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Due in June thread 6

581 replies

charleypops · 01/02/2005 13:52

All I can say right now is AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

OP posts:
welshmum · 01/02/2005 13:57

Is it to do with waxing? that's the most embarassing and painful thing I can think of...

katzguk · 01/02/2005 14:00


i can't kep up today!! you guys are posting too quickly for me

Uwila · 01/02/2005 14:01

Go on Charley, tell them that you are actually a man.

charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:01

no? who said that? not me...

OP posts:
charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:02

Uwila - yes, I am a lady boy, you sussed me [griin]

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 01/02/2005 14:07

Charley, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's fine. Now I am going as magenta as is possible considering
I am glad I didn't contribute what I was going to under my real name, to a certain thread

MrsWednesday · 01/02/2005 14:07

Ah ha Charleypops! I don't think you've got anything to be embarassed about AT ALL. Honestly.

charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:09

whatever it was, it couldn't possibly compete with that Lipstick?

OP posts:
charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:11

God, I wish that had happened to someone else It would be the funniest thing ever..

OP posts:
welshmum · 01/02/2005 14:19

Oh please put me out of my misery - which thread?

LipstickMum · 01/02/2005 14:19

Lol, well I had followed the thread and didn't think the original posters comment was embarrassing really. It was the stuff that followed that I was going to post about, maybe I'll do it now, under my own pseudonym!!!

charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:22

oh do lippy! Please make something it really gross and shameful

Welshie, you'll have to investigate - if I put a link here, more people might know - damage limitation x

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 01/02/2005 14:25

Ok, it's not that gross and shameful, but then I've had a baby, so I'm a bit more open to most things!!

charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:33

Have you chickened out Lips?

OP posts:
welshmum · 01/02/2005 14:36

I've solved it charley, it made me laugh out loud. I agree with Lippy - things were done in the aftermath of dd arriving that I would never have thought I'd be party to. But now.....who cares.

Uwila · 01/02/2005 14:36

I'm not sure if I can call you "lips" in the contect of this conversation. Might have to go back to Lipstick.

charleypops · 01/02/2005 14:47

he he - I don't like my use of the word "chicken"ed so close to "Lips" either

Glad you enjoyed the thread Welshie!

Just don't know how I can look any of you in the face again

OP posts:
welshmum · 01/02/2005 14:49

Charley - you're a sweetie you really are, of course you'll be able to look us in the face again - as long as we're not asked to comment on anywhere else

LipstickMum · 01/02/2005 14:51

Oh, I am listening to the Lucie Silvas song, knowing who it is this time, it's good, very catchy, can't wait to see your dp on TOTP Charley

LipstickMum · 01/02/2005 14:53

Lol yeah Charley, nothing like a bit of female camaraderie (sp?) to put things into perspective!

teabelly · 01/02/2005 15:43

Ok girls - went to lunch had two glasses of wine and now I'm completely lost!!! Charley what is this thread - I'm not capable at the moment of investigating - wine gone to my head (don't all shout at me!) explain for a thicky...

welshmum · 01/02/2005 15:45

You won't find me shouting at you TB - I was the only one to indulge on our meet up as I recall, unless you waited until I'd gone....

teabelly · 01/02/2005 16:19

No - but I had half a bottle that night at home with DH

Charley - I've sobered up enough to find that thread...I'm very worried about the penulitmate poster...they've obviously researched the subject of hair alot

Uwila · 01/02/2005 16:19

I'd like a beer right now... in fact I just might induldge when I go for sushi tonight.

Uwila · 01/02/2005 16:21

okay, how bout a new controversial subject since we all have some chatting time. What do people on this thread think of Gina Ford. I've never bought any of her books. But, recently I heard some criticising her for the terrible things she does like wake a sleeping baby to keep themon a scheulde, and I though "hmmmm, that sounds like my philosophy" So, I'm considering venturing down the GF route. Just bought the books. Haven't read them, though DH has read a bit to me and there were some things I thought were rubbish. Anyway, just wondered what others think of her.

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