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IMHO some people have gone completley batty

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RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 10:25

IMHO some people have gone batty

Some of the mad ideas I have read on here in last couple of days

Bonkerz the lot of them

How they treat their nannies or au pairs

They work long hours for not much pay.

There are some very fair parents who are working hard AND treat their au pair with



But others

who spend all their time finding something to moan about.........

Why can they not treat them the same way they would like their DD to be treated if she wanted to become an au pair?

Would they want their DD to work in same circumstances?



It is also the best job in the world and the most fun,

seeing their faces when they have completed a jigsaw puzzle

learnt how to build a tower with 3 bricks

Please remember to treat others as you would like to be treated


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 11:40


And the ones who care for them

are doing the most IMPORTANT job in the world

Whoever they are

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 21/04/2005 11:40

sorry, too many 'posts' in that

hunkermunker · 21/04/2005 11:41

Snafu Deffo brill

Blu · 21/04/2005 11:41

Hey, RTKanga, I hope you're not taking time out from the MIJITW (most important job in the world)to post on MN
(you are a chilminder aren't you, or have I got that wrong?)

RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 11:44

Sorry sonnet am just typing out loud

I am just saying that childcare providers do a very valuable job

because children are the most important people in the world

IMHO people who disagree are completely BATTY

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 11:46

Correct Yes I am a Childminder but mindees mum had a new baby DS last week so is on maternity leave

Thank you for your concern

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 21/04/2005 11:46

IMO, it's not that people who employ au pairs and the like on the lower end of the wage scale don't appreciate what they do, or value them any less than those who pay at the upper end, more that the families who pay the lower end of the scale can only afford to pay a certain amount. If the au pair doesn't like the pay-scale then he/she can decline the job at interview level or later.

Sonnet · 21/04/2005 11:48

completely agree RTKanga - just think that somebody somewhere will think there is an ulterior message posted in that - and all hell will break loose yet again this week!!
( it is like a red rug to a bull!)

RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 11:48

Sorry ndp but I like and

rather than

HunkerMunker deffo brill got u doing it

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 21/04/2005 11:49

You are entitled to use as many as you like.

watershipdown · 21/04/2005 11:50

Can I butt in for a mo. What is this thread about? Who are the Batty people? What do you think a Childminders roll is? Sorry no confused emoticon.

PuffTheMagicDragon · 21/04/2005 11:50

It's your point of view RTKM and you're entitled to it.

I think it's like any job - there are good employers, adequate employers and shite employers. Same goes for employees.

flamesparrow · 21/04/2005 11:53

Lol @ red rug to bull!!!

JoolsToo · 21/04/2005 11:56

think that will be used a lot! - have used it myself already in RL!

Ameriscot2005 · 21/04/2005 11:57

How can you honestly believe that being a childcarer is "the most important job in the world"? There are lots of important jobs in the world - some of them far more important that childcare.

If there were no nannies or childminders, women would simply stay at home, to look after their own children, get help from a relative, or would send them to a nursery.

And the fact is that lots of people could do the job of a nanny if they wanted to - it's not rocket science and you can develop your career without even getting 5 A-C GCSEs. So, your particularly nanny/childminder job isn't the most important in the world because you are replaceable, either by another for-profit carer/institution, a relative or a parent.

Why the "most important job" competition? It's a very narrow view of the world, and one that I find concerning when interacting with the minds of our precious children.

WigWamBam · 21/04/2005 12:08

KM is just asking for people to give the same respect to their childcare providers as they would expect to be given themselves. She's asking for people to be nice and respect each other. She hasn't named anyone, slagged anyone off, or said that anyone needs lynching. She has been polite in her posts, which is more than can be said for some people lately on various MN threads.

It seems to me that, in KM's opinion, looking after children in whatever capacity one does it is the most important job in the world, as children are the future of our world. Isn't she entitled to believe that? SAHMs are always saying that they feel undervalued; isn't it a refreshing change to see someone acknowledging that taking care of children is an important job, whoever is doing it?

And I have to say that I have never seen KM turn any thread into a battle ground. Certain other posters do it frequently, but KM isn't one of them. Read her post at face value; there is nothing contentious in it.

I'm off back under my stone; none of this is worth getting het up about.

JoolsToo · 21/04/2005 12:11

come back!

RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:13

The Batty people IMHO

are the ones who do NOT think that children are the MOST important people in the world

But I realise that that is just my opinion

BTW I am very happy with the amount I earn as a childminder I only work part time by choice.

I understand that due to money earnt by families determines the amount paid to au pairs but do they feel it is fair to expect them to work for nearly 12 hours a day, for 20% of the family income?

Why boast about it? And then moan about the quality of care given, which IMHO is not quality care anyway. But can Quality and Quantity be both be given?

But parents look after their own children too and so are doing the most important job aren't they?

So you think that how children are brought up is not the most important job then?

So how will the future be then?

IMHO Children are the future

We should do all we can to bring them up

If the parents are at work then they will be handing over a very responsible job to whoever they choose and later on to the teachers and schools.

Please just respect that

What job is more important?

Doctors? Lawyers? Cleaners? All jobs our children will be doing in the future

So if we do not get it right with OUR CHILDREN what next??????

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:19

Thank WWB

I do not want a fight

Just for others to realise how important our children are

IMHO if you don't get that you are BATTY

also it is

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:19


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:19


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:19


OP posts:

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RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 12:20


OP posts:
uwila · 21/04/2005 12:22

the problem with KT's logic is that she is equating the amount of love and importance we place on our children with the pay of the hired carer.

She isn't alking about respect. She is talking about the level of pay.

watershipdown · 21/04/2005 12:24

I totally agree that Children are the most important asset anyone can have but what has the childminding issue got to do with that. Surely every parent working or non-working value their children more than anything and would give them the best childcare possible.

I am still confused as the whole nub of the thread as it seems quite mixed up or am I missing something?

Everyone is entitled to a moan no matter what the moan is about - we are only human and no-one is perfect.

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