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May 2022!

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MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 24/08/2021 16:41

Thought I’d start a thread for those who have recently had a bfp and due in May 2022.

I’m 3w6d and due on 4th May. This will be my third baby I have a 4 and a 2 year old.

How is everyone feeling? I’m happy as I’ve been trying for a few months but still a little stunned and know it’s very early so trying not to get too excited yet!

No real symptoms yet apart from a bit of cramping. Felt a bit sick yesterday but ok today. I had really bad morning sickness from 6 weeks in my last 2 pregnancies so hoping it won’t be as bad this time.

OP posts:
MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 23/09/2021 10:19

Welcome @Imyfurnival and @BabyNo11989!

@Leavesaregood I am feeling similar to you I think. Basically constant nausea from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. It’s really getting me down at the moment, it’s just so hard feeling so sick all the time.

I’m really hoping it won’t last too long this time. With my first I had it badly until 16 weeks and it stopped completely. With my second it was bad until 22 weeks and got a bit better but didn’t completely go away until he was born! I am just hoping I will be one of those people who has no more morning sickness from 12 weeks but even that seems like an eternity I’m 8w1d now. I’m just finding it so hard managing school drop offs, pick ups and looking after my 2 year old when I’m like this. Sorry for the moaning!

OP posts:
Sarah1987x4 · 24/09/2021 17:32

Omg I’m now 7w5d and I’ve napped 3 times today I’m so tired 🥱 I run my own online business and struggling to get orders out 😱😭 but can’t even say anything to any of my customers yet 😭
Here is my scan from Monday measured 7w1d the scans by me are only £35 so tempting to go every week 🤣 I hope I get some energy soon

Had anyone got any craving yet I keep eating lots of cheese and can’t drink water makes me so ill 😷

May 2022!
GoodrickeGal · 24/09/2021 22:10

Hi everyone! I'm 4+2, due very end of May. It's our second baby, we have a 15mo boy. Our first took a long time to conceive and we had a little help (Clomid) to combat my 'irregular ovulation' due to PCOS. This time round we thought we'd have another challenge on our hands but 3 months TTC (with no help) and we had a BFP! 🥳 now I'll have two under two! Just! DS will be 23mo when this one lands!

shivbo2014 · 25/09/2021 06:54

Hi, I've just got a BFP due 30th May but will probably be earlier as I'll have a c section, very very surprised as wasn't planned and probably isn't the best time for us although we did think we'd have another at some point so I am happy and a bit shell shocked. I've already got two age 7 and 2. I Had an ectopic before my youngest so I'm a bit concerned about that, may call the docs on Monday see if they'll scan early. Hope everyone is doing well, I may join the fb group as well if that's ok.

twentynineteen · 26/09/2021 08:28

Morning everyone👋
I've just found out I'm expecting, due 31/05. More nervous than excited at the moment as it's been a long journey for us (DD is 4). Looking forward to sharing this journey with you 🤍

HayleyPayley10 · 26/09/2021 15:16

Hello, congratulations to everyone on their bfps!
Wondered if I could please join? I got my bfp on 1st September. Been for an early scan this morning to put my mind at rest and everything just fine. EDD 8th May 2022.
2nd baby, I already have a little girl, she will be 2yrs and 4ms by time new baby here. I had an early scan as I have barely any symptoms at all, apart from sore boobs. I was the same with my first pregnancy too, and I know I shouldn't complain, but it makes it harder to get your head round if you don't have any symptoms. Anyway, mind at rest now! Will join the fb group too if that okay ☺

Loubell19 · 26/09/2021 16:42

Congratulations @hayleypayley10 on your scan! I'm super jealous of your lack of symptoms! It blows my mind how everyone experiences the 1st trimester so differently! This is my 2nd pregnancy and have had an awful time of it in both 1st tris! Had to take some days of work last week and felt so guilty for it! X

HayleyPayley10 · 26/09/2021 17:43

Thank you @Loubell19
It is crazy how every single person has completely different experiences.
I hope your symptoms get better for you soon 🤞🏼

PinkDahlias · 26/09/2021 22:43

Hello, I’ve just been reading through this thread as I’m due my third baby 29th May. It was a surprise, but I’m getting used to the idea already! 5 weeks today. Found out a few days ago. Have been feeling really hungry, and had a few cramps. Dreading the 6 week mark as that’s when my pregnancy nausea kicked in previously 🤢 Thought I’d join in here to get tips and advice on all things pregnancy! 🤗

aNewYorkerInLondon · 28/09/2021 14:50

Hi everyone and welcome! I'm feeling a bit outside of time at the moment. I've known that I'm pregnant for about 4.5 weeks now (8+4 today), but it feels like its been SO much longer. The wait for each milestone just takes so long.

I guess its like kids waiting for Christmas. For adults, the season flies by, but for kids it is an eternity. Speaking of, is it weird I've already secretly mocked up xmas-cards-as-expecting-announcements?

A7522 · 28/09/2021 21:29

Hi Ladies

Can I please join in with this little group? Googled for a pregnancy forum tonight due to feeling really overwhelmed with sickness. I’m so over it now and cried that I’m over it then instantly felt guilty for saying that as I am so grateful to be pregnant! I am nauseous from about 5am til bedtime. I can’t handle food. I feel so full and bloated after a few bites. Nothing takes my fancy. I’m struggling with drinking too, forcing myself to drink plenty water. I just feel yuck! But I’m trying so hard not to complain!

