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Mothercare carseat reduced from £119 to £9!

289 replies

stripeyknickersspottysocks · 24/08/2010 19:43

Thought this is a total bargain.


OP posts:
sorrento56 · 24/08/2010 20:41

"This is temporarily out of stock on line."

MrsDrOwenHunt · 24/08/2010 20:43

anyone remmeber the baby wipes? i got 48 packs for £4.99!!

VJay · 24/08/2010 20:45

Just managed to get one, then rang my sis and it was out of stock. Thanks for the heads up op Grin

TheButterflyEffect · 24/08/2010 20:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lal123 · 24/08/2010 20:46

well - if it's been a misprice then I don't think we're going to get them.....

PavlovtheCat · 24/08/2010 20:46

aaaah too late, they removed it!

Flighttattendant · 24/08/2010 20:47

Oh bugger.

I was looking at THIS SEAT earlier as we really need one for ds2.

I hate it when this happens as loads of people who don't even NEED one go and buy it just because it's cheap.

whomovedmychocolate · 24/08/2010 20:48

I got one of those kodak digital cameras for 99p a few years back - they were meant to be £199 but the web administrator buggered up and they honoured it - hurrah. That was Argos IIRC.

picc · 24/08/2010 20:48

just to say thanks! :)

managed to get one before they stopped it (well... i got the confirmation email... i guess i won't believe my luck until/unless i receive it!!)


MrsDrOwenHunt · 24/08/2010 20:49


CheeseandGherkins · 24/08/2010 20:49

I got the baby wipes before too, used them all as well!

Remains to be seen if the car seat will arrive but I do actually need one.

Flighttattendant · 24/08/2010 20:49

Hello mrsDr. Smile

deemented · 24/08/2010 20:50

I had a cracking deal from Argos due to an error - i happened to be moving just after Christmas 09, and i was in need of a new sofa. Checked online one day and there was a three seater sofa reduced from £400 to £174 - buy one, get one free!!!

Went and bought them straight away, and they rang me a few days later to tell me it had been an error online, but as a gesture of goodwill i could have them for what i paid for them - so i got two £400 sofa's for just £174!!

smokinaces · 24/08/2010 20:52

gutted!! the red and black one is still showing as £9 but out of stock Sad

Could really do with a stage 2 seat for DS1 too. Oh well, will have to wait and see if anyone who gets one and doesnt want it sells it on ebay at a good price!!

NamedAfterTheBandActually · 24/08/2010 20:54

Flight lovey, I ordered 2. I genuinely need one for dd as she's growing out of her current one and ready for the next stage. I got the other as it was a good deal and assumed somebody I know would need one.

If they honour the offer, do you want the other one?

Tis SOH btw. Wait till they send as I'm not sure they will. If they do, the spare's yours.

IMoveTheStars · 24/08/2010 20:54

smokinaces - I'd put money on there being loads of them on ebay in about 17 days Grin

I do actually need one though, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it

OhBuggerandArse · 24/08/2010 20:54

REd and black one says will be in again in 4-6 weeks - I wonder if they'll keep the price then?

MrsDrOwenHunt · 24/08/2010 20:54

flightt u know who i am dontcha!!!

Giddyup · 24/08/2010 20:55

It says delivery within 20 days, so we may all be waiting some time to see if they honour the orders

MrsDrOwenHunt · 24/08/2010 20:56

named is that you my fav bono hater!!

TheBountyMuncher · 24/08/2010 20:57

There are a few suddenly popping up on ebay- on 24+ day listings...Hmm

Flighttattendant · 24/08/2010 20:57

Oh dear I am sorry for being an awful old toad just now Blush

I totally understand people buying them needed or not!

okay. SOH - that would be BRILLIANT if you really don't have anyone IRL who will want it. I will cover all the postage and everything - we had a Concord first stage one which I may well be able to pass on to someone else in a few months so will pay it forward Smile

Thankyou so very much x (and I like your name)

MrsDr - I have not got a clue!!!

smokinaces · 24/08/2010 20:59

anyone fancy selling me a second one now Flightt is sorted?!!! Grin

MrsDrOwenHunt · 24/08/2010 20:59

its me mehdismummy xxx havent seen u in ages!!

NamedAfterTheBandActually · 24/08/2010 21:00

Tis all yours. We'll haggle over my fee later. I like gingerbread. Smile

My name is because somebody thinks I'm named after an ad-hoc democratic process. I'm actually aiming for Queen Of The World ultimately and as such am as interested in democracy as I am in Bono and his formulaic music, disgustingly undeserved ego and stupid cocking hat collection.

MrsDr, I know who you are. Grin

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