov time DH and I were staying in a hotel without DS for our wedding anniverary (hence lots of bd'ing). Have been quite tearful, which is ridiculous.


Moomin · 26/01/2004 10:42

No, not ridiculous at all, Azure. You're still grieving for the baby you lost. Perhaps you've also done what I've done several times since ttc, and that's build a conception around one "ideal" situation or another. I was convinced I'd conceived in June because we'd been in Edinburgh for my b'day and it was very romantic... I did the same in August for our wedding anniv, all to no avail. It's another way of raising hopes too much a bit I think. I know everyone always says to relax and it's by far the best policy but it's SO HARD, isn't it?!!! Try not to be too hard on yourself and all the best for next month... xx


BigBird · 26/01/2004 10:42

me - ttcing #2 for a year. dd was 2 last mth.
Have been temping since last Summer. It is great.


pollingfold · 26/01/2004 10:43


Totally understand the tears, many of us have been there, its like a bolt through the heart when you see the signs of Af arrival.

I was the same and my Dh couldn't quite understand my distress, he took the view that although it was sad to have a m/c the poisitive was that we had been pg and therefore we would be again.....he was right.

Stay happy, and book another weekend away for a bit of nookie!!


fisil · 26/01/2004 10:56

I understand the tears too. It is not easy! When I was having counselling the (male) counsellor told me that there is nothing wrong in indulging in a little bit of fantasy thinking during those two weeks between the perfect prime time bding and the af. I totally disagree. If I let myself get carried away in those two weeks, the blow of getting my period is even worse.

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