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April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼

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Cuppasoupmonster · 03/11/2022 19:01

New thread! Hopefully this one will see us through 20 week scans and crossing the halfway point! 💕

As ever if you’re missing from the list give me a shout and I will add you:

Cuppasoupmonster second baby 7th (induction 37w) 💖
Milkandfenty third baby 1st 💛
Searchingtheskies second baby 2nd 💛
Biscuitsplease first baby 2nd 💖
Chocolat first baby 3rd 💛
Bluebubbles12 second baby 4th 💛
Erber third baby 4th 💛
CariadBB first baby 5th 💛
Skylark1990 second baby 7th 💛
Melissa2023 first baby 8th 💙
Tubbytele second baby 14th (CS 39w) 💛
Alwaysseeingstars first baby 9th 💛
Lj2022 first baby 10th 💖
Emeal123 second baby 11th 💙
DBS94 first baby 11th 💙
tattlytote second baby 12th 💛
Bernesemum first baby 12th 💛
Lid88 second baby 13th 💛
Ncbn first baby 14th 💙
Kennadams fourth baby 16th 💛
Margo34 second baby 16th💛
Aliceinslumberland first baby 16th (CS 39w) 💙
Appleandcheese first baby 18th 💛
Xalexandra first baby 20th 💛
Piggybean first baby 20th 💛
Tropicana1 second baby 20th 💛
Puddingbear 27th (CS 39w) 💛
Springblooms08 first baby 21st 💛
Hannah223344 first baby 21st 💙
Gilm0reGirl second baby 21st 💛
Pommy1 first baby 22nd 💖
Deek88 second baby 24th 💛
Marshmallowmountain first baby 25th 💖
LauraA31 first baby 26th 💛
Peachesthecat third baby 26th 💛
Allfurcoatnoknickers second baby 28th 💖
Limoncelloo 29th March second baby 💖
MamaMenna second baby 30th 💖

OP posts:
lj2022 · 06/11/2022 13:42

@Tubbytele I got mines done at 8 weeks pregnant my hairdresser just done a patch test before hand. She reassured me it really is okay and most of my friends have dyed their hair throughout pregnancy. Reminds me that I really need to book an appointment my roots are awful 😂

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 13:44

I wouldn’t dye it in the first trimester, but wouldn’t hesitate to do it now - booked for my highlights and cut at the beginning of December, and will go again at the beginning of March so my hair is decent for the baby photos 😉 I’ve stopped self tanning but that’s more out of laziness than anything else, but still tinting my eyebrows at home every 3 weeks and doing her toenails now and then. I dyed my hair in my last pregnancy as well, and had gel nails.

OP posts:
Longbin · 06/11/2022 13:53

I'm going from blonde to brown because I can't keep up with the roots!

bluebubbles12 · 06/11/2022 13:59

I had my highlights done on Friday; timed so they're next due in March, so at least my hair will look nice on the new baby photos 😂 for my DD, I'd booked hair, eyelashes and eyebrows for just before her due date, but then another lockdown came in so it all got cancelled and my hair looks really dark on all the photos from the early days 😅

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 14:02

Also, it does matter that you feel good as a pregnant woman and new mum. This is part of the experience, as well as the baby being born and everything after. Looking after yourself and feeling good is important for your mental health and well-being. If dying hair was harmful to babies there would most definitely be evidence by now!

OP posts:
PiggyBean · 06/11/2022 14:14

@Tubbytele I dyed my hair after my first trimester, feel so much better now after seeing my my grey hairs for weeks.

NHS guidance says it's probably best to wait after first 12 weeks so that's what I did. I just made sure the room was well ventilated and also wore a face mask to be on the safe side in case 😅

Springblooms08 · 06/11/2022 15:53

@Tubbytele I’m planning to get my hair cut and dyed in December and then again a few weeks before baby’s due. @Cuppasoupmonster thats such a good point, I’ve felt quite unkempt and it will be really nice to have my hair back to it’s normal colour. My greys are making a far too prominent appearance 😂

KennAdams · 06/11/2022 16:12

Totally forgot we had a new thread. 😂

DBS94 · 06/11/2022 17:33

Just catching up on all your chat, hope you're having a lovely Sunday all x

We went into the pram centre today for a look about and WOW that was overwhelming. I had it whittled down between two Silver across prams before I got in there and now I'm just confused.

Anyone know what pram they're getting yet? X

Tubbytele · 06/11/2022 17:56

Thanks everyone for your thoughts about hair dying, I feel so much reassured after reading your comments 😍

Skylark1990 · 06/11/2022 18:27

I'd really recommend bugaboo as a brand for prams. Pricey but v good, loads of options depending on what you want it for.

LauraA31 · 06/11/2022 18:33

I am so glad hair dying has been mentioned! I have a full head of charcoal highlights which gives me the blondest blonde and i absolutely love my hair! (other than the fact it’s dry since been pregnant!) but i am naturally brunette and my roots are almost half of my head now 😂 my hair grows so fast!
Going to ring the hairdressers on Tuesday when they open and get booked in for a full head!! I have really missed getting my hair done!

@DBS94 we picked our pram, we are lucky and my mum and dad paid for for us a good 6 weeks ago for us (tempted fate on a brilliant price!) it’s getting delivered at the end of March, we got the cosatto wow continental 🙂
I had seen it online and then once i saw it in store no other prams even turned my head!

