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Due July 2023

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Ldougal92 · 28/10/2022 11:08

Morning Ladies,

I am 9dpo and just found out I am pregnant - very early but also very excited! Anyone else due in July?


OP posts:
Butterfliesandroses · 30/10/2022 16:23

@Daniki pregnancy after miscarriage is a new level of anxiety, isn't it? Great that you'll get a reassurance scan. I've had 2 MC, last one was a MMC so considering booking one privately but not sure when should be best.

@heartbroken22 if this pregnancy is successful we will have a nearly 4 year age gap. Hoping its not too big! How did you find it?

Daniki · 30/10/2022 16:53

@Butterfliesandroses Aw it really is a new level of anxiety! I was anxious enough my first pregnancy this is just awful. Every twinge I’m panicking and throughly inspecting the tissue when I go to toilet 🙈 but hopefully all will be well for us! Sorry you’ve had 2 losses, that’s incredibly tough! Defo book a scan, 12 weeks is such a long wait even for the most relaxed people! Xx

Glawen · 30/10/2022 18:46

Hi all, lovely little group of us, hopefully more to join 🤞🏼 so sorry for your losses.

We'll all be a support for one another through this anxious grime.

I'm having a lot of cramps, since yesterday evening up until now. Similar to period cramps, quite constant? Is that normal/anyone else have the same? (Worrying again 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️) xx

Eldance123 · 30/10/2022 19:55

Is anyone else feeling major fatigue?? Only 5 weeks along and already exhausted lol! Xxx

Ldougal92 · 30/10/2022 20:18

Glawen · 30/10/2022 18:46

Hi all, lovely little group of us, hopefully more to join 🤞🏼 so sorry for your losses.

We'll all be a support for one another through this anxious grime.

I'm having a lot of cramps, since yesterday evening up until now. Similar to period cramps, quite constant? Is that normal/anyone else have the same? (Worrying again 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️) xx

I’ve been having cramps over my belly. Not as bad as period cramps. It comes and goes.

@Glawen i am knackered, but unsure if that’s my cold or pregnancy! But I’m already in bed 😂

OP posts:
gjkufbb · 30/10/2022 20:25

Congratulations! Got my BFP last week. Due July also.
Anyone else really struggling with the nausea. Today has been unbearable 🤢

Glawen · 30/10/2022 20:53

@Ldougal92 oh thanks, that makes me feel a bit better about the cramps. Mine have been pretty consistent but lighter then slightly more at times. Definitely different to period pains though, kind of a pulling/aching sensation.

@Eldance123 yessssss, I'm really tired too. We had a late night last night and it's hit me for six! X

Eldance123 · 31/10/2022 02:59

Glad to hear other people are feeling the extreme fatigue!! Although now it’s 3am and I’m wide awake, lol!!!

@Glawen i read that cramping is totally normal!

Fingers crossed these next few weeks fly by for us all until our 12 week scans! Xxx

Ldougal92 · 31/10/2022 05:29

i think I fell asleep ar 9 last night I was so knackered 😂 @Eldance123 hope you managed to get to sleep.

where is everyone from? Age? Etc? I’m from London and 30. First baby :)

no sickness yet BUT suddenly my favourite breakfast of porridge is making me feel sick and the smell of cola bottles - I mean how random.

OP posts:
Ladyold · 31/10/2022 06:58

Congratulations everyone! I just got my BFP- due July 11th (which is dangerously close to my eldest dd’s birthday..!)

This will be #3 for us. I had a miscarriage last Xmas at 10weeks so hoping all goes well this time round :)

Glawen · 31/10/2022 07:03

Thanks @Eldance123! Yes let's hope so 🙏🏼🙏🏼

@Ladyold how exciting, baby 3! Sorry for your loss ❤️ What will your ages gaps be? I'm due 12th July so super close ☺️

@Ldougal92 I'm 30 from South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 x

Glawen · 31/10/2022 07:04

And first baby x

Ladyold · 31/10/2022 07:10

That is so close! Lovely to have a group like this.

our eldest is 6 and the youngest 3. Both girls and they will be very excited. I’m still in the nervous stage though!

