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May 2022!

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MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 24/08/2021 16:41

Thought I’d start a thread for those who have recently had a bfp and due in May 2022.

I’m 3w6d and due on 4th May. This will be my third baby I have a 4 and a 2 year old.

How is everyone feeling? I’m happy as I’ve been trying for a few months but still a little stunned and know it’s very early so trying not to get too excited yet!

No real symptoms yet apart from a bit of cramping. Felt a bit sick yesterday but ok today. I had really bad morning sickness from 6 weeks in my last 2 pregnancies so hoping it won’t be as bad this time.

OP posts:
Sunnybeam · 16/10/2021 16:35

Hey! I got my bfp a couple days ago (4th pregnancy). I'm now 8w3d, my youngest is 2. 8yrs old. You'd think I'd know where to start but I don't, I haven't told anyone yet either other than on here.

aNewYorkerInLondon · 16/10/2021 16:37

Hi everyone! Welcome!

Sunnybeam · 16/10/2021 16:37

Or I could be 10 weeks, I don't even know how far gone I am, I had 2 periods on the month I convinced like a week apart and no idea which one to go from.

Emmaolo · 17/10/2021 00:49

Hi all, 8 1/2 weeks today, due date 24th May. I’m 34 this is my first pregnancy, after TTC for only 2 cycles and I’m so excited about it and grateful, I was convinced we would have problems. We had an early scan on Tuesday which showed everything progressing well so far, just struggling to keep the thought of miscarriage out of my thoughts. Anyone else struggling with unwanted anxiety. I haven’t told my mum yet though desperately want to but I don’t want her disappointed if anything does go wrong… xx

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/10/2021 09:40

@A7522 - I was a stomach sleeper too for my whole life, but I've been training myself the last few months to sleep on my left side. I've found that making sure that my pillow is sort of stuffed between my shoulder and my head (head on pillow, shoulder on mattress only) helps, as well as sleeping in sort of a jack-knife position, with my left leg (bottom leg) mostly stretched out and my right leg (top leg) pulled up toward my tummy, my top knee sort of acting like a kick stand. Does that make sense? anyway, its helped me. also, my dog has started sleeping snuggled against my back, so that helps too.

YummyMummyXoX · 20/10/2021 20:52

Hi everyone 10+3 with my 2nd. Due May 16th been suffering with nausea and weakness and now have Covid off my son. Hopefully I'm in recovery soon x

aNewYorkerInLondon · 21/10/2021 11:56

Hey ladies, I need some help. We got our very good NIPT results back yesterday and everything is low risk (yay!). I am so relieved about that!

However, I am a lot more disappointed about baby's sex than I imagined I would be. I'm not sobbing or anything, but I feel a bit heavy. I knew I preferred a girl but didn't really realized how attached I suppose I was to the idea. I think that I've spent so much of my life learning lessons and thinking, "I need to teach my (hypothetical future) daughter about this so she doesn't learn the hard way." Of course, a lot of lessons apply to both sexes, but we all know that there is some knowledge that is specific to being a woman and I think, more than anything superficial or faux-gendered (like pretty things or going to the ballet) or female-focused milestones (like wedding days or having babies) its this realization that all these things I imagined relaying to my daughter someday, things I wish I had known, won't necessarily apply to my son.

Anyway, I really want to feel excited again. Please help tell me all the wonderful things about having a son! And please don't be mean - I know I'm so lucky to be having a healthy child!

YummyMummyXoX · 21/10/2021 12:14

Is this your first child? I wanted a girl for my first but had a boy and I'm so glad I did! Boys are amazing anyone will tell you, it is such a precious gift to be a mum to a son especially as they are growing up and becoming older it's a special bond! X

PinkDahlias · 21/10/2021 12:32

@aNewYorkerInLondon congratulations on your good news! Always a relief to know all is well isn’t it? 🥰

Your feelings are completely valid. It’s ok to feel a sense of sadness. I’m not too sure what else to say, but I wanted to add that I have two daughters and praying for a boy this time! Of course a healthy baby is what we all want, but there’s no shame in wanting a girl or boy. My two girls were (are!) extremely hard work, and I feel that in general, boys are much easier to raise! As this is your first, you haven’t yet experienced the amazing rush of love that comes over you when you have given birth and holding your precious baby in your arms 🥰 nothing comes close to it! I think your worries will be a distant memory and you will be on cloud nine. Parenting is hard work, but I truly believe that parenting girls is much harder 😬 they are so strong willed from a young age! I say that raising strong girls will lead to them being strong women, and I have to use this as a mantra most days 🤗

aNewYorkerInLondon · 21/10/2021 12:34

yes, I should have said that. First and likely only child. I am 41.

aNewYorkerInLondon · 21/10/2021 12:37

Thank you @YummyMummyXoX and @PinkDahlias

I think also something that plays into it is I went to an all-girls school from age 5 until age 17, and was raised with super strong alpha female values, so that has informed my overall approach to life.

YummyMummyXoX · 21/10/2021 13:37

@PinkDahlias very well said how lovely

@aNewYorkerInLondon I also went to an all girls school I found girls to be so bitchy growing up lol x

aNewYorkerInLondon · 21/10/2021 13:51

@YummyMummyXoX, I'm so sorry to hear that. I had a wonderful experience and our class (of about 60) has only gotten more wonderful as the decades have passed.

YummyMummyXoX · 21/10/2021 14:25

@aNewYorkerInLondon ahh that's so lovely to hear xx

Emmaolo · 06/11/2021 08:21

Anyone got a scan Friday next week? Can’t wait for it but nervous too!

FirstTimeMumJuly21 · 14/11/2021 19:47

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siandavies · 16/12/2021 17:42

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siandavies · 05/01/2022 21:24

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Merriczynska · 05/04/2022 07:49

Hello everyone! Just found this group of women with babies due in are you all doing? I'm due with my second boy which is exciting - going to be so out-numbered in my own home soon 😅
Just read the end of the last few posts...I'm planning on bringing up my boys as feminists. Women need allies to change the world 🌎 😊 ✊

Sarah239 · 06/04/2022 23:09

@Merriczynska hello! Just to let you know the last post on this thread was January, and most of us have moved/are active in a thread called "Due May 2022 (thread 4)" (will soon be thread 5) on the Pregnancy forum! There's more chat going on there for May babies xx And I'm doing well thanks, hope you are too!

Sarah239 · 06/04/2022 23:10
Mamoun · 05/09/2022 19:18

Hi everyone!

My DS was born 22 May...
I am new to MN so first time I am posting on this thread.
I was wondering: what do your baby's day look like in terms of napping and feeding and night? Thank you!

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