Gilm0reGirl · 06/11/2022 18:44

@DBS94 we have the Icandy, spent months researching and trying out different brands. In the end it came down to 3 and this one was our favourite.

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 19:14

As long as the pram is a reputable brand and generally suitable for your needs (ie off road or mainly on road) you can’t go far wrong, really. Most prams tend to be pretty good these days!

Gosh tonight I’m really feeling ‘pregnant’, feel hot and uncomfortable and really notice my bump now. Struggled to lift DD out of the bath and feel a bit waddly. It’s definitely much larger in the evening though after a day of pigging out!

Looking forward to starting my relaxation/yoga class tomorrow and doing something nice and pregnancy related 🧘‍♀️ there’s also an antenatal swim class I might join, will need to source some suitable swimwear first…

When are your next appointments ladies? Skylark have you told them you’re intending to have a homebirth?

OP posts:
AliceinSlumberland · 06/11/2022 19:16

I need to do the pram shop trip, just need to find a free weekend to do it!!

I’ve spent a full day at my hobby today (which is quite active and lots on your feet, bending etc) which I haven’t done for several weeks and omg I’m knackered. I didn’t expect to notice a difference until I had a much bigger bump but it feels like I’ve done 1000 stomach crunches. Totally worn out and achey but I’m just trying to think it’s probably good I’ve had some fresh air and some activity as I’ve definitely not been exercising enough.

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 19:18

I haven’t either Alice - after 14 weeks of hyperemesis and barely eating followed by 5 weeks of gorging on junk, the health kick starts now 😬 today has been toast, a roast dinner, some fruit and a sharer bag of wispa bites so its
more of a case of cutting the chocolate/sweets etc than my meals being that bad I guess.

OP posts:
Gilm0reGirl · 06/11/2022 19:27

Currently picking my way through a tin of Roses while watching strictly, I'm not even sorry 😂

16 week midwife appointment tomorrow. They don't normally do it unless you're a first time mum but my midwife wants to see me because of my previous birth issues and traumas. She wants to build up confidence and a relationship which is really very nice. DH is coming to this one to meet her too which is nice

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 19:30

Gilmore that’s great you’re having that service. I’m a bit lost at sea to be honest, I have told the obstetrician my birth preferences but am aware she won’t be there on the day - ideally I would like to speak to a senior midwife but don’t even know how to go about it 🥴 how did you get the meeting if you don’t mind me asking? Have you got your questions etc ready or is it more informal?

OP posts:
Gilm0reGirl · 06/11/2022 19:52

@Cuppasoupmonster this was just done by my midwife at my booking appointment. There's a note in my book to see me on weeks 16, 25, 31 and 40 in addition to weeks 28, 34, 36, 38 and she said she wanted to see me on those dates for the reasons above. I have asked to speak to the matron/head midwife re birth preferences after week 30 and my midwife said she would set that up or I can contact the hospital directly for a consult. After last time I'm meeting all the people I can and making it abundantly clear I won't be allowing a repeat of last time. I'd either ask your midwife who to contact or give the unit a call yourself and find out the channels?

MamaMenna · 06/11/2022 20:00

@Tubbytele I also had highlights done at 12 weeks. Just told the hairdresser I was pregnant and she said it was fine. I know loads of ppl get their hair dyed in pregnancy so I didn't worry too much.

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 20:18

Thanks Gilmore, I will do that. I’m usually a very agreeable person and hate to be an ‘awkward’ patient, but I’m not asking for the moon on a stick - just access to a pool if I’m lucky enough to go into labour without the drip, and for them to actually check I haven’t made progress before putting me on the drip. Basically the treatment I would get if I didn’t have a random immune disorder!

I’ve been thinking about what @Skylark1990 said, I’m fairly certain they’ve dated me ahead of what I actually am so I’m worried that ‘their’ 37 weeks is actually ‘my’ 36 weeks. DD was very sleepy, was hard to feed and on the prolonged jaundice pathway for a few weeks, because she was early. I’m keen to avoid this if possible, so I’m thinking about asking for induction in week 38 or 39 if the pregnancy is going well (which by my dates would be 37 or 38).

If I’m lucky enough to go into labour naturally then I’ll probably stay put at home unless there are any complicating factors. I have a gut feeling it will be speedy either way so want to be prepared for all outcomes because now I know I can’t really advocate for myself when in labour.

Sorry to wang on about it, it helps to write it all down and DH just looks baffled whenever I bring it up!

OP posts:
Chocolat · 06/11/2022 20:31

@Gilm0reGirl ooh a tin of roses sounds amazing right now 😍

Also I feel like in the mornings my stomach is the size that it normally is after a huge meal/day of eating and so after eating in the evenings now, I feel like I’m stretching 🤣.

Longbin · 06/11/2022 20:54

@Cuppasoupmonster I have my 20 week scan in weeks time. Can't believe it's finally here but at the same time it feels like time is flying?!

Cuppasoupmonster · 06/11/2022 21:43

It is flying! Mine is on 22nd when I will be 20+4. Really hoping all our scans go smoothly and we can relax into the home stretch!

OP posts:
Chocolat · 06/11/2022 22:18

My 20 week scan is on the 15th, I can’t believe how time is really flying but half way to go still feels like ages 😅

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