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April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼

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Cuppasoupmonster · 03/11/2022 19:01

New thread! Hopefully this one will see us through 20 week scans and crossing the halfway point! πŸ’•

As ever if you’re missing from the list give me a shout and I will add you:

Cuppasoupmonster second baby 7th (induction 37w) πŸ’–
Milkandfenty third baby 1st πŸ’›
Searchingtheskies second baby 2nd πŸ’›
Biscuitsplease first baby 2nd πŸ’–
Chocolat first baby 3rd πŸ’›
Bluebubbles12 second baby 4th πŸ’›
Erber third baby 4th πŸ’›
CariadBB first baby 5th πŸ’›
Skylark1990 second baby 7th πŸ’›
Melissa2023 first baby 8th πŸ’™
Tubbytele second baby 14th (CS 39w) πŸ’›
Alwaysseeingstars first baby 9th πŸ’›
Lj2022 first baby 10th πŸ’–
Emeal123 second baby 11th πŸ’™
DBS94 first baby 11th πŸ’™
tattlytote second baby 12th πŸ’›
Bernesemum first baby 12th πŸ’›
Lid88 second baby 13th πŸ’›
Ncbn first baby 14th πŸ’™
Kennadams fourth baby 16th πŸ’›
Margo34 second baby 16thπŸ’›
Aliceinslumberland first baby 16th (CS 39w) πŸ’™
Appleandcheese first baby 18th πŸ’›
Xalexandra first baby 20th πŸ’›
Piggybean first baby 20th πŸ’›
Tropicana1 second baby 20th πŸ’›
Puddingbear 27th (CS 39w) πŸ’›
Springblooms08 first baby 21st πŸ’›
Hannah223344 first baby 21st πŸ’™
Gilm0reGirl second baby 21st πŸ’›
Pommy1 first baby 22nd πŸ’–
Deek88 second baby 24th πŸ’›
Marshmallowmountain first baby 25th πŸ’–
LauraA31 first baby 26th πŸ’›
Peachesthecat third baby 26th πŸ’›
Allfurcoatnoknickers second baby 28th πŸ’–
Limoncelloo 29th March second baby πŸ’–
MamaMenna second baby 30th πŸ’–

OP posts:
Peachesthecat · 07/11/2022 06:37

I’m so jealous! Mine isn’t until 8th December 😬😬😬 feels like such a long time between!!! Hoping my midwife will listen to heartbeat at next appointment to keep me going! I’m gonna ask her to anyway! Especially as some days I don’t even feel pregnant now the sickness has gone!

LauraA31 · 07/11/2022 08:04

Mine is the 7th December, can’t believe it is so long ago it was booked at my 12 week scan though!
Thankfully we have a scan booked for Saturday at 16+1 so that is going to break the time up, hopefully we can find out what we have in there; although not holding out much hope as the baby has never done ANYTHING anybody needs it to do before πŸ˜‚

Got a busy week with appointments, got my quad test tomorrow afternoon and then 16 week appointment Wednesday so im interested in what happens at that!

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 08:41

Hey everyone. I'm so jealous of everyone being able to eat chocolates and nice food with abandon πŸ˜• I feel like as soon as my sickness stopped the stomach pain came and it's not fair. Feeling sorry for myself about it ATM, also just feeling v tired 😴. And quite sensitive. I've been trying to eat v well to help my stomach but it's still hurting every day so I popped an omeprazole this morning. I really hope it helps. Feel sad I needed to do it but hopefully it's just short term.

@Cuppasoupmonster yes I mentioned the home birth and midwife said fine but I have a consultant appointment and also a consultant midwife (experienced midwife trained in more stuff) to discuss it because of my third degree tear and PPH last time and also because my mum had a blood clot when she was bed bound with flu a few years back so need to discuss whether I need to be on heparin. I didn't with DD and don't see why I'd need to this time so going to go into it very "no heparin" but worth the chat! Having spoken to various health professionals and done a lot of research, I know that my birth situation was v much a result of a v long labour and instrumental birth, so as long as this labour is shorter and goes more smoothly I'm not too worried about another bleed and hoping through positioning and slow pushing I can prevent a bad tear. The hospital is luckily v close so if I did need to transfer it shouldn't take long.

