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Due July 2023

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Ldougal92 · 28/10/2022 11:08

Morning Ladies,

I am 9dpo and just found out I am pregnant - very early but also very excited! Anyone else due in July?


OP posts:
Ladyold · 27/12/2022 18:45

Gutted today- turned up for my first scan only to find out it was an admin error as the scan department is closed until tomorrow.

Have been really nervous about the scan so just cried. Rescheduled for 30th which isn’t actually long but feels ages…

rach971 · 27/12/2022 21:36

@Ladyold Oh no, that's not good! Our scan department was open today. I had my booking appointment at the same place as the scans, it got rescheduled from last week due to the place they usually use being closed over Christmas.

Was say there for half an hour past my appointment time though and got a phone call saying 'Oh hello is this Rachel... You have your booking appointment today...' I was thinking of don't tell me I'm at the wrong place. So I said 'Yeah... I'm here'. And then she said 'Oh I was just phoning to cancel actually, we didn't realise we had booking appointments today, but as you're already here just go grab a coffee and I'll be with you soon'. So I ended up sat at the hospital for an hour before I was even seen 🙈 Frustrating, but the midwife I saw was lovely and did apologise.

bubble55 · 28/12/2022 14:42

So exhausting having a toddler at christmas and being pregnant 😂

Has anyone booked any gender scans? Mines in 3 weeks and I’ll be 17 weeks - tempted to bring it forward a week but I know I’ll have better accuracy at 17w! So excited!

Scotti84 · 28/12/2022 16:43

We're going to do the gender option with the harmony test next week. It's only 19 euros and apart from being impatient, it means I can sort out what from my daughters clothes we will keep depending on the sex and we can sort packing them for the move back to the uk.

My morning sickness has been awful today, all day on and off, mainly in my stomach if that makes sense. Such an unpleasant feeling. Roll on the 2nd trimester!

dunkedbiscuit · 28/12/2022 18:08

@Ladyold I feel your pain! My scan was supposed to be the 30th but has been rescheduled to the 2nd Jan due to staff shortages! I was gutted when they called to tell me.

thelma57 · 29/12/2022 09:20

Sorry to hear about those who’ve been messed about with scans, what a nightmare!

I’m 12 weeks on Monday and can’t wait to get there! My symptoms seem to have levelled off over the past couple of days, apart from being bloated and feeling really pregnant in my belly! Anyone else see a massive improvement? Xx

ScaredMum12 · 29/12/2022 09:55

Does second trimester start at 13 weeks or 14? I’ve read conflicting things

Butterfliesandroses · 29/12/2022 12:31

@thelma57 , yes I have also seen a huge improvement from 12 weeks! I can't help but be a little worried due to past experiences but have my scan tomorrow so fingers crossed all will be well x

thelma57 · 29/12/2022 12:39

Bless you @Butterfliesandroses I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been reading up today though and everything does seem to point to the placenta taking over and that helping with nausea especially so hopefully it’s just a sign all is as it should be!

Good luck for tomorrow, let me know how you get on! Is this your first scan?

rach971 · 29/12/2022 12:48

@thelma57 I don't really have any symptoms now and I'm 9 weeks. The only thing I do have is a constant need to wee 😂 I got up 5 times in the night last night 😂😫

I have my 12 week scan on 11th Jan. Should have been 9th but had to reschedule due to circumstances meaning I couldn't go on that day.

Abbi95 · 29/12/2022 15:35

anyone had bad acid reflux/ heartburn I’m 13 weeks and struggling with it also 0 energy and nausea I can’t eat meals at all still can’t stomach hot food waiting for 2nd tri magic :(

rosyday · 29/12/2022 16:48

I feel your pain @Abbi95, I'm so sorry to hear you've been struggling ☹️

Me too, I'm ten weeks today but the past week has been especially awful in terms of nausea- every night when I lay down to sleep my stomach feels like a stormy sea. It's just so hard when you don't get any respite from it- it really wears you down. The only thing that helps me is having an afternoon nap- well, it doesn't really help the nausea but at least when I'm asleep it gives me a break from it for half an hour.

Wish I could help more- really hope you start to feel better soon 🤞🏻❤️

Butterfliesandroses · 29/12/2022 19:15

@thelma57 fingers crossed that it is just the placenta doing its job. I am so nervous for tomorrow though!
It will actually be my 4th scan this pregnancy. I had 2 on the NHS for bleeding and we had one 2 weeks ago privately. I'm hoping to finally accept that we are having a baby if everything is okay tomorrow 🤞 x

rosyday · 29/12/2022 20:08

Hi guys- just need advice on something please. Today I got sent a text with the date of my 12 week scan for 15/01- but when I looked at the calendar I saw this is a Sunday. I tried calling to check if the day is correct but the office is closed right now.

Is it possible to have a scan scheduled for a Sunday, or could this be a mistake do you think? The reason I ask is that hubby has to book a flight around that day but wants to come to the scan of course, so we were just wondering if the date could be an error..

Has anyone else had a scan appointment scheduled on a Sunday?

Thanks 🙏🏻

Ballygowenwater · 30/12/2022 21:43

@Abbi95 if you’re on aspirin the heartburn is worse. I just carry Rennie with me always. Last pregnancy it was only
the end of the 3rd trimester it was bad but over Christmas I was in bits with it.

thelma57 · 31/12/2022 10:48

How did your scan go @Butterfliesandroses ? 🙏

Butterfliesandroses · 31/12/2022 13:52

Ah, it went perfectly @thelma57. Thank you for asking. One healthy baby due 7th July and my symptoms have returned (fatigue and headaches mostly) as if to say congratulations!! When is your scan? X

thelma57 · 31/12/2022 14:05

Aww I’m so pleased! 💕
My sickness is back a bit today so probably should never count my chickens! My scan is on the 4th 🙏🤞

bubble55 · 31/12/2022 15:14

I’m 14w today and definitely got a little bump now! I think I was around 17/18w before when I got a little bump!

Laura. · 31/12/2022 23:46

Happy New Year everyone! What a special and exciting year ahead of us 🥰🥰

dunkedbiscuit · 01/01/2023 10:02

Is anyone else HUNGRY 😂 feel like I keep snacking on beige foods, and need some healthier ideas - has anyone got any better go to snack ideas?

thelma57 · 01/01/2023 16:49

Happy new year everyone! 💕

What does everyone’s stomachs feel like atm? I’m so bloated and feeling a lot of stretching, tweaks and nips especially today! 🥹

MendaciousMabel · 01/01/2023 17:13

Yep same here @thelma57 ! And I’ve lost my appetite the last few days too, but not sure if it’s because my stomach feels weird and it’s putting me off eating?

clouise30 · 01/01/2023 17:56

Happy new year all! Definitely have excitedly said "we are having a baby this year" more than once today 😂! 12 week scan went really well last week and am now a few days further along which seemed like a little bonus so am now 13+3 today 😊!

clouise30 · 01/01/2023 18:00

Meant to share a pic but app not playing ball at all! 🤦🏼‍♀️

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