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Birth clubs

Due in June '05 - London Meet

92 replies

Scraggyaggy · 26/12/2004 09:03

Just starting the thread as suggested earlier (a lot earlier.... completely forgot!)

We need to put names down as to who can make the meet up on the 22nd Jan so we can book a table. (Obviously, I am hoping to be there!)


OP posts:
teabelly · 29/12/2004 21:52

Count me in, with ds too.

Uwila · 30/12/2004 00:24

Count me in (with DD).

PinkArjuna · 30/12/2004 01:02

Oh I've changed my mind. The train from here doesn't take too long. So a tentative yes. I might only stay a bit but it might be nice.

LipstickMum · 04/01/2005 13:11

I'm coming, all things being equal.

LipstickMum · 04/01/2005 13:11

just me

PinkArjuna · 07/01/2005 00:03

Scraggyaggy am I right in thinking that train goes through temple meads? I think so as I used to take it from Cardiff. Though my mind is a haze now and I couldn't tell you if it went through timbucktoo.

What time will you want to leave? If you tell me what train you are getting and the time. I'll find out what time it goes through Bristol and meet you on it.

Or will you be taking one that goes through Bristol Parkway now I think of it? It will probably be better if it is parkway as I know I can park there all day for cheap. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Wales train goes through Parkway. Infact I am almost sure of it I think they leave parkway at one minute past the hour - well it says that here on the BR site anyway. Yup I think Parkway is best and I can jump on and meet you on the train. Well tell me when you know

welshmum · 10/01/2005 12:39

Thanks to Uwila I've found the thread. Please count me and dd in. What time is kick off?

Scraggyaggy · 11/01/2005 21:21

Pink - It is Parkway. It's the train that goes into Paddington. CAT me and we can discuss.

OP posts:
PinkArjuna · 12/01/2005 22:23

Its looking like it will be difficult to get to the meet The station which it normally goes from is not in action and I would need to go from Temple meads. I live on the other side of Bristol and would have to drive over - It is not looking as though it is very practical as it will mean paying for all day parking and the start is so early in all honesty I don't think I'll be able to negotiate the journey to the station and actually be fit to see anyone. I have just discovered to that my rail card has run out which makes the expense a bit much with parking too So I am not sure if I am coming. I'll ring rail enquiries and ask before I cancel completely.

Scraggyaggy · 13/01/2005 08:18

Pink, I've got some train times for you. Will mail. Scraggy x

OP posts:
Scraggyaggy · 13/01/2005 08:19

Would anyone mind if we have the actual eating of lunch at 1pm? I mean, if you don't mind meeting and just hanging on for me and Pink to arrive? If that's not going to work out, we can probably get earlier trains, but could we agree so we can book our tickets please? Thanks.

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 13/01/2005 08:49

I'm coming on my own, so any time suits me.

teabelly · 13/01/2005 09:04

Just posted this on the June tread but thought I'd post it here too...

'Scraggy/Pink I saw your posts on the London Meet thread, how about we say that the table is booked for 12(ish) so that those bringing kiddies can have them eat before, and then everyone turn up when they can (aiming to be there by 1pm)?? Megi ther more the merrier. Lipstick The Rainforest cafe is in the Haymarket not the Troc (sorry) it used to be a place called Football Football (shows how old I am, he he!!). The haymarket is just passed Picadilly Circus (as if your going to Leicester Sq, but it's off on the right and goes down to Trafalgar Sq - sorry for my crap directions). I think Picadilly Circ may be the nearest tube, but I'll check that out. I don't mind booking it in my name (although as others have said, if my bumps anything to go by, I'm sure it'll be very obvious who we are!)'ll be under the name of Hoskins if that's ok then, and if those coming want, you can email me on saint(dot)greavsie(at)ntlworld(dot)com and I'll give you my mobile number in case of any problems/holdups... '

teabelly · 13/01/2005 09:09

aarrhh - preggie brain strikes again!!!

Rainforest Cafe isn't where I though it was!! Sorry Lippy, it's off Shaftesbury ave. Piccadilly circ is still the nearest tube tho...the web site for directions is here


teabelly · 13/01/2005 11:01

Aaarrhhhh!!! They will only take bookings if it's a Birthday party and there are a minimum of 6 kiddies! Otherwise it's a first come first served basis...their doors open 11.30 I think she said and they will only seat you once your whole party has arrived, aarrhhh - so girls what should we do?? I'm happy to pretend its a birthday party if you are, we have 4 kids coming so we could say the other 2 pulled out, there's not alot they can say about that, but it looks like we will have to agree on a time...what do you all think (I don't want to be the nasty ogre that makes the final decision - I have to do that at home most days, he he he )

Scraggyaggy · 13/01/2005 13:30

I'm up for the birthday party idea! Not sure what to do about the seating when we've all arrived problem though.... Why don't we see how Pink is getting on with travel arrangements and then decide from there? If we confirm our trains by tomorrow then we can agree a time?

OP posts:
teabelly · 13/01/2005 13:59

That sounds like a good idea to me...I'll log on tomorrow afternoon/evening and see what we've all decided.

LipstickMum · 13/01/2005 14:31

Ah.... so we also, technically, don't have enough children coming either..?
So, our options are;

  1. Stretch the truth and book it as a birthday party, say 2 children couldnt come and hope they buy it.

  2. Take our chances and turn up as early as possible, even though we stil wont get seated until everyone arrives...

  3. Think of somewhere else..??

    Because I'm coming without dd and should be on time it's not really a problem for me what we decide to do. I guess it's up to the mum's bring kids who need to decide where and what will suit them. Not to mention those coming from quite a distance, Scraggy and possibly Pink.
Scraggyaggy · 13/01/2005 20:17

Right, I think Pink and I are going to get the train that gets in at 12.30, so we can be there by 1. Can we just agree that's all ok so we can book our tickets please? (It'll be cheaper if we pre-book by Friday). Thanks!

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 13/01/2005 20:23

Glad you 2 can make it from so far

charleypops · 13/01/2005 20:40

How about booking a Nando's? They seem really geared up for kids and for adult groups, cheapish and cheerful

PinkArjuna · 13/01/2005 21:02

I'm coming now - I'll arrive with Scraggyaggy

LipstickMum · 13/01/2005 22:07


teabelly · 14/01/2005 08:43

Scraggy/Pink - I would say go ahead and book your trains we can deal with the restaurant later. Charley is there a Nandos in central london? what kind of food do they do? Otherwise we could do a TGI Fridays if they take bookings? Or else I can book the Rainforest, I'll say it's a party and book it for 12.30 then we can just say that two are held up (and we'll see scraggy/pink asap)- I don't think there's alot they will do about that - what does everyone else think?

LipstickMum · 14/01/2005 09:02

Hmmmm, I agree that Scraggy and Pink should book their trains.
As for the venue, shall we stick to the original plan? I've never been there so I don't know what they're like. We could go somewhere else, but it's the child-friendliness we need to consider. I don't live in London anymore so I don't really have any decent suggestions

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