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Due July 2023

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Ldougal92 · 28/10/2022 11:08

Morning Ladies,

I am 9dpo and just found out I am pregnant - very early but also very excited! Anyone else due in July?


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Laura. · 01/01/2023 18:02

@clouise30 brilliant! They have changed my dates too. I'm 13+2 so just behind you!

The midwife changed my date but I've been told a consultant has the final say so I'm booked in 12th Jan again to confirm? Just happy il be getting another scan 😄 is that similar to you?

clouise30 · 01/01/2023 18:07

@Laura. Oooo no that's interesting! The sonographer measured from their head to bum a couple of times as they weren't playing ball 😂 then I went and had bloods done for the screenings and then saw a consultant as I need to have regular scans to measure my cervix length and my new EDD was on all the paperwork put in my notes! It's interesting how different trusts do things!

Laura. · 01/01/2023 18:11

@clouise30 that's crazy how they all do it so different! How many days were you moved by? Baby was measuring 5 days ahead and midwife said all measurements were similar so that's why she was sure to move it.
Now I hope I will be scanned on the 12th and consultant won't just look at notes and agree lol

clouise30 · 01/01/2023 18:22

@Laura. It is crazy! I've been brought forward 5 days - it seems so silly to be excited by 5 days and obviously they will come when they come haha! I do really like hearing about all the differences! My mum works in maternity and she was saying how we are one of the few trusts left where we get physical handwritten notes and how most are now electronic on like credit cards (???) - blew my mind 😂

dunkedbiscuit · 01/01/2023 19:15

@clouise30 that’s great news!

Laura. · 01/01/2023 19:18

Omg really! I still have the green notes too. Love reading those after appointments so I don't think I'd like the idea of a credit card type system lol.
Yes 5 days reallyyy helps at this stage lol..

Catherine1982 · 01/01/2023 20:21

@Laura. I'm in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Scotland trust and we use an App. I can put notes and messages to my midwife/consultant for us to discuss and add on symptoms etc. It's great as all my appointments are there so I get reminders - not that I need reminders as I'm so excited xxx

thelma57 · 02/01/2023 11:39

We’ve been given an app called badger app and I still can’t get logged into it weeks after my booking in appointment 🤦‍♀️

dunkedbiscuit · 02/01/2023 18:05

12 week scan today and it’s an actual baby! Hi there little one 🥰

Due July 2023
thelma57 · 02/01/2023 18:44

Beautiful @dunkedbiscuit Just beautiful 💕
Our is on Wednesday and I’m just full of anxiety 🥹

rach971 · 02/01/2023 20:32

@dunkedbiscuit That's a lovely photo ☺️ Mine is a week on Wednesday. Looking forward to it obviously but also incredibly apprehensive

dunkedbiscuit · 03/01/2023 10:58

Thank you, wishing you both lots of good vibes for the scans and I hope time goes quickly for you ! The nerves are something else aren’t they

BabyGray · 04/01/2023 09:31

14 +3 today and my sickness is back 😭😭 haven't stopped throwing up since yesterday. I thought the second trimester was meant to be the nice part of pregnancy 🤣 xx

Butterfliesandroses · 04/01/2023 12:35

@thelma57 Good luck with your scan today! X

thelma57 · 04/01/2023 14:31

Thanks so much @Butterfliesandroses it went perfectly 💕❤️ And we’re actually measuring a bit ahead so 12+6!

Butterfliesandroses · 04/01/2023 14:35

@thelma57 ahh amazing, that's great to hear! X

thelma57 · 04/01/2023 15:04

Thanks so much @Butterfliesandroses Meant to share a photo 🥹❤️

Due July 2023
Butterfliesandroses · 04/01/2023 15:26

@thelma57 aww that's lovely and clear! Have you been studying it as madly as I have mine? I was researching the nub theory but can't work mine out! We are debating whether to get a gender scan so my daughter can be there when we find out.. we had a surprise with her but I don't think she could cope if we had another surprise and it was a boy as she wants a sister so badly! I think we will need the months of preparation! 😂 x

dunkedbiscuit · 04/01/2023 15:44

Lovely picture @thelma57 !!

dunkedbiscuit · 04/01/2023 15:46

@Butterfliesandroses there are nub theory Facebook groups you can put the pictures on, I can never work it out though / not really sure what part I’m looking at 😂

bubble55 · 04/01/2023 18:08

Lovely scan photos! I couldn’t see a nub on mine and it was so clear but babies leg in the way. I looked as she was scanning and kinda thinking girl but hubby is certain it’s a boy 😂 we have a private scan in 2 weeks to find out!

14w4d today and had stretching pains all day. Starting to get really bumpy now. Anyone else showing?

dunkedbiscuit · 04/01/2023 21:46

If it’s useful to anyone New Look have a sale on maternity clothing, I’ve picked up a couple of dresses half price for when im further along

Lizmw · 05/01/2023 11:11

How are you all gojng use mat leave. I'm due 10th July and would also like time off using the summer holidays.

Scotti84 · 05/01/2023 11:59

Just got my blood sugar results, I have gestational diabetes again, only just over the margin though, its positive at a result of over 92, my first test was 93 and second 96. Got to go to the diabetes team on Monday and I assume start pricking my finger 4x a day again.

We also had the harmony test but are still waiting for the results of that. I've also developed a disliking for meat of any kind which is random. Anyone else just gone off food?

Ldougal92 · 05/01/2023 12:17

Lizmw · 05/01/2023 11:11

How are you all gojng use mat leave. I'm due 10th July and would also like time off using the summer holidays.

I don't know if I am being optimistic, but I am due 14 July and last day in the office will be 7th July. My thoughts behind this, is if i'm 10 day - 14 days late, thats already 3 weeks of my MAT leave. I have an office job and only go in 2 days a week - probs 1 nearer the time so hopefully it will be manageable.

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