I think it's a good idea to try to get your induction a bit later on this time! You can have increased monitoring before going in at 38/39 weeks.

mummatam · 07/11/2022 09:04

Morning all!

I think I posted in an earlier thread thinking it was the most recent - apologies!

New to mumsnet, and first time mum to be. I'm due April 3rd and currently eagerly/nervously waiting for my 20 week NHS scan next week!


lj2022 · 07/11/2022 10:32

The worst thing about being pregnant is being unable to get a new job as you won't get Mat leave. My work moved me teams due to someone else being pregnant so there aren't 2 people off on Maternity from a small team at the same time and I hate it. No longer working from home, job role has changed and I'm completely miserable. I've brought it up to them but nothing can really be done. Feel like it's making time drag and just taking every bit of enjoyment out my pregnancy due to being so unhappy going to work every day 😩

Marshmallowmountain · 07/11/2022 12:27

@lj2022 i feel the same. I hate my job so much, cried on my way in this morning. I’ve made a countdown of how many working days left. I’ve got 29 to Christmas and 101 in total. Thinking about it like this has helped me very slightly but it really is making me miserable 😩

lj2022 · 07/11/2022 15:24

@Marshmallowmountain aw I'm sorry to hear that. I'm the same and have a wee cry in the toilet daily. So frustrating as I loved my job before being moved. That's a great way to think of it. I've broken it into 4 week blocks and just try survive ever 4 weeks πŸ˜‚ roll on maternity leave. What date do you finish up

ancienthouse · 07/11/2022 15:41

@allfurcoatnoknickers Serafina Pekkala is a fantastic person to share a name with! (I hope this is tagging you in the new thread!)

@Margo34 I think it was you who mentioned cheeky wipes? I got mine 4 years ago and they're still going strong, and we use them for everything! But I've heard there have been quality issues with more recent ones.

Just catching up with the thread after the weekend. I've been feeling great half the time and awful the other half! A combination of acid reflux, low blood pressure and tiredness making me feel rubbish. But then I get periods where I have a burst of energy and feel normal, not pregnant. It's so weird.

I've given up on picking a name. I'm hoping inspiration will just strike me one day!

allfurcoatnoknickers · 07/11/2022 15:52

@lj2022 You my my sympathy and solidarity. I was hardcore job hunting before I got pregnant because I can't stand my job any more. Used to love it and never wanted to leave, but then we went though a bunch of changes, loads of people quit and now I HATE it.

I'm in the US and have really great maternity leave (6 months job protection, 2 months full pay, I have tons of holiday so will have another month on full pay and then 3 months of my state's SMP), so I'm basically planning on taking 6 months and using that time to job hunt so I never have to go back.

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 15:57

@Marshmallowmountain @lj2022 sometimes I feel similarly about my job too, other days I feel good about it! It's a like/ dislike situation haha. Objectively it's a good job and I get great mat leave, 6 months full pay and 12 months job protection, but I feel it's quite stressful and not ideal on top of being pregnant! Hope you both feel better soon. Not long to go really...!

@allfurcoatnoknickers I'm considering having a look around during mat leave too.

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:02

@ancienthouse I'm feeling despondent about names ATM too, esp girls names!! I don't love anything. Boys I think we have some frontrunners: Hugo, Zachary, Ash and Henry.

