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Chronic pain

Colonoscopy prep URGENT!

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Bubbles1995 · 22/07/2022 20:43


So I'm in for my colonoscopy tomorrow at 8am. Only managed 80% of my first litre and just about to start my second just keep gagging.

I don't know what to do. I know I need to finish it but when I say the struggle is real. It really is real. TMI but the first drink has kicked in a half an hour again after starting at 5:30 but I don't think I can manage another litre

OP posts:
Sunfriedegg · 22/07/2022 20:44

Drink a lot of water with it, you can do it!!

Bubbles1995 · 22/07/2022 20:45

@Sunfriedegg thank you! I'm trying but my god the taste is awful!!! Tried adding cordial in and still a no go 😩

OP posts:
Belle89 · 22/07/2022 20:46

Better if super chilled, you can add a small amount of cordial to it as well I believe.
You have my sympathies, it's horrid

MissyB1 · 22/07/2022 20:46

Which one is it? Try adding orange squash, just don’t add blackcurrant. And try drinking through a straw - helps a little.
To be honest I vomited most of my second one back but it still worked.

FelicityBeedle · 22/07/2022 20:46

Is it as cold as you can get it? It’s meant to be better with a straw. Go childlike and hold your nose. If you don’t finish it you’ll only have to start over for another one!

Jedstre · 22/07/2022 20:47

You can dilute it more than it states so it’s not as thick (and disgusting). Good luck with the procedure.

MunsteadWood · 22/07/2022 20:47

Chill it so it's really cold, add squash /cordial and drink it through a straw pushed far back in your mouth so it doesn't touch so much of your tongue. Little sips, and quickly follow each one with a sip of water to take away the taste. You can do it!!

mrsfollowill · 22/07/2022 20:48

You can put light coloured squash in ( no blackcurrant) and chill it in the fridge or freezer - that helps a bit. You have to do it fully though - don't stop - DH has one every three years and I once saw a guy turned away on the day because he had not managed to complete the prep. Keep going - its miserable but has to be done.

Flopisfatteningbingforchristmas · 22/07/2022 20:48

Have a break of 20 mins. Sip a glass of water. Try again.

Simplehappyzen · 22/07/2022 20:48

Hi, it really is vile stuff isn't it. I did all the usual, extra cold, used a straw etc but couldn't get the second one down. The procedure still went ahead and worked...just do what you can and good luck 👍

GrannyAchingsShepherdsHut · 22/07/2022 20:49

You have to just neck it. It's awful, I know, but you've got to do it.

Worst case scenario if you don't is they won't be able to see what they need to and you'll have to do it all again Sad

I poured 250ml into a glass and necked it, and had a glass of water ready to chase it with to try to get rid of the taste. I set a timer to do that every 30 mins.

Best of luck Flowers

greenacrylicpaint · 22/07/2022 20:49

I would like to know why they prescribe a 'clearing' solution that is so difficult to take.

I was prescribed picolax, which is 'only' one cup of vileness. just about enough to swallow in one go.

wish you all the best for the procedure op

KittyCatsby · 22/07/2022 20:51

No mistaking its grim , but get it down you !
soon as in , soon as out . Vaseline your bumhole , you'll thank me .Shock

Bubbles1995 · 22/07/2022 20:51

Thank you everyone. Literally sat here staring at the second litre with absolute dread. I'll make it thinner and I have been having orange cordial. I have only eaten 2 cheese strings for my "light breakfast" so hoping what's cleared out so far will cover me just in case I throw up the next lot!

I feel like no one else around me has had it so I'm glad to see all the advice and so quick!!

Thank you!

OP posts:
Bubbles1995 · 22/07/2022 20:53

@greenacrylicpaint I was just saying this to my OH. Why make it so vile and not "simpler" like a pill or something because 2 litres is a lot!

OP posts:
HelgaGPataki · 22/07/2022 20:54

I had to have it a few weeks ago and I sympathise, it's awful. I just downed loads at once and then gave myself a break. You have about an hour to drink the second litre so just take your time!

CoffeethenCrochet · 22/07/2022 20:56

You need a straw, positioned as far back as possible so you dont taste it. Plus as others have already said, make sure its super chilled. Having done so many nights of prep over the years I have perfected it now. Also recommend vaseline as a barrier cream, apply now and keep reapplying after every trip to the toilet - it will stop you getting sore.

Good luck!

MrsMigginsCat · 22/07/2022 20:56

Mix it with cold Coke Zero. Can't say it makes it taste wonderful but it does help it taste less vile.

Bubbles1995 · 22/07/2022 20:58

Whilst we're all so active. Does anyone mind sharing their stories. For example I was treated for acute colitis 4 years ago and have had attacks every since. I did the FIT blood test with my sample and it came back as 20. My blood tests come back normal. Has anyone else been diagnosed with colitis or crohns from a similar experience? X

OP posts:
ChubbyBubbles · 22/07/2022 20:58

I threw up drinking my prep too but I found the colder it was the better, I added lime cordial and held my nose drinking it fast through a straw so I didn't taste it too much.

ittakes2 · 22/07/2022 21:43

I did this last week and I have done about six in my life - if you are not cleaned out enough in the morning tell them when you arrive and they will give you enama to clean you out further.
I must admit I had the opposite problem the liquid was so much easier to drink than it had been in the past that I almost drank the litre in one go and had to pace myself. It does help a lot the colder it is. If it’s not cold I can’t see why you could not add ice cubes?

SammySueTwo · 22/07/2022 21:44

I had to take that stuff every day for months. It was vile but I got used to it.

Sunfriedegg · 22/07/2022 21:53

I was diagnosed with Crohnes following a colonoscopy. I now have had several colonoscopies, the prep is the worst bit, I don’t think you should drink Coke whilst you’ll are prepping became you want to give a clear view of your insides. Treatment for Crohnes for me has been very successful. Good luck tomorrow

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/07/2022 22:02

I had this last week and the 2nd lot is worse .
I was already hungry after the fast and a hair trigger vomit reflex after all the shitting

Cold , added squash
Held my nose and swallowed a glassfull then water .

I didn't vomit but came very close

Good Luck

ThanksMateThanksMate · 22/07/2022 22:03

For the (even more) difficult second litre, I caved and added diet coke.
I also had me 3DC and OH cheerlead me through each glass.

On the report the following day it was noted that my "prep" was "good" - no mention of sneaky cola.

This time tomorrow you'll feel blissful

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