Ladyold · 31/10/2022 08:26

@Ldougal92 I’m 39 and also in London

Glawen · 31/10/2022 08:46

@Ladyold I bet they'll be so excited when they find out! X

Glawen · 31/10/2022 08:46

What are you all doing about exercise? I usually do quite a lot but now I'm worried to as I don't want to effect anything that's going on or increase any risks x

Glawen · 31/10/2022 08:49

@bubble55 I was asking about aches and cramps too, thought you may like to join this group ☺️ I've been having tummy cramps for the last two days but so far this morning I've not had any x

bubble55 · 31/10/2022 09:01

@Glawen thank you!

My cramps feel like a mix of period cramps/need a poo cramp 🙈 glad to know others feel it too though so gotta be normal right?! I sit touching my boobs all day, paranoid they’re not as tender. Pregnancy does crazy things to us!

Im 32 and this is my second baby :)

Glawen · 31/10/2022 09:08

@bubble55 mine feel exactly the same, they were quite consistent the last two days but have eased today. You're head of me though, I'm 4 weeks but have shorter cycles so don't know if things have moved a little bit quicker initially for me. My boobs are tender too, they feel really heavy and are definitely bigger already! 😬 x

heartbroken22 · 31/10/2022 09:17

@Daniki atleast I've got you whenever I think the age gap is too small and how will I cope. I wish I had more support when I had to have the termination (hyperemesis).

@Butterfliesandroses 4 year age gap is a blessing. I was really upset thinking it wouldn't work because I had a miscarriage prior to it. But I honestly can tell you my two dds are best friends, play well and love each other. I wanted a 3 year gap with this one but you cant always plan them can you. You sound like me btw when you say if the pregnancy is husband is making big plans with this baby and I'm like can you calm down there's a chance I can miscarry...

@Glawen I'm having cramps too and also my ribs are moving slightly they feel sore.. probably making room for baby.

@gjkufbb I've got nausea but I'm dreading week 7 I know 100 percent I'll get hyperemesis...not looking forwards to it...but I just have to remember it will pass...

heartbroken22 · 31/10/2022 09:20

@Ldougal92 I'm 32 but will be 33 when baby will be born. I honestly knew I was pregnant when Heinz ketchup smells very vinegary. I can't eat any curries at the moment either. Mad craving for salt and vinegar crisps though. But I need to stop that since it triggers my cough.

@Ladyold this will be #3 for me too! How old are your other kids? I just want July to hurry up and come quickly! If only it was that quick.

heartbroken22 · 31/10/2022 09:22

@Ladyold sorry just read your other post...3 and 6 are good ages. Are u planning anymore kids after this?

Ladyold · 31/10/2022 10:02

@heartbroken22 hooray! Another #3! How old are yours? I’m definitely going to stop at 3, mainly because of my advanced age 😂

Eldance123 · 31/10/2022 14:41

Omg this is a great question! I’m going to be super careful until the 12 week mark then was going to look into joining a swimming centre? Apparently that’s great for pregnant women! I keep reading that we should be exercising but also that we shouldn’t? Lol 😳

Does anyone else’s symptoms randomly come and go? My boobs were SO sore last week and now all of a sudden they feel fine! But can’t stop eating!!!!

its really reassuring having this thread, knowing we’re all going through the same things!! X

clouise30 · 31/10/2022 14:50

Hi All! I am 14DPO today after testing positive at 10DPO last week on a cheapy and then a Clear Blue early detection!

Super nervous as big age gap as my daughter is 14. First baby with my partner so really excited!

Feeling like every symptom is coming at me quick and fast - I don't remember this last time though haha! Sore boobs, nausea and so gassy 😂! xx

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