Thankfully off my work just now as I’ve also had a really bad flu/cold, not covid. So I’m probably just bored of being unwell, same 4 walls etc.

I think I just needed some reassurance that others feel this way… and that it gets better!


aNewYorkerInLondon · 28/09/2021 21:41

Hi @A7522! You're in good company here. 😁 I feel like I waver between a happy state of misery and a miserable state of happiness. I'm over the moon excited to be pregnant, and it freaked me out when my symptoms subsided for a few days, but when they're bad, all I can do is count the days until (hopefully) an improved second trimester. Right now I'm working from home 5 days/week, but starting next week I have to go into the office 2 days/week. I don't know how I'll be able to cope / hide this from my colleagues. Thankfully, I've already told my boss, but I don't want colleagues to know yet.

In a nutshell, you've found your people here! Welcome! Tell us how you're feeling, good and bad.

A7522 · 28/09/2021 21:50

@aNewYorkerInLondon oh my goodness, yes! This is me too! And tonight I’m miserable… really hoping a good sleep will be the fix! I am due back at work on Friday. I doubt I can hide this. I also get so bloated after food and can’t seem to hold my tummy in! I’m about a size 12 so not big, but feel like I’m already ‘showing’ at times, I could just be imagining this though. But, I will take all of the sickness and aches and pains and I will take it gratefully. I am certainly not complaining about being pregnant!

BabyNewbee · 01/10/2021 09:56

@A7522 To add to the commiserating, I've been non-stop nauseous all week.. Is that it will be like until November!!? Also working from home/ office, finding it very difficult to focus. Also can't tell if I'm showing or just constantly bloated! I knew 'morning' sickness is a thing but I don't think it ever occurred to me just how disruptive it could be! 😂 (literally laughing and also crying).

A7522 · 01/10/2021 10:27

@BabyNewbee I can’t focus on anything when the sickness is there! Yesterday it was from 4am til 2pm! Got a break for a few hours then back at night! I’m finding cold apple juice and buttery bagels are working for me! Other half ate the last bagel last night though… if looks could kill! He didn’t know they were my saviours in the morning!! I’ve never heard pregnant women speaking of morning sickness before really! Any friend that tells me they are trying for a baby… I’ll make sure to prepare them!! 🤣 or is it that you get to week 12, have the baby glow and forget all about it? Then labour trumps it all?! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

midnight90 · 01/10/2021 10:31

i got my bfp last week after trying for the first time , im due 29th may. Have no symptoms whatsoever, i have my first phone appointment with my midwife next week whilst im in work Hmm

Sarah239 · 02/10/2021 20:23

@BabyNewbee I am the same... working from home and my productivity has nosedived, it wasn't great before I was pregnant and now my motivation has well and truly disappeared! Just want to lie down and/or snack all the time! Work is way down my list of priorities right now though...

msunflower · 03/10/2021 15:07

Hi, I'm 8 weeks today and due 15th May ☺️

PinkDahlias · 03/10/2021 16:02

I’m due 29th May too by my estimates ☺️

How is everybody feeling? I’m 6 weeks today and anxiously waiting for nausea to kick in 😬 So far I’ve been very spotty, had sore boobs and also a heavyness feeling down below which sounds like it’s due to pressure from my uterus expanding! Third baby and don’t think I felt like that so soon before!

PinkDahlias · 03/10/2021 16:03

@msunflower congrats! Is this your first pregnancy? How are finding it?

msunflower · 03/10/2021 16:10

[quote PinkDahlias]@msunflower congrats! Is this your first pregnancy? How are finding it?[/quote]
Thanks and yes, first pregnancy after a long time ttc! Felling nauseous and tired the majority of the day but overall pretty good. Just so thrilled it finally happened for us ❤️ How far along are you?

A7522 · 03/10/2021 16:21

@msunflower congrats! The tiredness is crazy eh! Bump must really use up a lot of our energy! I’m having a nap everyday about 3-4ish! I just can’t stay awake! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m just wondering how much longer I’ll be able to sleep on my tummy for, not sure how I’ll cope having to sleep on my side! We’ve just booked a private scan so we will get to meet our little bump 2 weeks today and we can’t wait! NHS first scan not until we are approx 13.5wks going by my dates! We’re too impatient and want to know everything is fine so that we can tell family and friends! x

SherbertLemons · 14/10/2021 19:40

Hi, I'm 9+4, due 14 May, first baby. Very excited and very tired lol

PinkDahlias · 15/10/2021 09:04

@SherbertLemons congrats! Have you had any midwife appointments yet? Do you have a 12 week scan date yet?

I’m booked in for a phone call with midwife next week, and a face-to-face appointment following week. I can’t wait to get my scan date! 7+5 today and feeling thankful for barely any nausea so far.

How’s everyone doing?

Magik01 · 15/10/2021 12:06

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d drop in and say anyone using pampers nappies, if you fill out the form on their website they will send you five £2 off vouchers to use. They are often on offer for £4.50 so would work out £2.50 with the voucher! Every little helps so thought I would share. Grin

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