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Trying To Concieve Thread........

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M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
M2T · 26/11/2003 12:36

Thanks CD!

I can't help you with the Shingles thing I'm afraid. i just don't know.... I could do a wee MSN Search if you like. You really are having a rotten time! What makes you think you have Shingles?? Please remember that you can get a rash with Glandular Fever, I remember one of my friends being covered from head to toe!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 26/11/2003 12:39

Well it's more like a burning stabbing sensation up my right arm in two distinct areas, no rash yet but GP reckons is shingles as it attacks you when you are run down. Poo poo poo is all I can say to all this illness. NEVER going to be able to conceive at this rate

M2T · 26/11/2003 12:45

Have a read.... sounds like its okay, but stay away from other pg ladies!

Dr Ben Peyton-Jones says:
Shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus, and it appears as a painful rash of tiny blisters, usually on the arms, legs or body. You can't 'catch' shingles from anyone else — it appears in people who have had chicken pox. The virus tends to lay dormant for a number of years, but then can reactivate and manifest itself as the painful shingles rash.

Whilst there is a close connection between shingles and chicken pox, there is no evidence to suggest that shingles in pregnancy will lead to any problems with your baby. This is probably because you have immunity to the virus, and this immunity is passed on to your baby. This is not the case with chicken pox, as a small percentage of babies whose mothers catch chicken pox when they are pregnant have birth defects.

Although you cannot give anybody shingles, it is possible to pass the virus on as chicken pox. For this reason, you should avoid other pregnant women if you are suffering from shingles, waiting until the lesions on your skin have healed up before you make contact.

Your doctor will be able to discuss which treatment can help to relieve your symptoms with you. You may find that the treatment you are considering is not licensed for use during pregnancy, so you may want to talk this through, and think about whether the benefits outweigh any possible risks

OP posts:
quackers · 26/11/2003 13:58

M2T, just caught up here!!!! Well I thought a postive stays a positive for at least 48 hrs. That's what first resp says. I got a pos 3 days b4 with first resp and it stayed pos (faint line) for a few days, then I did clear blue digital (posh I know, Their fab!!) it was much stronger. Try a first resp if you can in the am!!!!
Good luck!!!!

M2T · 26/11/2003 14:00

Cheers Quacks.
If I am then this baby is rrrrrreally keen to get here quickly!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 26/11/2003 14:05

Thanks M2T that's really kind of you. I feel much happier about it!c

quackers · 26/11/2003 15:13

CD, I had shinlges 3 weeks before my wedding. It was awful, ruined hen night and all honeymoon was covered in scabs! Urgh. It's a good opportunity for some tlc and rest (if possible)!! Get wellxx

M2T - good luck for tommorow!!! A line is a line!!

M2T · 26/11/2003 15:19

Tempted to get another one this evening....

CD - On a plus point.... when my Dad had Shingles it was painful for a few days then he got some blisters in a very small area on his hip and that was it. Cleared up with no scarring apparently. So it may just be a mild infection. CHin up.

OP posts:
M2T · 26/11/2003 15:29

OH just had a thought!! If I am pg, then I'm due 7th of August!! I might be able to start the Anyone due August 2004 thread!!!

OP posts:
SpringChicken · 26/11/2003 15:32

Go on M2T - i dare you! ;o

CountessD - i had shingles - several year ago mind, so can't remember a great deal about it!
I was young at the time and everyone was very surprised that a child had got it - however, me and my brother both had it & it was defo shingles!

As i said, cant remember alot but i know it was very irritating, felt awful but didn't last too long!

Put your feet up and get some rest girl - you must be run down!

SpringChicken · 26/11/2003 15:33

Try again

oliveoil · 26/11/2003 15:33

Who are you again, v confused with this name changing.

M2T - STAY OFF THEM STICKS (you have been warned once already)

M2T · 26/11/2003 15:40

lol OO...
It's our own little MN baby.... the 19 year old?? guess yet??

OP posts:
oliveoil · 26/11/2003 15:42

Am I allowed to put it? Lucky 7?

M2T · 26/11/2003 15:43

The very one! There may be a few changes on the way.... have a look at the change Mumsnet name thread.

OP posts:
SpringChicken · 26/11/2003 15:47

Sorry - just realised not everyone would realise who i was! DER!

It is I, the true spring chicken - Jemma7

oliveoil · 26/11/2003 15:47

I did but I still got confused. You troll.

quackers · 26/11/2003 16:08

God now I'm confused! So our beloved Jems is now spring chicken???? Right I'm changing my name to bogroll!

M2T · 26/11/2003 16:23

Bogroll?? Why? lol.

OP posts:
quackers · 26/11/2003 16:32

First thing that came to mind!!!! God knows why!!!
Don't even need to go!

SpringChicken · 26/11/2003 16:38

Do u keep a stash with you just in case quack-meister

princesspeahead · 26/11/2003 16:38

i'm willing to bet that m2t is preggers - congrats!

CountessDracula · 26/11/2003 17:21

Yeah me too. M2T when are you stick-pissing again?

Thanks for all your shingles stories! Luckily am already laid up with glandular fever so won't even notice it prob.

dinosaur · 26/11/2003 18:03

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

hana · 26/11/2003 18:03

I too fished the stick out of the garbage when I first tested with dd a couple of years ago. I remember being so so disappointed when the line didn't instantly appear, so chucked it away. Only a few hours later did I think to recheck...and there it was. That would be such wonderful news M2T (and bloody fast!) so fingers crossed for you !!

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