But for girls... Not sure and I am pretty sure baby is a girl!!! I do like Emelia, Lily, Eva atm and a few others but I don't know... Hoping over the next few months something grows on me.

alwaysseeingstars · 07/11/2022 16:05

@Skylark1990 wow, 6 months full pay is amazing! But not great if v stressful whilst pregnant, it's really hard to get through the days when it's like that isn't it!
We've not discussed names yet (waiting for the 20 week scan in a couple of weeks, DH is terrified something has gone wrong for no reason other than having no proof everything is OK!) then when we know the sex hopefully we'll start discussing that. Your options sound lovely 😍

ancienthouse · 07/11/2022 16:10

I'm struggling with work but for the opposite reason. I like my job but I'm crap at it at the moment because I'm not feeling great and my concentration/memory is appalling thanks to baby brain! They've suggested I get the GP to recommend I work reduced hours but I don't know how that will affect my pay and statutory maternity pay. I just feel bad because I haven't been there long and I wanted to be so much more productive than I have been.

@Skylark1990 I'm really hoping I have some sort of epiphany where I just go, yes, of course that will be his name! Otherwise it's depressing going through lists and not finding anything.
I have so many girls names I like which is really annoying! DS still thinks the baby is a girl for some reason and he suggested Lilia yesterday which is pretty. He also suggested Minimon and Bilpy though so he's not much of a help!

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:17

@ancienthouse sorry to hear you are struggling at work, I did reduced hours for a while during the first trimester and was able to take it as sick leave so it didn't reduce my pay... definitely worth exploring! <3

I actually really like Lilia, it's been on my list for a while because I like Lily but also like names ending with 'ah' but I feel like most people will think it's Lily and I/the child will be correcting people lots or it will get shortened to Lily/ Lili anyway? My DD's name is also a flower-associated name as well so not sure - is it unimaginative to have two flower names?!

Please share your girls names if you feel comfortable I need more inspo!

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:18

@alwaysseeingstars I think we will all relax a bit after the 20 week scan, hopefully!!! When is yours? We are having a surprise this time so extra name prep needed πŸ˜…

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:19

The mumsnet talk threads on baby names can be quite helpful!

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:23

My DH likes Aurelia... thoughts?

xalexandra · 07/11/2022 16:24

@Skylark1990 absolutely love that name! 😍

alwaysseeingstars · 07/11/2022 16:29

@Skylark1990 It's a week on Thursday, counting down the days! When's yours? Also love that name 😍
@ancienthouse I'm the same with concentration/memory, completely gone out the window! Makes work very difficult 😣

ancienthouse · 07/11/2022 16:36

@Skylark1990 Aurelia is lovely! It makes me think of Love Actually but she's a nice character!

Other girls names I really like are Astrid, Matilda, Autumn (but doesn't really work for an April baby!), Arianwen, Emmeline, Eleri, Lyra, Fern...

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:40

Glad Aurelia is liked so far! I do really like it too and it means golden which is nice, but I worry people will pronounce it wrong and not sure what the nickname would be... It was on our list for DD but we went with my fave rather than DH's so feel maybe I should give him this one haha. Maybe.

@ancienthouse I had a dream the baby was born and called Matilda last night! I like all those names, Arianwen is very unusual, where is it from?

ancienthouse · 07/11/2022 16:45

@Skylark1990 I think Aurelia is well known enough, it's in the top 300 or so names (can you tell I trawl baby name data for fun πŸ˜‚)
I guess it could be shortened to Elia or Lia?

Arianwen is Welsh, I have a thing for Welsh names. It's the name of a girl from a book I read when I was little called The Snow Spider.

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:57

@ancienthouse would you pronounce it Aw-rell-ia? Rather than Aw-ray-lia? I like Aw-rell-ia better and like you say, Elia or Lia could be nice nicknames.... not so keen on Rae as a nickname. It seems there is huge debate over how it's pronounced, see this thread πŸ˜…

Arianwen reminds me of a name from The Last Kingdom which I LOVED.

MilkAndFenty · 07/11/2022 16:57

I’m so behind, just joining the new thread!

Skylark1990 · 07/11/2022 16:58

I do like the Au-ray-lia pronunciation too actually... can't decide which I like more!

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